Warm Up - mssiciliano

“Hellbound” by Alessandro Scafi
1. Read the CR question first. Annotate
specifically for information that would answer
the question.
2. Discuss with your group what the CR answer
should look like, but write one INDIVIDUALLY.
3. After everyone is finished, share and provide
4. Discussion Questions:
– What do you think about this literary theory?
– How would Western literature be impacted if this
theory is more widespread (not limited to this one
Gilgamesh Tablet 12
1. Compare and contrast Gilgamesh’s journey to
the underworld with Dante’s. What is similar
and what is different?
2. What is the Sumerian underworld like? Does it
share any similarities to Dante’s?
3. Gilgamesh is given some lasting messages
about overcoming death. What are they?