Chem Test Review

Gr 9 Chemistry Test Review
1. Define element, compound and mixture.
2. Most of the elements are _________.
3. List the major chemical families and know their location on the periodic table.
4. Draw Bohr models of the H, Li, Na, O , Al, P, Cl atoms.
5. What are the rows and columns on the period table called?
6. Why are some of the elements have strange symbols that do not match their names?
7. The most common element in the human body is ___________.
8. Describe the basic makeup of an atom in terms of protons, neutrons and electrons.
9. Describe 2 physical properties of metals, nonmetals and metalloids.
10. Name and explain the major contributors to the atomic model starting with Democritus and
ending with the quantum model we have today.
11. List four physical and four chemical properties of reactions.
12. List four indicators of chemical change.
13. Give three examples of physical change.
14. Define density. How is it used to identify similar substances.
15. Calculate the density of an object that has a mass of 46 g and a volume of 15.O cm3.
16. What is the goal of all atoms?
17. In what ways can an atom fill its valence shell?
18. Draw the Bohr models for the H, Li, Na, O , Al, P, Cl ions and label the charges.
19. Describe ionic bonding. How do atoms bond together?
20. Draw Bohr models for the compounds: sodium chloride, magnesium fluoride, lithium oxide and
beryllium oxide.
21. Give the names for the following: AlCl3, Li3N, CaO, SrI2 and K3P.