The Red Scare - High Point University

• At what point do individuals of the United
States lose the right to freedom of speech?
What do you think is the limit to free speech in
the U.S.? Have you ever listened to someone
who was disrespectful to groups of people?
Look through you text and chapter 20 to find
pictures of groups you think may abuse
freedom of speech. Share with the class what
you find.
• How would you react if
you encountered someone
with views that differ from
your own?
• How are people with
unpopular views often
Chapter 20
Section 1
• Many Americans become
fearful of foreign
• Nativism- Favoring the
interest of native-born
individuals over foreign
• Isolationism- pulling away
from involvement in world
Fear of Communism
• Communism- an economic and political
system based on a single-party
government ruled by a dictatorship
• Communists overthrew the Czar in Russia
- Vladimir Lenin (leader)
- Bolshevik Party
- Waved a symbolic RED flag
A prelude to the RED SCARE
Everyone gets a piece of paper. Some have red
dots others do not.
Look at your paper and hide it not showing
others whether you are “dotted” or not.
Object is to form groups of people without
containing an individual with a red dot.
Largest group of people without a red dotted
person wins
If you suspect an individual of having a red dot
you may mark them
• Who became marked as having a red dot?
• How did you feel when you were marked?
• Could you tell whether someone was
dotted or not?
• Did you feel discriminated against
because someone thought you were red
• Communist party formed in the U.S.
-70,000 radicals join
• Several dozen bombs were mailed to
government agencies
- Public feared communist
were taking over
• U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell
Palmer combated the “RED SCARE”
• J. Edgar Hoover as
• Hunted down
Socialist, and
• Hundreds of
immigrants were
deported without
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
- Italian immigrants and Anarchist
- Evaded the draft during WWI
 May 1920 -arrested for murder
- Died by electric chair
(August 23, 1927)
Sacco and Vanzetti
Do you think that this court case ended with justice
being served or do you think a tragedy occurred to
the U.S. Justice System?
1919-1921 number of immigrants
had increased by 600 percent
Emergency Quota Act of 1921Established the max amount of
people who could enter the U.S. from
individual countries
The law prohibited Japanese
-Causes ill feelings from Japan
Klu Klux Klan
Resulting from the Red Scare the Klan
promotes discrimination
The KKK claimed “100% Americanism”
- 1924 membership reached 4.5 million
The Klan dominated politics until criminal
activity led to a decrease in power
Labor Unrest
• AFL – American
Federation of Labor
did not tolerate
• 1919- 3,000 strikes
• Strikers claimed to
be Communist
planning a
Boston Police Strike
• When representatives were refused raises
they went on strike
• Calvin Coolidge replaced members of the
police force with new workers
The Steel Mill Strike
• Wanted shorter work hours, a living wage,
and union recognition
• 300,000 workers walked out Sept. 1919
• Strikers were beaten by police, federal
troops, and militias
Coal Miners Strike
• United Mine Workers of America- new
leader John L. Lewis
• Attorney General Palmer obtained a court
order sending the miners back to work
• received a 27% pay increase
Labor Movement Declines
• Immigrants willing to work in poor
• Immigrants had multiple languages- hard
to organize under a union
• Farmers migrating to the city were
• Most unions excluded African Americans