Annotations and Evaluations
Anwar, Liyna. "Closing America's Largest Landfill, Without Taking Out The Trash." NPR. NPR, 22 Feb.
2014. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. <>.
Liyna Anwar, a writer on sites like NPR, argues that by the halt of trash dumping activity in the Puente
Hills Landfill will not stop future consequences. The medium is an online news article from the
organization NPR. Anwar mentions the concern that, “It stopped receiving new trash in October, but
the old waste will stay. All those years' worth of garbage will be covered up and remain underneath the
ground.” The audience is targeted towards the people who are in proximity and will in the future be
associated with that area.
Helman, Christopher. "America's Biggest Landfills." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 13 Oct. 2010. Web. 29
Apr. 2014. <>.
Christopher Helman, a writer for Forbes Magazine who mostly covers the energy industry like Exxon,
Chevron, Saudi Aramco and more, argues that underneath the waste of the landfills lies gases and
chemicals toxic to our environment, pushing forth climate change from some of the most major, biggest
landfills. The medium is an online newspaper article from a well-known magazine, Forbes. Helman
mentions the composition of the gas (methane and carbon dioxide) and how it is connected to the
Greenhouse layer and global warming. The audience is targeted to educate the people of big energy
companies and their sketchy methods.
Hsu, Shirley. "Industry Pushes Trash Transfer Plant." San Gabriel Valley Tribune (West Covina, CA)
(2006): Newspaper Source. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.
Shirley Hsu, a local writer for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, argues that with a future transportation
plan added to the Puente Hills Sanitation Department, it would lead to more noise and environmental
pollution thrown upon local citizens in their communities. This medium is an online newspaper for San
Gabriel Valley Tribune, covering a certain part of the L.A. County. This gives a perspective seen from
the local community nearby the landfill and their concern for its plans. The audience is targeted towards
other citizens who may be in the same situation, located near a landfill, or spreading awareness in
Squire, Jeffrey N. T. “Biomedical Pollutants in the Urban Environment and Implications for Public
Health: A Case Study,” ISRN Public Health, vol. 2013, Article ID 497490, 5 pages, 2013.
Jeffrey N. T. Squire, part of the Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Canada, argues that
found in a case study in Ghana, there are many pollutants linked to health risks and disease from waste
management areas (landfills). This medium was an academic journal found on an academic website
database. Squire goes into details on certain chemicals/ toxins like pathways for carcinogenic
substances found from the urban environment linking to cancer. The audience would be towards other
professors or researchers in the field of toxins found from urban environments.
Rester, Michelle. "Puente Hills, Calif., Landfill Liquid Exceeds Limits On Radioactivity." San Gabriel
Valley Tribune (West Covina, CA) (n.d.): Newspaper Source. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.
Michelle Rester, writer for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, argues that there were traces of radioactivity
in a source of groundwater that is toxic for local citizens. This medium is an online news article from a
well-known newspaper. This article also has the perspective and argument of the defendants of the
landfill protecting their own health codes. The audience would be aimed for citizens to spread
awareness of the certain health violations that may be hazardous towards the community.
Ahmed, Abdelatif Muhkutar, and Wan Norazmin Sulaiman. "Evaluation of Groundwater and Soil
Pollution in a Landfill Area Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging Survey - Springer." Environmental
Management, 01 Nov. 2001. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.
In relevance this academic article I only focused on what leachate was and the main components to it.
It was best to get more of an understanding of the liquid made from water passing through waste yet
the rest of the article did go more into details about its certain location and ingredients. Though it was
more directed towards an audience in that field given from the math formulas to describe certain
problems, the beginning was helpful in understanding a bit more of the substance. Evidence would be
in the statistical data and in depth on certain elements that make up the water. But again the rest of the
article showed more interest in the mathematical side in result of numbers. Timeliness is pretty
outdated as it was published in 2001 but since the use of the article for me was mainly definition
Becerra, Ralph. "Landfill: Closure and Beyond." Sacramento State College of Continuing Education.
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, 19 Mar. 2014. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.
In relevance this power point helped the majority of my essay with the procedures that are being taken
to restore the landfill into a park. The presenters are people from the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles
County so they have firsthand knowledge and experience of the restoration. All the pictures in my paper
were found from their power point giving better visualization of the project. Evidence would be again the
visual aspects like a map of the area or pictures of the drainage system used for gas ventilation. Also
certain statistics helped get a better understanding of the project. Timeliness is great since it was given
last month and the project takes around 10-12 months to finish.
"Causes, Effects and Solutions of Land Pollution - Conserve Energy Future." ConserveEnergyFuture.
ConserveEnergyFuture, n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. <>.
In relevance this website helped as a basic block of knowledge about landfills and its role with the
environment. Cut up into sections, my ideas and arguments started from facts given on this site. There
are also other mediums to help understand the information provided such as videos, pictures, lists, etc.
Evidence lies in the facts about landfills that strengths my argument and support. Timeliness would be
around 2009, according to the video posted, to today but as basic knowledge and facts I think it does
not matter if it helps understand the topic.
"Puente Hills Landfill." LACSD Website. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2014.
In relevance this site was a building block to the Puente Hills Landfill restoration project. It was a quick
summary with updates concerning the project and what the sanitation department viewed it as. There
was also other information about other landfill related objectives to help compare whether their beliefs
on the landfill was equal throughout the site. Evidence lies in visuals ( maps, pictures of the landscape)
and communication. There are links to other departments similar to the overall LACSD and information
available for contact. Though I think for myself the site was useful for basic knowledge of the landfill
rather than in depth. Timeliness would be fine as the site gets updated regularly considering it is
connected with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Department. Governmental sites or organizations
with a city get the first hand with information.
“The Puente Hills Landfill Closure: The Habitat Authority Will Continue On."Habitat Authority RSS.
N.p., 28 Oct. 2013. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. <>.
In relevance this site gives showed more in depth of the future of the landfill once changed into a
recreational park. It also put into perspective that they generate a profit from the restoration and what
their real intentions behind the reuse of the land. Evidence lies mostly in the economic figures of the
project and how they achieved that number. It helped connect the project on an cost efficient pathway
and how local citizens tied into that. Timeliness is okay that it was posted right before the closure.
Numbers may have varied in the beginning and throughout the project as it is currently ongoing. Those
numbers can be considered estimation. It would be best if they have another update on the current
figures to back up the current situation.
United States of America. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA. Environmental Protection
Agency, 2012. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. <>.
In relevance this site talks more in depth about the certain wastes produced from landfills and overall
waste in general. Process in waste management is cut up into sections from landfills to transportation.
There is also viable solutions proposed throughout the site and gives solutions their own sections in
recycling, reduction, and composting. Evidence lies in statistic data and details given more on an
average individual bases and generalized bases. Also different types of graphs are shown on different
sections to help visually. I mostly used this information rather than the overall picture kind of info but it
was still helpful to understand and contribute to other evidence and commentary. Timeliness would be
okay since the statistics are based around 2012 yet the site was last updated in 2014. This shows that
the information and evidence must be similar to today’s only needing certain small updates as two
years have gone by.
Leonard, Randy. "Plasma Gasification Raises Hopes of Clean Energy From Garbage." The New York
Times. The New York Times, 10 Sept. 2012. Web. 04 June 2014.
Randy Leonard, a writer on sites like The New York Times, argues that from the closure of the Puente
Hills Landfill, the idea of plasma gasification becomes more likely and needed for this situation. The
medium is an online news article from the newspaper The New York Times. Leonard mentions the
concern that, “Losing Puente Hills at one time would’ve triggered a trash disposal crisis.” The audience
is targeted towards the people who are in proximity and will in the future be associated with that area.
Learn, Scott. "Oregon PSR Opposes Plasma Gasification Plan." Oregon PSR Opposes
Plasma Gasification Plan. N.p., 6 July 2010. Web. 04 June 2014.
Scott Learn, a writer for PSR, Nobel Prize winning Physicians for Social Responsibility, argues
of Oregon PSR Board Member Joseph Miller, PhD opposition to plasma gasification in The
Oregonian. The medium is an online newspaper article from PSR. Learn mentions how
Columbia Ridge will be one of the first centers with the use of plasma gasification. The
audience is targeted to other members, board members, debating on the same issue.
Scauzillo, Steve. "Puente Hills Landfill Will Close Forever Thursday." Puente Hills Landfill Will
Close Forever Thursday. N.p., 31 Oct. 2013. Web. 04 June 2014.
Steve Scauzillo, part of the San Gabriel Times argues the end results of the Puente Hills
landfill and where the local trash would end up. This medium was an news article originally
sourced from the San Gabriel Times. Scauzillo quotes about neighboring communities and
effects with, “Second, non-recyclables or residual waste will be trucked to two different landfills
in Orange County, one in Brea and the other near Irvine.” The audience would be local
residents surrounding the area.
Co, Alex. "Turning Trash into Gas: The Future of Plasma Gasification." Yale Scientific
Magazine. N.p., 3 Apr. 2013. Web. 04 June 2014.
Alex Co, writer for Yale Scientific Magazine., argues of the breakthrough of what plasma
gasification can bring to new energy resources. This medium is an online news article from a
well-known, credible newspaper. This article includes of the first plasma gasification process
center used at Columbia Ridge Landfill. The audience would be aimed for people interested in
new renewable energy.
Waymouth, Belinda. "Closing the Loop for Those Losing Sleep about Garbage - Our
World."Closing the Loop for Those Losing Sleep about Garbage - Our World. N.p., 26 Apr.
2013. Web. 04 June 2014. <>.
Belinda Waymouth, a writer for the environmental website, Our World, argues if our problems
at the landfill may actually come from our own actions in recycling. This medium is an online
newspaper for United Nations University online news. This shows the concern of recycling our
country has and how much we waste. The audience is targeted for a wide variety and general
audience to get the message across the public.
"Columbia Ridge Recycling and Landfill." - Landfill Group. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014.
In relevance this website gave a better understanding of the Columbia Ride Landfill. This landfill was
cited in many articles yet this site helped break it down on why it was so popular. Evidence would be in
the detailed data and in depth on certain numbers concerning the renewable sources it has on the
landfill. Also there is a section considering the community perspective making the site well-rounded.
Timeliness may be around 2013 (not said) but is assumed since the subject of Columbia ridge was
brought up in that year so its timeliness would be fine.
"Waste Management to Add Landfill Plasma Gasification Unit · Environmental Management & Energy
News · Environmental Leader." Environmental Leader RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014.
In relevance this article only gives information on the process of companies and how they implement
the process of plasma gasification. It is a very short article which only helped for a small part of the
essay to create more ideas on the topic and questions. Evidence would be in the detailed process and
conflicts the companies have before implementing. Timeliness is okay since it was written in 2010,
however for the type of process and history to understand where the topic came from, it is okay.
"Plasma Gasification: Clean Renewable Fuel through Vaporization of Waste." - Waste Management
World. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014. <>.
In relevance this website really helped the majority of my research. It had pros and cons and
supporters and opposition which were hard to find anywhere else. The only drawback is that the
company that owns the website is the company to purpose the solution of plasma gasification. So the
information could not be my only source to rely on but it made me question more. Evidence would be
the well-organized information and wide variety and coverage of the topic. Timeliness is not mentioned
but assumed it came out around 2013 since that was when they purposed the solution.
"Recycling Surveys Offer Some Surprising Results – Waste & Recycling News." Call2Recycle United
States. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014. <>.
"The Gasification Technologies Council." The Gasification Technologies Council. N.p., n.d. Web. 04
June 2014. <>.
"Changing the Way People Feel about Waste" See the Video - Terry Bradshaw on Plasma Gasification
See the Video - General Motors See the Video - AlterNRG 1 See the Video - AlterNRG 2." Plasma
Gasification by Recovered Energy, Inc. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014.
"Landfill Gas-to-Energy: Toxic and Bad for the Climate... Not Green or Renewable." Energy Justice
Network. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2014. <>.