Matt Kennedy

The Global Buyers Initiative
Let the U.S. and Foreign Commercial
Service connect you with the best
U.S. suppliers.
Our Global Network of Trade Professionals Connect
U.S. Companies with International Buyers Worldwide.
The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service
(USFCS) provides U.S. companies unparalleled
access to business opportunities around the
As a U.S. Government agency, we have
relationships with foreign government and
business leaders in every key global market.
Our trade professionals provide expertise
across most major industry sectors.
Every year, we help thousands of U.S.
companies export goods and services worth
billions of dollars.
The Strategic Partnership Office
Our objective is to create partnerships between the US& Foreign Commercial Service and
3rd parties- Governments, Private sector and Associations– to broaden and deepen the U.S.
Exporter base.
We seek triple win scenarios:
 Partners: Increased revenue and customer/member loyalty
SMEs: Get the export assistance they need to be successful and grow their business.
Department of Commerce: National Export Initiative is supported and jobs are created.
“We’ll create public-private partnerships to help firms break into new markets with the help of
those who have been there – shipping and supply-chain companies, for example.”
President Obama
Export-Import Bank Annual Conference
March 11, 2010
Partnership Benefits to Your Organizations
The New Market Exporter Initiative Partnership Program
Increased member recruitment
 Additional 6% growth in membership
Increased retention
 Increase retention rate by 3%
Increased revenues per client
 37% of the NMEI participants increased
their dues as compared to 8.3% of their
overall membership
UPS and FedEx have reported increased shipments and
revenue as a result of the NMEI program
Next Innovation Global Buyers Initiative
A new program– initially piloted with FedEx-- to identify foreign buyers whom do not typically
source their goods and services from the U.S. market and refer them to Commercial Service
Offices at our Embassies and Consulates overseas to:
Benefits to Suppliers
locate U.S. products, services and business partners
participate in face-to-face matchmaking with U.S.
participate in trade show delegations such as
the international buyer program
Registration is FREE!
Benefits to Associations
Increased membership growth
Increased member retention
Increased Revenue/client
GBI Market Launch
The GBI was officially announced during the November 2011 APEC CEO
Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii by Commerce Secretary Bryson and FedEx
COO, Michael L. Ducker.
We will launch the program in Calgary, Paris and Seoul by February 2012.
By September 2012, we hope to launch the program in Australia,
Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Panama and Singapore with several additional
markets targeted soon thereafter. These markets were selected by crossreferencing ITA and FedEx priority markets and sectors.
We are looking to rapidly expand this program.
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• We are now in the process of registering additional
partners through a streamlined Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU).
•AmCham is significant partner with our Embassies,
and specifically the Commercial Section.
•The GBI is an excellent opportunity for your nonU.S. members to learn about opportunities to source
from U.S. suppliers, become more acquainted with
our Commercial Specialists, and grow our bilateral
The US&FCS looks forward to a productive
partnership with your organization!
Thank you!
Matt Kennedy
Charles Ranado