William C. Hinds

The David Sinclair Award
American Association for Aerosol Research
The award memorializes David Sinclair, one
of aerosol science’s great innovators, known
for his knowledge, ingenuity and energy.
The David Sinclair Award
“recognizes sustained excellence in aerosol
research and technology by an established
scientist still active in his/her career. The
individual’s research must have a lasting impact
in aerosol science”.
2009 Recipient of the
David Sinclair Award
William C. Hinds, Professor
UCLA School of Public Health
• Nominated by Prof. Nola Kennedy
• Sc. D. in Environmental Health, Harvard University, 1972
• Author of more than 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, 1 book
(1982, 1999 2nd edition, 1985 Japanese edition), and 12 chapters
• “…. best known for his book Aerosol Technology, which
remains the preeminent reference and resource…..I doubt there is
an aerosol scientist or anyone interested in aerosols who does not
own a dog-eared copy of this book….”
• “….his recent papers (with Zhu), that describe the relationship
between ultrafine particle size distribution and concentration to
distance from a freeway, was a significant study cited more than
300 times by other authors….”
• “He has provided a voice for the aerosol science and
occupational health communities while serving on committees,
panels, and boards for AIHA, NIOSH, and ACGIH….”
• “… a beloved instructor, receives among the highest rankings..”