This presentation aims to
talk you through some of the
features of the new courses
and outline what your child
can expect between in S3 and
National 4 and 5 courses replace the existing
Standard Grade and Intermediate exams.
The new National Courses feature aspects of
both previous courses, meaning that pupils will
continue to complete activities in the following
In the first half of S3, pupils will
continue to follow a similar course
to the one covered in S1 and S2.
Their new National courses follow
on from this.
The next few slides will talk
you through the skills that your
child will be developing as part
of your National courses.
They use aspects of the
official SQA language, but we
will try to explain what these
all mean!
The following key skills will be met within the S3
•Reading for Understanding/Analysis/Evaluation
•Critical Reading
In the
form of a ‘Critical Essay’ in
•Creative and discursive
pupils respond to a text
Talking and Listeningwhich
studied in class. This is not any
•Individual Presentation
different to what you have been
doing in class since S1, only this
This is•Group
the new name
time under timed conditions.
and Evaluation
close reading.
already started studying
The following key skills will be met within the S3
•Reading for Understanding/Analysis/Evaluation
•Critical Reading
•Creative and discursive writing
Talking and Listening
We will continue to work on your
•Individual Presentation
writing skills. This will help us to
•Group Discussion prepare for our folio of writing.
•Media Analysis and Evaluation
The following key skills will be met within the S3
The assessment of your ability in
•Reading for Understanding/Analysis/Evaluation
•Critical Reading Talking and Listening is the
biggest change from Intermediate
1 and 2. Your talk will be assessed
as a Group
Discussion or an
•Creative and discursive
Individual Presentation.
Talking and Listening
•Individual Presentation
•Group Discussion
•Media Analysis and Evaluation
No decision will be made about your
child’s final level until after their
S3 exam.
The level they are presented at will
depend on their performance in the
S3 exam, as well as all the work
that you have completed in S3.
Your teacher will also take into
account your effort throughout the
National 4 English will generally replace
Intermediate 1 courses at S3 and S4. Like these
courses, National 4 courses will see you improve
skills in the following areas.
The National 4 English course will be examined
internally. This means that there will be no exam.
Despite this, you will still need to complete a
number of assessments in school which will be
marked by your teacher. This will include a unit on
literacy as well as an individual project called your
‘Added Value Unit’
National 5 English will generally replace
Intermediate 2 courses at S3 and S4. Like these
courses, National 5 courses are designed to provide
you with the ability to develop their skills in the
following key areas…
Unlike National 4, National 5 will be
examined externally at the end of
S4 in much the same way as
Intermediate 2 is just now.
Just as in Intermediate exams,
your final grade will be determined
by your performance in three
elements (2 exam papers and your
folio of writing.)
The examination can be broken down as follows…
Section 1 Reading for Understanding,Analysis and
Evaluation Paper (U/A/E)
30 marks (based on the same principals as the close
reading paper at Int 2) (30% of your overall mark)
Section 2 Critical Reading (2 elements)
1. Critical Essay (20% of your overall mark)
2. Scottish Element (20% of your overall mark)
Folio of Writing
Two pieces of writing. 30 marks (30% of your
overall mark)
A significant difference between
Intermediate 2 and National 5 is the
introduction of the Scottish Text
This paper will ask you to analyse a piece
of literature by a Scottish writer.
Williamwood will study the poetry of
Edwin Morgan, and pupils will need to
study a total of 6 poems.
This will be the first aspect of the new
courses that we will start in S3.