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Where ORAU is located

 the central location is located in oak ridge, Tennessee behind the civic center

What kind of work goes on at the


There job is to advance their knowledge of science and share it with the government and educate the people on it

Schools associated

Alabama, Arkansas, UF, UM, UGA, Notre

Dame, UK, LSU, UT

And more http://www.orau.org/consortium/members/me mbers-location.htm


The Institute has been established for over 60 years.

ORAU founder is Dr. William G. Pollard.

E.A. Waters, Barbara McClannahan, J.W.

Mumford, and William J. Pollard.

History (cont)

The ORAU had a period where it was well known for its medical radiation. Using isotopes to treat and diagnose illness.

From 1950 to 1970.

Modern day

These days the ORAU spends its time giving out awards, and giving tours of their facilities.

They show off such marvels as the supercomputing facilities at the lab, which has the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world, the Jaguar Cray XT4. Its processing power is being used to calculate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, model efficient designs for biofuel engines and to study the universe.

They posses one of the largest chamber

SEMs(scanning electron microscopes) in the world and the SEM with the largest array of scanning capabilities. The LC-SEM allows full characterization of samples up to 1 meter in diameter and weighing as much as 300 kilograms at magnifications up to 200,000x.


 http://www.orau.org/

 http://orise.orau.gov/