Art work, poetry and professional development

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah
Gbowee of Liberia
“NO peace. No sex. No food. No drink.
Leymah Gbowee; she fought for her
people. In her freedom she didn’t let
Charles Taylor slow her pocket down.”
Stadium View School students. May, 2013.
Committed to positive change in themselves,
their communities ad their world.
Evidence of student and staff success in
achieving SMART Goal 1 & 2
Evidence of student success in achieving
SMART Goals 1 & 2
Student artwork reflecting social
connectedness and resiliency
‘take control’ and not
get ‘out-of-control’
Evidence of student success in achieving SMART Goals 1 & 2
Community partners Amplified Life, Inc and Design Engineering
Community Partners :
The Interrupters
Community Partners
Children’s Defense Fund
with Stadium View School
Community Partners
PeaceJam and Youthrive
with Stadium View School
Evidence of staff success in achieving SMART Goals 1 & 2
Mentoring Peace through Art
Evidence of student success in achieving SMART Goals 1 & 2
Provide Growth Opportunities for Students. “… encourage self-reflection, critical
thinking and consciousness, and dialogue …making learning more experiential…
providing opportunities for creative expression in art, music, writing, theater, video
production, and for helping others … involving students in curriculum planning and
choosing learning experiences…using participatory evaluation strategies…involving
students in creating the governing rules of the classroom.” Bernard, Resiliency Associates
Evidence of student success in achieving SMART Goal 1 & 2
“Trust” is a very common word in this world.
We neglect and abuse it as if it was a worried
“Trust” is a word people overuse like, “Trust
me. When I get out I won’t be back. “
Ten days later they’re in the same place as they
were two weeks ago.
I know it’s very common, but believe me when I
say I won’t be back.
I’d rather stay with my family and have my little
brother bullying me around. Come Friday, no
more sleepless nights, no more cold nights.
I’m going to get out and set my life.
“Create opportunities for the student to
participate and contribute personal strengths.
Be patient.”( )
“Focus on small victories
because they often grow into
major transformations.” (
ig126.html )
Darkness crept right up my door
and chose me to explore.
I wonder why I’m doing thisthat’s when darkness completely
takes over.
I don’t know what’s happening
until I get sober.
I end up behind locked doors
and it seems that God gave up
and handed me to the devil
like I was some sort of rebel.
Deep down I’m in a teenage
and always have time to change.
S. B.
Evidence of student success in achieving SMART Goal 1 & 2
Tileston and Darling (2008, pg. 114115) “…relationships are important in
Mexican American, African American
Native American, Arabic, Asian and other
collectivist cultures..” “…Their academic
self-concept is low”, “…problem-solving
need to be relevant to the culture.”,
…”they assume they do not have
choices.”, “…come to school wary, unsure
of whether the people and school can be
trusted.””…have different prior knowledge
than Euro-American children…have
difficulty expressing their knowledge…”,
“…don’t have control over anything in
their lives…”.”
ml )
Facing my lion
Is going to jail and end up crying.
But I’m going to fight.
I want to be free and see daylight.
I’m not going down.
I’ll win my case and put on a crown.
If I get another chance, I’m going to
take advantage
And not steal things, ‘cause I know
I’m not a savage.
THIS is facing my lionNever giving up. I’m gonna keep
Evidence of student success in achieving SMART Goal 1 & 2
Facing My Lion