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Prior Knowledge:
What do you know about WWI?
Setting the Stage
European nations were mostly at
peace for the past 30 years
Efforts to outlaw war
Achieve a permanent peace had been
gaining momentum in Europe since
Peace organizations
Peace congresses convened regularly
Some Europeans believed that
progress had made war a thing of the
The Rise of Nationalism
What is nationalism?
Serve as unifying force within a country
Intense competition among nations
Fierce rivalry between Europe’s Great
Powers-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great
Britain, Russia, Italy and France
Competition for materials and markets
Territorial disputes
Intense nationalism among ethnic groups
who demand independence
Imperialism and Militarism
Fight over land in Africa and
Asia pushed European
nations to brink of war
Sense of rivalry and mistrust
European arms race
To be great-must have a
powerful military
Important to quickly mobilize
Otto von Bismarck and Alliances
What is an alliance?
Alliance system to keep peace?
Otto von Bismark (Prussia)
o chancellor
o Used war to unify Germany
o Maintain peace in Europe
o Saw France as great threat
o Wanted revenge for defeat in
Franco-Prussian War
o Goal to isolate France
Alliance System-Triple Alliance
Otto von Bismarck
Formed Dual Alliance
between Germany and
Austria Hungary
Triple Alliance-Italy joins
Russia is separate ally to
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II
o Ruler of Germany
o Forced Bismarck to resign
o Show the world how powerful
Germany became
o Ended Russian treaty
 Russia responded by forming a
defensive military alliance with
o Two-front war?
o Work to build up navy
Alliance System-Triple Entente
Great Britain formed an
entente with France as a
Triple Entente-Great
Britain, France, Russia
Triple Alliance vs. Triple
Crisis in the Balkans: Restless Region
Assortment of ethnic groups
Ottomans in decline
History of nationalist uprisings and
ethnic clashes, known as “powder
Balkan struggle to free themselves
from Ottoman Turks
Some had broken away from Turkish
rulers and formed Bulgaria, Greece,
Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia
Nationalism is powerful in those
About to Light a Match
1908 Austria annexed Bosnia
and Herzegovina
Serbian leaders outraged
Tensions between Serbia and
Austria rose
Serbs vowed to take Bosnia and
Herzegovina away from Austria
Austria-Hungary vowed to crush
any Serbian effort to undermine
its authority in Balkans
Match is Lit
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
o Heir to Austro-Hungary
June 28, 1914
o Couple visited capital of
o Ferdinand and wife shot
point-blank range as they
rode through the streets of
Sarajevo in an open car
o Gavrilo Princip, 19 year old
Serbian and member of
Black Hand
Shot Rings Throughout Europe
Because Princip was a Serbian,
Austria decided to use the murders
as an excuse to punish Serbia
July 23
o Austria presented Serbia with
o If refused, result in war
o Serbian leaders agree but want
to negotiate
July 28
o Austria rejects Serbia’s offer
o Declares war
Response to Murder
After Austria declares war---
Why Russia?
Russian leaders order mobilization of
troops toward the Austrian border
Ally of Serbia, large Slavic
Leaders all over Europe notice
European stability about to collapse into
armed conflict
British foreign minister, Italian
government, Kaiser Wilhelm urged
Austria and Russia to negotiate
Today’s Activity
Should you always support an ally?
WWI has begun. You are the leader of a European country and must decide
what to do. Your nation is one of several that have agreed to support each
other in the event of war. Some of your allies have joined the fight.
You must decide what to do…
How will you decide?
How will you win your people over?
What You Will Do
As a nation, you have to work together to
make decisions.
Therefore, as a nation you have to work as a
group to make tough decisions.
As a group, you must come to a joint decision
with what you will do, and how you will
handle the situation.
4th Block Groups
Quinton, Johnathan, James
Jacob L., Susannah, Terron
Austin B., Kirkland
Justin C., Ryan, Jay
Kyle, Colby, Alexis
Casey, Nick, Chad
Sevren, Jacob S., Zach P., Kerrigan,
Hieu, Zach H., Kayla, Travis
5th Block Groups
Matthew, Josiah, Johnathan
Merita, Hunter, Jasmine
Brianna, Michelle, Jordan
Christa, Emily, Kari
Lucas, Reese, Kaitlyn, Megan
Alexsis, Jonathan, Susannah
Elliott, Josh, Samantha
Mikea, Nathan S., Jordan
As a group-You MUST decide:
1. Are you going to go to war?
a. If no-how will you tell your allies?
2. How will you support your allies?
a. Either way-yes or no.
3. How will you win your people over?
a. How will you get your people to join the forces?
b. How can you get support from your people if you don’t?
4. Make a propaganda poster to make people join
your side.
What are WWI propaganda posters?
Examining the Issues
Should you always support a friend, no
matter what he or she does?
What might be a long-term consequences of
refusing to help an ally?
When finished…
• Turn into bucket
• Work on another assignment
• Play on phone