Circulatory System – Pig Heart Organ Observation Lab

Warm Up
• Take out your notes and handout (blood flow)
from last class!
• Review the notes – you will need the
information today!!!!
Circulatory System – Pig Heart
Organ Observation Lab
• To examine a pig heart and be able to identify
the major structures.
1. Get ONE plastic glove.
2. Examine the heart. You may touch and pick
up the heart.
3. In the section below, draw a picture of the
heart. Label two or more structures that you
can identify.
4. Write a description of the heart (texture, size,
color, weight, structures in the heart, etc).
5. Answer the conclusion questions.
Circulatory System of a Pig
• Pigs are
mammals – just
like humans.
• Look at the
flow of blood –
do you notice
any similarities
to human blood
Pig Heart
Safety First!!!
Wear your safety goggles
while looking at the pig heart!!!