Senate Agenda
6:30PM – April 1st, 2014
David E. Johnson Boardroom
Executive Assistant: Nick Stumo-Langer
Call to Order
Roll Call
Approval of the Minutes
Special Orders
a. Open Student Comment Section
i. Lipo-Zovic: Move to open the student comment section
ii. Second
b. Wellness on Campus/SGA Support – Jamie Cathcart, Internal Affairs
i. Raymond: Talk on collaboration and make sure that things are going well,
and facilitate a conversation.
ii. Jamie: Hopefully you’ve all been there, feel free to stop by. Give you
some context on what the Wellness Center does, we have about 12 peer
educators and they have an area of interest in the field of Wellness. We
focus on 4 areas, mental health, physical sexual and alcohol and drugs.
Thy go through fall and spring trainings and have monthly presentations
mainly attended by exercise science students and the majority of the
students that attend are sort of mandated to be there. Ways that we can
branch out to events and that would be great. I pulled these issues from the
National Collegiate Health Assessment survey; there are some shocking
statistics in there. 92% of Oles felt overwhelmed by what they had to do
and 85% felt exhausted by activity other than physical. Almost half of
Oles reported that academics as traumatic and hard to handle, a lot of
issues that are hard to address and it’s hard for us to make sure we are fun
and a cool place to visit. Enich was on staff last year and Taylor is this
year. We have a fantastic staff of students and it’s hard to do without the
support of the student leaders on campus. One thing we have been
successful in doing, we have worked with ADC and we did do an event a
hip-hop event during Body Awareness Week. 75 people there, for us that’s
successful and we’re really thankful for Erin in collaborating with us.
Hopefully continuing to do things with that. Good deed event during
mental health awareness week. Most of the stats that we have are ways of
decreasing that stress and the Saturday after that the 19th, Enich has
brought back the Bitch of Living cabaret. Enich has been helpful with that,
there’s a lot of musical pieces, we’re incorporating educational
components to help people we’d not normally reach and we would love
support form programming events to bring wellness related activities,
we’ll have 15 peer educators staffing your event. Having an event to direct
them to and they have come in to talk about loneliness and people aren’t
feeling that they are not making connections, other than directing them to
other events, we’d love to collaborate on that. I’ll open for questions and
we’ll go from there.
Christianson: I received an email; my roommate is a peer educator and
what we thought of when we heard the Wellness Center.
Jamie: We are asking that we want to do stuff related to Wellness and that
you have a reputation, it’s that it isn’t hip or cool. We have been doing
assessments and the feedback is always positive. Very rare that they hate
it, they are saying this is great and they have a new strategy for going for
credit. General student body members are difficult to get. Imagine you’re
dealing with severe depression and you’re the only person not there for an
ESAC swipe. The more open they are is good. About residence life,
getting into res halls and Tiki Bar and Sex in the Lounge are two great
things. Alcohol education as well as sexual health things. If any of you
have connections to residence life, they can provide food and other
incentives to get more people.
Allen: Do you have any collaborations planned?
Jamie: Y’all might be a more creative group than I am. Fly A Little Higher
benefit concert, we’re helping with that about grief and loss. The group
who is planning that, to help receive an ESAC credit for and it’s been
great to have the opportunity to have it. We have Alcohol awareness,
sexual responsibility, mental health awareness and body image awareness
Freeman: A suggestion maybe? We had a long discussion last week,
concerns about the drinking culture surrounding it.
Jamie: Collaboration between the wellness center as a whole. That could
be an incredible agent around that; our vision is to change the St. Olaf
culture to promote holistic wellness. Developing habits now. In for a rude
awakening and I thought the world was as perfect as St. Olaf was and how
the healthy eating was. To be out of those skills.
Seabrook: The hallway decs are great; if I’m not stopping to read those it’s
great to do that. Previous senator thing would happen to get that a step
further, what would you think about the Wellness senator and the wellness
center thing?
Jamie: First senate meeting. One thing we’ve talked about is having that
person take a role in our awareness weeks and to bring the entire student
body, to come to one program one month on one topic would be good.
Developing a strategy for awareness weeks. I know that some of you
know peer educators and it’s not always easy to do that. Some events are
more successful than others. Plan an event the same time something else is
happening and it’s not always easy to do it. We’ve already told staff to be
there and the certain days. I’m not totally sure what the responsibilities are
Frankenfeld: Taking that into mind, you can’t totally understand how this
body works can you speak to what your ideal vision to the Wellness
senator in SGA and the Wellness Center. We have dorm senators and that
was an effective way of reaching out, Wellness Center ideas would be
Jamie: Prepackaged idea boards for RAs and JCs, just stick it on for them.
Mutually beneficial relationship about that, we might get our relationship
out. Someone consistently here could communicate easier with those
people. What topics are most interesting to people could be used?
Proxy-Davis: You talked about a culture at Olaf and how we can achieve a
culture change. Do you have ways in the past that can make that good?
Jamie: I think that between Fall and Interim we had about 65 unique visits
in the Wellness Center to talk to a peer educator, a huge number of those
would be about relationships or stress. PAC did something with us around
November, they used our toilet talk stuff and if we did something like that
being socially aware and involved and who else is involved I see there’s a
lot of things we can do with that. In the future, having a lot of speakers get
double-branded so we can collaborate together, it would be cool if we
could do that too. Participate in an engaging showing or event, I don’t
have any stats about what is.
Proxy-Davis: Admin on that side too. Where does the admin prioritize
Jamie: More obvious and bigger location than in the past, I think that’s a
huge gesture for the appreciation of the work we do. The physical space of
the Wellness Center could be changed for next year too; it shows a lot
about investment.
Eaton-Neeb: Shown an interest in Wellness, with a paid staff member.
Wellness Center is an appreciation for peer educators and director and an
indicator as its importance.
Kneser: The Mess moved for the Wellness Center to have it. It gave
SARN the better space the Wellness Center had. The Mess Execs did a
cool thing to make things better. I want to give them a shout out for that.
Jamie: Include every month a Wellness word column and they are putting
out into the Mess something written by our peer educators.
Kneser: Give the history of it, the budget downsizing made it go away but
through addressing concerns and we put the position back and it’s an
indication that it’s a big deal. I would also like to give credit to the ESAC
making this part of their curricular programs. I thought it was valuable for
their classes to do that. A whole range of the people in the college and
SGA who has, over time, worked on these issues. Lots of people involved.
xxi. Stumo-Langer: Have you thought about moving forward with initiatives
such as talking to professors about reducing homework over breaks and
encouraging healthier eating habits by reducing portions and working
more with the environmental orgs?
xxii. Jamie: This is why it’s helpful, thanks for letting me hear about that.
xxiii. Schwirtz: Preface this by saying I know you haven’t been there.
Information about health on campus, one stat is the number of students
who think that students who have been binge drinking and major
perception gap there. I wouldn’t be surprised.
xxiv. Allen: POI What’s the percentage?
xxv. Jamie: 35% 5 or more drinks in one sitting, 75-80% perception.
xxvi. Schwirtz: What are those misperceptions that we can counteract on.
xxvii. Jamie: Going to our peer educator presentations, people sitting on the
floor, tons of people. What they see as the stereotypical Ole male. It was
funny how vocal and how they were similar and what types of clothing
they were wearing and what their skills were. They thought it was really
awful, I don’t even want to go to the gym with these people who are doing
that. With female body image it’s the same, what you should or shouldn’t
be doing. This is an extremely talented school and at the end of the day
you can’t do everything, it’s just not realistic. Be validated for what you
are doing well, don’t worry about the things you aren’t comparing to
others with. Be aware about that. Another thing is the alcohol perception
and the same thing with Marijuana. 11% have reported using Marijuana,
more like 60-80% perception with that. It depends on the social circle
you’re running in I would love to continue doing things like that and I
don’t know what’s the most impactful.
xxviii. Seabrook: To bring it back to a senator position, in the realm of you guys
where would a senator be in the hierarchy? What could they do in there? A
lot of the voices that we are having is that we want someone but not much
xxix. Jamie: Challenging about the senator position. A lot of brainstorming
about our programming, it would have to be a peer educator and it’s
during community time every Thursday. A lot of brainstorming happens in
our meetings and if we’re planning on collaborating then it will be
beneficial to do one on ones to help figure out we all are on the same page.
Another person operating on their own little island, finding that way to
make it the easiest, meeting with myself and staff.
xxx. Allen: On the topic of the senator they could help with programming and
extremely true to work with programming branches and on the topic of
getting more reach to the Wellness Center, I think that presentation style
and you have other stuff? I don’t know what they would be?
xxxi. Jamie: What I would consider our “fun events” would be those Friday
night events and usually they want food or something. Monthly
presentations, 12 per month. They are presentation style and they
incorporate an engaging activity during that time. Plan to be there for
about 45 minutes. We could usually have the weekend events going until
midnight. This past semester we did the different gender things for sexual
health related to females and males. It was a request from the specific
residence hall that did that. I think they got a pretty good outcome from
Raymond: Closing the speaker’s list, the Wellness Senator conversation
can be continued and we have quite a few people to do that with.
Jamie:, email me when you can for ideas.
Lipo-Zovic: Going back to the misperceptions about sexual activity at St.
Olaf, the misperception comes from having more sexual activity than not.
We use the word hooking up a lot. It can lead to problematic culture
things. Social pressures may exist because of that notion and the idea for
the precedent of sexual activity at Olaf.
Proxy-Davis: Annual budget of the Wellness Center?
Jamie: We have $2000 for supplies and general materials, purchasing
condoms and we received about 2000 condoms for free. But they are
expensive; we have to be aware that people might not use the right things.
We purchase more than get used and making sure we get people to do it.
Proxy-Davis: Are we talking about the Wellness Senator?
Raymond: I’ll invite you to come back when we have Special Order about
Kneser: Budget is bigger than that including salaries and technology.
Frankenfeld: Keeping in mind the senator position, we have entered a
conversation with Jamie in Internal Affairs about it. The things that a
Wellness Senator would do, making a bridge about, yield to Senator
Cervenka: Welcome you to come to us about the concerns and interests
about this, what would you like to see from it? It would fill some gaps in
New Business
a. Student Alumni Liaison Bylaws/Policy Manual – Senators Schwirtz and Williams,
Bylaws Subcommittee
i. Williams: You can read the rationale about this, we passed the amendment
and we had introduced them to you about a month back. They aren’t
incredibly detailed it will function more under
ii. Stumo-Langer: Essentially this is all pretty standard and details the
position as it would exist (reads the proposal).
iii. Bryz-Gornia: Accidently directly copied from inter-hall council?
iv. Stumo-Langer: That’s not the same; it’s there just to show where you can
put it.
v. Obermann: How are you getting people to know about this position?
vi. Williams: My MCO is making posters, face to face communication about
vii. Stumo-Langer: Everyone and the small people specifically.
viii. Frankenfeld: Someone on Bylaws to propose an amendment to include
this. Higher up and consistently, later on they won’t be a member of the
exec committee.
Frankenfeld: I want the numbers to be roman numerals
Webster: If there is a consensus, could we submit that in the next meeting?
Raymond: Yep we should be intentional about it
Palermo: friendly amendment change section c change alums to alumni
Bruer: These look awesome. I was confused about the relationship, and
looking at this, this is in the bylaws and looks okay.
xv. Stumo: Thanks for the comments. We’re going to bring this back and
strike e and make this a little clearer while keeping APR role intact to
avoid turnover confusion. We want to make it clear this is a link. Move to
xvi. Second
b. Environmental Senator Confirmation – Senator Schwirtz
i. Schwirtz: Try to be brief here, Senator Smerud resigned from her position
and pursuant to the bylaws, when there’s a vacancy there’s an interview
process and I did three different interviews. Great candidate with Sarah
Breshnahan, has proxied for multiple senators and she’ll be a great
addition to this body. I have 100% confidence in her ability.
ii. Williams: Mirror what a previous senator said.
iii. Schwirtz: candidate discussion can be used afterward.
iv. Webster: I think that this nomination is an excellent choice, strongly in
favor of this appointment.
v. Lipo-Zovic: Move to PQ
vi. Second
vii. Frankenfeld: POI Do they have voting power with not being elected by the
student body.
viii. Raymond: Yes, they have been appointed to fill an absence.
c. Executive Session
i. Raymond: Move to go into executive session
ii. Second
Old Business
a. Faculty Committees Bylaws – Senators Obermann, Davis, Kampf and Crouser,
Bylaws Subcommittee
i. Obermann: This will make curriculum and student life to work together to
find people, once they appoint them they will be confirmed by Senate.
Once a semester they are mandated to come and the other senators will be
jointly managing them.
ii. Crouser: Talked about this quite.
iii. Stumo-Langer: The last thing that was mentioned before is that the
relationship between these two positions and Senate is that they can bring
our concerns back to those committees.
iv. Strommen: Move to PQ
v. Second
vi. Raymond: Congratulations we have the bylaws changes.
b. American Choral Directors Association Buffer Fund Proposal – Senators
Frankenfeld and Keller
i. Frankenfeld: Nothing has really changed, the money was taken out of
ACDA account, it’s about what I got. He reads the proposal.
ii. Strommen: POI Just read the amount?
iii. Frankenfeld: $650 from the buffer fund.
iv. Hynes: move to PQ.
v. Second
vi. Raymond: Congratulations, the buffer fund correction is passed.
Reports and Announcements
a. President: We’ll be talking about event planning with execs?
b. Larson: Nacho bar.
c. VN: We chose the Program Director and Volunteer Org of the year. Activism
grant applications due April 18th, Volunteer Week and Habitat said that was their
week. And hour count, through March 12,577.85.
d. PAC: Weekly event on Thursday, Should Porn be Criminalized? Come 6:30 on
Thursday. Newt Gingrich is next week. Admin is until Friday and Branch opens
on Friday too.
e. SOC: Figuring out the org of the year, club sports with another funding session. I
would invite any of the programming people to talk about the things.
f. BORSC: Spring Report, poster in the caf and having conversations on gender and
sexuality multiple ways to submit information.
g. IHC: We’re working on Suite Room showcase and each of the residence halls will
be open for all students to go around and look at it all. Looking at rooms in
dorms. Committee going around winner will get a top 10 room draw; they will get
50 Ole Dollars.
h. Off Campus: Talked to library staff about discoverability with the library guides
and instructional visits. Encourage dorm senators about it, they liked the feedback
they have gotten. The week before break we met with VP Kneser and Fred C.
Behr and talked about building hours and a proposal is in the works. We learned
about why they are what they are, late at night it is only one student in an
enormous building, that discussion was super helpful and keep your eyes peeled
for all of that.
i. DCC: Asia Weeks and Viva la Rasa
j. International: 4/19 Karibu hosting Imoja with African student organizations will
come to Olaf. Each one of you is invited and spread the word to your constituents,
fostering community between all of the students.
k. Multicultural: Diversity subcommittee, we weren’t really sure about what we
were going to do and it would be a panel coming together racial diversity, the
panel on April 24th, we’ll keep you updated. Meeting right after Senate.
l. Hill-Kitt: Showing the game with food and stuff. Sustainability, finding a
structure with the collaborative student effort.
m. Ellingson: Bi-dormal formal, looking for a date. High class candy at this event.
n. Pause: Spring concert happening this weekend. It should go well; the time is
crunchy, finishing up the Lair this month, in the Lair right now if you could lift a
400lb of cast iron. Special shake is the Birthday Cake shake. Concert on Friday
the benefit for Zack Sobiak and working on transitions towards next year’s
o. Intercampus Liaison: We are not joining. Last night was the first meeting of their
new body and they are working on a new logo.
p. ADC: Hitting the ground running planning the electric 5k. Electric neon thing.
q. Ytterboe: Ice cream social was great. Planning our April event.
r. MEC: Spring concert is this coming Saturday, buy tickets.
s. SAC: Inside Lllwen Davis this weekend, apps for Senior Week staff members
came up this week, if anyone is interested in working for senior week let us know.
It is a paid position at summer wage. Spring event we had great discussions
amongst programmers, exec and Senate. Planning is under way, moving the
carnival that was for Saturday the 10th, moving it to the last day of school, to
balance concerns that have arisen and subject to change. SAC is working really
hard on Presidents Ball, Spring Event and the final carnival and Senior Week.
t. Hoyme: I was beating Proxy Davis in our March Madness.
u. Environmental: Welcome comments and suggestions, the buzz word has been
change in culture and EC is working hard and we are working on a video montage
to put on the new Freshman coming to St. Olaf next year. Sustainability is good.
v. MCD: Ole the Lion is having a great time on FB and Twitter. Dundas and
Northfield agreeing to merge, you should do it.
w. SAA: Alumni Board coming a week from this Thursday, there’s an alumni meet
and greet. Fun and exciting on Thursday before Newt, 4:15-5:15pm in
Crossroads. Working with piper Center to do alumni in residences.
x. Executive Assistant: Send it along with me.
y. Kneser: One thing, a lot of buzz about people who applied for off campus housing
that it wasn’t being granted and there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth. Some number of
juniors was able to get off campus. The two ways we get elasticity and is the
number of rooms we triple and we are graduating an enormous class of 700 of
you. Bringing in a smaller class, number of students who have evened out Fall
and Spring. It means we cannot allow people to go. For those seniors to live with
other juniors.
Hill Hype
a. Christianson: Want to do Relay for Life? I created a team to be on it.
b. Seabrook: Hailing from SE suburbs of Wisconsin it is now done. Pepperoni, Feta,
Parmesan, Olive oil and Pesto.
c. Proxy-Davis: I am plugging the Bitch of Living cabaret the 18th of April and there
will be poems from sexuality to everything.
d. Keller: Tri club sending 4 people to nationals, wish them luck.
e. Martin: April 12th, Orchestra Hall the band, orch and jazz band are playing.
Transportation is provided, its $8. Tabling the next two weeks outside of the caf
and its $12.50 for a ticket with hor’deourves. Show in orchestra hall, spending $8
more dollars to get transportaion on a bus.
f. Williams: Miss Madeline Crowley’s birthday is tomorrow. Hoyme and Kitt are
having a bi-dormal formal on April 12th.
g. Lipo-Zovic: Baby Lipo-Zovics prospy-ing on campus, encourage them to come to
St. Olaf.
h. Kneser: Badgers are in the Final Four.
i. Stumo-Langer: Breakout sesh ideas.
j. Allen: DNNRPRTY album recorded in interim and is shown on Thursday in 7 in
the Lair. 14 songs.
i. Crowley: Yes a release in the Art Barn later. More info for next year’s
stuff. Purchase the CD at some point.
k. Frankenfeld: May 3rd, Ole Cup. StoTalks is that day. We’re going to bring that to
Ole Cup.
Senator of the Week – Senator Webster
a. Senator Frankenfeld
Good Times
a. Senator Crowley
b. Senator Maskalo
c. Remember Good Lifting Form
d. Gum Cat Advertisement
a. West: Move to close the open student comment section
b. Second
c. Strommen: Move to adjourn
d. Second
e. Adjourned at 8:27pm.