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XFINITY’S 2013 Social Marketing Planning session

January 24, 2013

Focus on growing, engaging, and monetizing via social media marketing efforts


1) Continue to grow our platforms and launch new ones (XFINITY Google+, @XFINITY, 2) @XFINITYLatino, etc.) Strategize on a plan for existing employee owned social accounts. Present and leverage accounts on an on-going basis (audit all accounts to date, develop a consistent look & feel with brand, create a tool kit on best practices, calendar to be shared with field/divisions, continue to utilize monitoring service and consult for larger organization)


1) Publish a weekly content calendar covering all areas of business to ensure we are meeting 2) 3) objectives and educating our customers about new products/features Test and learn more about our customers/likes/fans/followers (bring on North Highland to pull our data and analysis wins, opportunities, and challenges) Foster brand advocates by executing programs that keep them coming back (one-on-one dialogue, sweepstakes, social good, helpful tools, A-list, tip of the week, etc.)


1) Look for opportunities to leverage up sell when appropriate (leverage ‘to do’ list posts/PPV events, Refer a Friend program, develop truly special offers just for social, partner with social platforms and content partners on programs) 2) Report on efforts on a monthly basis (orders, fan insight, upsells, reduction of call volume, etc.) 2 3) Leverage FB CRM to deliver on targeted media

More Big Opportunities

Focus on deeper product integration with existing and future products (i.e. your On Demand movie card) Have truly special offers for our customers and non via social Re-look care experience to help sophisticate it Leverage social’s influence on driving business objectives by partnering with SEO team Bring on Social Agency (holistic approach to apps – building apps to capture data and linking it our customer data for sales and insights), North Highland (social dashboard), and Contractor (field, content calendar, assist) Develop some big ideas 3

Sweepstakes /Contest Calendar (DRAFT)

January February March April May June July August September October November December 2013 Sweepstakes Calendar (Draft) Sports Social Media Job Contest 1/28:

FB only

• • In Demand Awards Sweepstakes:

FB only

Tentative: HBO Partnership/Game of Thrones Sweeps (3/15 launch): VOD Catch-Up/ Freeview Sweeps (3/18 tentative launch)

FB & Microsite

• Streampix Sweeps (align with Free Sampler) • • • Tentative: Despicable Me 2: Cross Platform Scavenger Hunt Sweeps:

FB component

Tentative: Turner Partnership Sweeps (Summer Premieres) -or Tentative: TV Guide Network Partnership/Emmy Awards Sweeps:

FB & Microsite

• Tentative: Fall TV Sweeps • Tentative: AMC Partnership/Walking Dead Sweeps:

FB & Microsite

• Tentative: Holiday Sweeps/Social Good program:

FB & Twitter


Notable Holidays (DRAFT)

February March April May June July August September October November December 2013 Notable Holidays (Draft) President’s Day, V Day, Black History Month, Academy Awards, Indie Spirit Awards, Razzie Awards.

Easter, St. Patty’s Day, Women’s History Month, March Madness Earth Day, Spring Break, William & Kate anniversary, tax day, basketball season starts, Golf masters Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, French Open, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, Cannes Film festival, TV finales Father’s Day, US Open, Summer begins July 4 th Fall TV, Labor day, School, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur Halloween, Daylight savings Thanksgiving, Election Day, Veterans’ Day, Hanukkah Christmas, Winter Solstice 5

6 February March April May June July August September October November December 2013 Tent Pole Events (Draft) Internet led TP Today – Tomorrow, StreamPix, Verizon Turnpike, H1 Upgrade, Defiance 2/4 X1 Triple Play 3/26 target GBR, Free week of VOD, Premium Channels X1 Triple Play 4/18 Freedom and CA TBD but sometime in Q2*, Internet & Voice , Wifi push Movers, Premium Channels, Verizon Turnpike DirecTV best offer expiration, Sports Supremacy, StreamPix Back to school, College Football, Wifi push NFL RedZone, Premium channels StreamPix Premium Channels, Verizon Turnpike Joy to your Toys *X1 TP Chicago, Beltway, Atlanta, available Q3/Q4

We Have a Social Media Ecosystem XFINITY 3.5MM+ Likes 550K+ views 26K+ followers


14K+ followers

• • •

Comcast Digital Properties:

44K+ Likes College 103K+ Likes Latino

Google + XFINITY


• XFINITY Google+ account have been secured, but no action has been performed on this page • Care has been spending time responding to our customer across the G+ platform • Since Google+ announcement that they will rank their pages in priority, it is in our best interest to launch a G+ page to help with search engine optimization (SEO) • Google+ platform is primarily a tech savvy audience skewing male


– March

2013 Strategy

• Recommendation to launch an XFINITY branded page and make it about the people behind XFINITY, the people who make the product possible • The page will be an outlet to showcase product news and help to humanize the brand • How it would work • Offer “Office Hours” with Tom Blaxland who oversees product for emerging business. He has a strong, fun, intelligent, and topical voice that embraces the conversation and has been well versed in media training via Corporate Communications • Do posts that link to a blog post containing an interview with one of our many employees – from the executive ranks to the call centers, from sports to cable installation. The posts would be brief Q&As that would live on our blog. They’d include a photo of the person, the interview, and all would end with embedded messaging about acquisitions and upgrades (when appropriate) • We believe it is an effective way of selling the product and maintaining loyalty to create a personal connection to the people who make it • The interviews would be a mix of people that would focus and align with our goals - content, product, acquisition, upgrade, specials, and special events – with a slant on technology since the majority of users on Google+ are techies 8



XFINITY YouTube channel






An In-Depth Look at Our XFINITY Facebook Likes

Average Age

33 25%

Male |




are married


Fans located in our footprint (Biggest cities Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta) Strong affinity to Movies (majority of top movies include blockbusters), TV shows, business technology, DIY crafts, cooking, country music, charity/causes, higher affinity to East coast and Midwest sports teams Overall data supports that these are our BEST customers. They over index in TP, customer 3 yrs+, least likely to churn. HSD, Movers, and video up sells are not the best strategy with this specific audience. However, there is a opportunity to capitalize on Home especially in the NE. Friends of Fans


Friends of Fans