The Monkey's Paw

October 6, 2011
Take out pen/pencil
Put everything away
Have a Lit. Book on desk
When finished with quiz, put in basket
Then, begin Pre-Reading assignment
Pre-reading Activity
Look at the title, illustration and quote
“If you keep it don’t blame me for what
happens” on page 186.
What do you think this story will be about?
What role will the monkey’s paw play?
DO NOT begin reading!!
If you could have any three wishes what
would they be?
What might be a negative consequence of
these wishes?
The Monkey’s Paw
W.W. Jacobs
Obj: Use background information
and vocabulary to help interpret and
analyze story
Terms to Know
short for “checkmate,” the winning move in a chess game
Arabian Nights
A collection of ancient
tales from Arabia, India,
Persia, and other
countries; also know as
The Thousand and One
Nights. Many of the
stories involve wishes
and magic
British money – 200 hundred pounds would be worth
about 1,000 dollars at the time of the story
Legal responsibility for damage or loss
About the Author – W.W. Jacobs
 Born in England
 Full name William Wymark Jacobs
 His father worked on the shipping docks
 Because of this experience most of W.W.
Jacobs stories are humorous seafaring tales
 He wrote more than 150 stories
 “The Monkey’s Paw” is his most famous story
Mr. and Mrs. White (residents of the home)
Their son, Herbert, who is 19.
Sergeant Major Morris – a friend who
served in the British Army in India for 21
A Stranger
October 7, 2011
Make sure you have a Literature Textbook
Take out ISN
The Setting
The story takes place in an English suburb
in the White family’s home.
It is around the year 1920
The first scene opens on a dark and stormy
winter night
A guest arrives at the house
Literature Terms pg. 12
the uncertainty or anxiety the reader feels
about what will happen next.
Look for examples of how the writer creates
suspense in “The Monkey’s Paw”.
After reading questions
What is the mood at the beginning of the
How does the author set the mood?
How does the first owner’s wish
foreshadow what is to come?
How does Morris’s statement “I’m warning
you, you won’t like the consequences.” add
to the suspense?
Summarize “The Monkey’s Paw”
 Remember to include the mood of the
 Discuss one use of foreshadowing.
 Discuss at least two examples of suspense
 Once finished… read the beginning of the
short story and see how it is different