Samuel Adams - Moore Public Schools

• 1. Who is Aristotle and what did he contribute
to persuasive argument?
2. Define ethos.
• 3. In what ways did the Age of Enlightenment
promote argument as a way to provide
• 4. What are rhetorical devices?
• 5. What is the purpose of Samuel Adam’s
Education: Master of Arts, Harvard.
Became a Politician
Passionate advocate of independence
from Britain
The first to propose a continental
Represented Massachusetts at the
Continental Congress
In 1776, he signed the Declaration of
• Title: “American Independence”
• Speaker: Samuel Adams
• Where: State House in Philadelphia,
the meeting place of the
Continental Congress.
• Purpose: Urging all to vote for the
Declaration of Independence
• When: The day before the
Declaration of Independence was
signed by the Continental Congress.
According to Samuel Adams, what is Britain’s sole
purpose in her promise to offer “protection” to the
In what ways has Britain treated the colonies as
“…beasts of burdens?”
What effect does the Biblical allusion have in regards
to one’s perspective on Britain and the overall speech?
What is one reason that Adams give for the
impossibility of the colonies continuing their alliance
to Great Britain?
• Group 1: Locate examples of ethos. Highlight the quote to read
aloud to the class. Explain in complete sentences the purpose for
the ethos.
• Group 2: Locate examples of logos. Highlight the quote to read
aloud to the class. Explain in complete sentences the purpose for
the logos.
• Group 3: Locate examples of pathos. Highlight the quote to read
aloud to the class. Explain in complete sentences the purpose for
the pathos.
• Group 4: Copy down three of Adam’s most persuasive statements
in his argument for the Declaration of Independence. Explain
your choices.
• Ethos: First paragraph-Samuel Adams meekly downplays his own intelligence and
the honor of giving such a speech. Additionally, Adams urges the colonists to
forgive him of any unfair statements he may make as he is still angry with Britain
which he fears may make his speech irrational at times.
• Logos: “When she defended our coasts, she fought for her customers, and
convoyed our ships loaded with wealth, which we had acquired for her by our
industry.” Adams urges the colonists understand that Britain sought to protect the
colonists as a way of protecting those who provided her with wealth. Moreover,
Adams alludes to Britain’s war with the French to which the colonists helped to
• Pathos: “We have fled from the political Sodom; let us not look back, lest we
perish and become a monument of infamy and derision to the world!” This
Biblical allusion was made to remind the colonists of Britain’s greedy desires and
depraved past.
Format: Introduction,
two body
paragraphs, and a concluding
Must contain all three appeals.
You can argue any point or cause
of your choice.
May use any tone. Ex. Serious,
sarcastic, angry, humorous, etc.
Be persuasive!
You might be chosen to present!
Possible Persuasive Topics
(You may come up with a different one!)
1. Grades should not matter in high school.
2. A woman should not be president of the United
3. College education should be free for all students.
4. All students should have to pay tuition for
attending high school.
5. Professional athletes and actors should be paid the
same pay scale as blue-collar workers.
6. Reality TV should be banned.
7. Health insurance should be free to all.
8. Becoming an organ donor should be mandatory.
9. Recycling should become a law.