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Who Are We?
We are Retail:
was inspired to create a kind of beauty that is not easily
bottled, one that focuses both on the internal and the external. Red flower
launched nationally in 1999 at Barneys New York with six flower candles
and two organic flower teas. The line has continued to evolve and grow to
over a hundred products, including lotions, soaps and oils, each with the
generosity of scent, health and environmental consciousness,
performance and integrity which make red flower so innovative.
Yael Alkalay ’97
Red Flower
addresses the need for nutritious and convenient
alternatives to highly processed baby food. The company believes that
baby's first meals should taste and look delicious—and nourish the baby's
body. HappyBaby foods are fresh frozen, vegetarian, organic foods with
socially conscious packaging. An organic cereal product line is also
offered with probiotics for immune protection and DHA for brain and eye
development. Shazi Visram ’04
believes that food starts out delicious and nutritious,
and it doesn't need some machine to improve it, or engineering to perfect
it. The product line offers large, easy-to-eat pieces of fruit and nuts
providing a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber - with NO added
sugar or fat. The nuts are dry roasted and lightly salted. And for chocolate
lovers, Peeled Snacks uses the finest rich dark chocolate with 58% cacao
in their Shock-olate variety. Noha Waibsnaider ’02
Peeled Snacks
is a new concept in beauty services, a blow-dry
bar, where customers can get well-priced, blow outs and other beauty
services in a fun, hip atmosphere. The flagship salon is located in the
Meatpacking district and second in mid town Manhattan. Blow also
launched its own line of hair care products specifically formulated for
blown dry hair. Julie Klingenberg Flakstad ’99
Blow Styling Salon
is a book that makes discovering music fun, fast and easy.
Adapting the Zagat guide book approach to restaurants [“if you like x, try y”],
PockitRockit uses artists you already do know to help turn you on to some of
the most intriguing and relevant artists you don’t know yet.
Pockit Rockit
Ari Abramowitz ’00
is an online provider of designer laptop bags, laptop cases,
sleeves, totes and ipod cases in stylish colors for men and women.
Emily McHugh ’99
is Texas-style barbecue restaurant featuring a majestic bilevel 11,000 square feet space, with towering industrial-height ceilings, two
full bars and capacity for 300-plus seated guests. Located in the Flatiron
District area of New York City, Hill Country brings the Hill Country Barbecue
Market experience to tourists and locals alike.
Hill Country
Marc Glosserman ’06
products are thoughtfully and beautifully designed, adding a chic
touch of nature to your table. Not only are they the most durable and
versatile single-use product available, as you can use them to bake in the
oven, store in the fridge, and reheat in the microwave, but also all-natural.
VerTerra is made from fallen leaves, steam, heat and pressure. That’s it –
no chemicals, no toxins, no worrying. Michael Dwork ’07
High Heeler™ attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels.
By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the
pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling
into cracks! Becca Brown’07 and Monica Murphy ’07
We are Manufacturing:
Environmentally Conscious Organization, Inc.,
is a design,
licensing, manufacturing, sub-contract management and logistics firm
dedicated to improving outmoded, outdated and wasteful food
packaging. Jennifer Wright ’09
We are Media:
is a multimedia company focused on intelligent talk on love
and relationships for women ages 25-45. Whether the topic is relationships,
fashion, careers, culture, stress, travel, home, or money, Tango approaches
it from a unique point of view, offering a rich mix of expert advice, in-depth
reporting, dramatic personal narrative, and entertaining opinion.
Andrea Miller ’02
allows media buyers from around the world to search for all
content types, including films, television shows, sports programming,
recorded live events, original web content, books, and video games.
RightsGenie will then track down the content owner and clear the right.
Licensing content just got a lot easier. Josh Brody’10
We are Sports:
is Upper Manhattan's most vibrant entertainment
destination and premier lounge. Harlem Lanes is a duplex, 24 lane bowling
and entertainment complex featuring a modern café, fully equipped sports
bar and arcade, deluxe lounge, and private party room. Located off of
Harlem's historic 125th Street, in the heart of uptown's commercial district,
Harlem Lanes is far from the traditional bowling alley. Sharon Joseph ’02
Harlem Lanes
We are Technology:
Olapic collects all your wedding guests' photos so you can organize,
store, print, and share them in any way you'd like. Pau Sabria ’10, Luis
Sanz’10, Jose De Cabo ’10
is a website where groups of people can easily build and edit
web pages together. A great community builder tool, Wikispaces is popular
with friends, families, students, teachers, sports teams, community groups,
book clubs, fan clubs, party organizers and wedding planners. Adam
Frey ’05
is an employee perks program that helps company transition to
paperless pay. Arlyn Davich ’09
is the leading website maintenance service to small businesses.
Edit.com helps small businesses use their websites more effectively by
recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective options and offering
free quotes to get them set up and working perfectly. Thousands of small
businesses rely on Edit.com everyday. Steve Grushcow ’04
is an interactive video car blog, featuring a tv-style show in
which we test drive exciting automobiles in an educational and entertaining
manner. Hootan Mahallati ’07
We are Social Enterprise:
is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to
building and refurbishing playgrounds throughout the New York City
public school system. With more than half of New York City elementary
schools lacking playground access, Out2Play is implementing a largescale, city-wide program to give New York City school children this much
needed resource. Andrea Wenner ’05
Out2Play, Inc.
provides development, consulting, and fund management
solutions to nonprofit organizations, private investors and hard-working
tenants. Uniquely positioned in the affordable housing and distressed
community real estate development industries, Thorobird focuses on
communities in the New York metropolitan area that have greater than
10 thousand people per square mile and are in census tracts with
poverty rates of at least 20%. Thomas Campbell ’09
Art for Refugees in Transition provides curriculum and training
programs to engage both children and adults in refugee communities
in visual, performing and creative arts drawn from their own cultures.
These activities provide local and international relief institutions with
tools to help refugee communities recover from the trauma, terror and
dislocation of war. Sara Green ’01
We are International:
is a community of development and
investment professionals, volunteer consultants and entrepreneurs
committed to launching and growing successful, socially-responsible
businesses in emerging markets. Agora leverages investment in
areas where inefficient capital markets and other formidable barriers
to entrepreneurship have prevented talent from achieving its full
potential. The organization provides emerging market entrepreneurs
with the same arsenal of tools available to their counterparts in
wealthy countries. Ben Powell ’05
Agora Partnerships
was founded to address the lack of
development of positive, high-quality children's media in the Middle East
region. Part of the company's vision is to create a stable of superheroes
for all children based on Islamic culture. Teshkeel's flagship superhero
property, The 99, debuted with a special issue in June 2006. Teshkeel
also acquired exclusive licensing rights to publish several of the world's
most popular comic book titles in Arabic including Spider-Man, the Hulk,
the X-Men, Superman, Batman and the Archie group of characters.
Teshkeel Media Group
Naif Al-Mutawa ’03
We are Education:
is an educational gaming company focused on
delivering innovative and effective educational games to students and
institutions. The games have all of the action adventure fun associated
with mainstream games while simultaneously providing an efficient
learning environment to better prepare students for high stakes exams.
Tabula Digita’s games can be used as stand alone teaching programs
or they can be used to support and enhance conventional teaching
methods and materials. Ntiedo Etuk ’02
Tabula Digita
We are Transportation:
is a Geneva-based, European regional airline offering both
passenger and cargo services. It currently serves the following
destinations from Geneva: Florence, Lugano, Nice, Olbia, Prague,
Valencia, and Venice. Julian Cook ’00
We are Healthcare and Fitness:
is a website for Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA’s) that
allows employees to spend and manage their FSA funds efficiently and
with ease. Jeremy Miller’10
Physique 57,
an internationally renowned fitness company, is
committed to sculpting bodies and changing lives with challenging and
invigorating ballet barre-based workouts. Physique 57 is a respected
presence in the fitness industry with five studio locations - three in
Manhattan, one in the Hamptons and one in Beverly Hills. The success
of the studios is complemented by high fashion clothing boutiques,
award-winning DVDs, partnerships with luxurious resorts, and a widely
celebrated book, The Physique 57 Solution: The Groundbreaking 2Week Plan for a Lean, Beautiful Body. Jennifer Maanavi ’00