Persuasive - No more homelessPets Angela Cortese_2

Angela Cortese, Comm1020, November 14, 2012
No more homeless pets – Help stop animal cruelty
Audience Perspective:
Speaker Ethos:
I love pets and I am currently an owner of 3 shelter dogs
Organizational Pattern:
Informative/ Persuasive
General Purpose:
To Inform/ To persuade
General Topic:
Educate my classmates about homeless pets and animal cruelty
Narrowed Topic:
Animal shelter conditions and puppy mills
Specific Purpose:
To educate my classmates on how they can help reduce homeless pets and stop animal cruelty
Thesis Statement:
We can all make a difference in pet overpopulation, pet homeless and animal cruelty
Speech Outline:
a. Hook: We can all make a difference
b. Ethos: Helping to stop animal cruelty – helping homeless animals
c. Thesis: If we all adopted or bought from responsible local breeders and spayed & neutered our pets
we could help bring an end to puppy mill cruelty, pet overpopulation and homeless pets
d. Preview: Overcrowded animal shelter, be a responsible pet owner-Spay and Neuter, Pet stores and
puppy mill cruelty, how you can make a difference
a. First Major Point:
Pet shelter overcrowding, animal hording, economy
i. Detail (key words)
1. Citation/Reference: information taken from the website
ii. Detail (Key words) Spay & Neuter your pets
1. Citation/Reference: website
Transition: Now I would like to talk about
b. Second Major Point:
Be a responsible owner, buyer, Pet stores, Puppy Mills, animal cruelty , how you
can make a difference
i. Detail (Key words): Puppy mills, don’t buy from pet stores, be a responsible owner
1. Citation/Reference: The international society of animal rights
Detail (Key words): How you can make a difference
Citation/Reference: website sponsored by the ASPCA
Reference handout with URL for responsibly adopting and buying puppies
Transition: I hope I have given you a clearer picture of the current pet overpopulation and animal cruelty issues
that are occurring every day
III. Conclusion
I hope you will each make a difference in preventing homeless pets and animal cruelty
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