Rezarta Skuka Mr. Jennings AP Literature and Comp 6th Hour

Rezarta Skuka
Mr. Jennings
AP Literature and Comp
6th Hour
September 16, 2013
Reader Response Essay
I am a teenage girl in high school who had to read Pride and Prejudice and you know
what I’m getting out of the characters? Mean Girls.<--C
For those of you who don’t Cnow Mean Girls is the story of a few female teenagers
trying to survive the day to day C dramas of high school especially inside different social
cliques involving backstabbing, fakeness, love, and conformity. This is probably one of my
favorite movies along with other sappy love movies Rachel McAdams is also wccasted in. For
those of you whom haven’t seen it here’s a tip: never watch this movie with me because I will
ruin it since I know every line.
Upon reading Pride and Prejudice I was prejudice to what the novel would be like. At
first, with reading this book I looked back and was like, “What’s wrong with all these people?”
But after comparing this novel to a drama filled high school I finally kind of got it.
Elizabeth Bennet is the main character in Pride and Prejudice just trying to fit in as a
young woman in her time just as Cady Herron in Mean Girls. Cady doesn’t know where she
stands but it takes her a little while to realize what she wants, which is Aaron Samuels. Elizabeth
however, finally realizes that all she wants is Fitzwilliam Darcy and she gets him even after all
the drama that occurred in the beginning. This reminds me of myself when I began at Affton in
sixth grade and as I was walking home from school I met blondie Steven May and realized I had
to have him even after he was too shy to talk to me in person but not on Facebook. But we’ve
gotten through that and have been together ever since. But anyways, basically they’re WHO’S
THEY? SUPPORT FOR THEM BEING BOY CRAZY? both boy crazy which gets them in bad
situations. Also Elizabeth goes to Pemberly just as Cady goes to North Shore High School and
surprised at what all she’s been missing and sees what she could potentially have. Cady isn’t
afraid to take Regina down just as Elizabeth Bennet isn’t afraid to stand her ground to Lady
But since I mentioned her…. Lady Catherine? Yeah total b**ch. She thinks she's top
notch but she's not even that cute. Totally Regina. Regina has the best things money can buy.
Lady Catherine has the best carriages, Regina has the best car. Regina has the biggest mansion in
California, and Lady Catherine has one of the biggest in England. I just hate people like that. In
the movie you hate Regina but somehow you find yourself wanting to be her. No one can out do
uneasy, my cousin, about your apparel. Lady Catherine is far from requiring that elegance of
dress in us, which becomes herself and daughter. I would advise you merely to put on whatever
of your clothes is superior to the rest, there is no occasion for anything more." (AustinC) This
occasion reminds me of the Halloween party in mean girlsC when Cady puts together her most
superior costume for the huge blowout bash and she still cannot top Regina’s expensive skanky
costume. UGH at that moment I felt bad for Cady because she wasn’t accustomed to parties like
that just like Elizabeth wasn’t accustomed to dinner parties such as those at Lady Catherine’s
And seriously what's up with Lydia RO why is she so stupid and tries to flirt and go for
every guy she sees. Totally Karen. She may as well have gone for Collins since she only wants a
man just like Karen made out with her cosin C Seth Mosaowsk. WickamC doesn't even like
C her he's just using her. I see guys use girls around me all the time for money, sex,
companionship but when I read what Wickam pulled on Lydia I wasn’t even angry at Wickam it
just made me think wow Lydia you really are really friggin stupid. But at least in the end she got
the guy.<--MAIN PAR. IDEA?
Gretchen Weiner’s character to me is just as poor old Jane. She wanted Jason to love her
but in reality he’s was just looking for the next best thing. His friends encouraged him to act like
a d-bag and Darcy encouraged Bingley to move on and not be with Jane because of her social
class. Darcy had no right to interfere in between someone else’s relationship and I hope one day I
find someone doing that because I’ll be sure to punch them in the throat. However, following
Bingley’s denial of Jane she becomes more bitchy SUPPORT FROM THE TEXT? in the
sense that she stops seeing the good in people just as Gretchen. But they both still cling to the
thought their significant others may come back to them one day.
In Mean Girls, Mrs. George’s character also somewhat parallels to Mrs. Bennet in Pride
and Prejudice. Although Mrs. George is WAY too out there for her own good and everyone elses
the only thing she wants is for Regina to fit in and be the most popular and have everything she
wants. All Mrs. Bennet wants for all her daughters is for them to get married. Both mothers will
go to any lengths to help them achieve that goal which sometimes doesn’t benefit the daughters
the way they think it might.
Both endings however do share something in common, that everyone turns out happy in
the end. Cady realized that just being herself from the beginning would have saved her all the
time and drama. Mrs. Bennet is happy that 3 of her daughters are married off. Regina is content
with playing rugby and not being a skank. Jane finally gets married to Bingley. Elizabeth and
Darcy end up together happy. You go Glen Coco!!!!
REZARTA: Good topic and you have some strong claims about similarities. Make sure to
support your claims w/ specific details from the book and film. Your example of the
dinner/dance works well if you add a few more details, other areas will need more development.
For revision, focus on this and your overall claim. You have compared the 2 works. What
conclusions have you drawn from this comparison? What have you and what do you want your
audience to learn about PandP, MeanGirls and/or you?