Cat Dissection Worksheet

Name: ________________ (1 pt.)
Period: ____________ (1 pt.) Date:______
Cat Dissection Lab Worksheet (50 points)
Function (1 pt.)
Interesting Picture/Diagram
Fact (1 pt.)
(1 point)
1. Trachea
2. Heart
3. Lungs
4. Diaphragm
5. Liver
6. Gall Bladder
7. Spleen
8. Pancreas
9. Stomach
10. Small
11. Large
12. Kidney
13. Ureter
14. Urinary
15. Ovaries
Fallopian Tubes
Duct that carries an
egg/ova from the ovary
to the uterus; usually
where fertilization by
the sperm takes place
A developing
embryo takes 3
days to travel
through the
Fallopian tube to
the Uterus.
Lab Worksheet Scoring Rubric
Each Function correctly stated is worth 1 point.
Each Interesting Fact is worth 1 point.
Each Picture/Diagram is worth 1 point.
Name is worth 1 point.
Period/Class and Date is worth 1 point.
One Reference/Source (web source or text (include author, title, year
published and page number) is worth 1 point.
With 15 Organs, that makes for a possible point total of 50 points.
This will be combined with a 50 Point Lab Practical, where you will be
asked to identify (2.5 points each) 10 of the 15 organs (using your
dissected cat) and state their function (2.5 points each) for your last
formal assessment for the semester.