Chapter Nine: Products & Brands

Chapter Nine:
Products & Brands
Lauren Gaites
Lauren Sabol
Vicky Paccione
Core Competencies Undergird
Online Competitive Advantage
Core Competency: A company's core competency
is the one thing that it can do better than its
Web Marketing Today
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, E-Commerce Consultant
Assess your interests, abilities and strengths
Monitor your likes and dislikes
Identify your Competitive advantage
Decide how to sustain your competitive advantage
Examples: Google,,
Reports Readers Survey Suggests
Shopping Online for Electronics
May be Best
You would expect that mass retailers would be the best place to buy
digital electronics, but consumer reports found that shopping online
may be a smarter idea
Ie. Best Buy, Circuit City
Bricks-and-morters-specialty retailers often are shopping destinations.
Shoppers will travel considerable distances to purchase a certain
Mass merchandisers such as Target, Costco, Wal-Mart have great
prices but have low ratings in the service category
Bricks-and-clicks- businesses who sell their products both in-store and
Mass Customization:
• Mass customization- “enabling a customer to decide the
exact specification of a product or service, and have that
product or service supplied to them at a price close to
that for an ordinary mass produced alternative".
• website designed to be a centre of
news on mass customized and personalized products,
and analysis of mass customization and personalization.
Most recently has added:
• Personalization Directory: a directory of enterprises who
supply personalized gifts and mass customized products of
any type.