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Delivering Sustainable Results with Practical Methodologies
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All organizations have a business
strategy, whether explicit or implicit. The
most successful organizations, however,
know that planning is not an event, but
the continuous process of strengthening
what works and modifying or abandoning
what does not. At Sapere, we work with
our clients to define the best strategy,
given their environment’s opportunities
and constraints, to achieve lasting
results. We combine various methods to
develop innovative strategies and attain
organizational buy-in to effectively
position an organization for future
success. Sapere takes great pride in
delivering strategies that can be
implemented and “don’t just sit on the
shelf.” As a result, we focus on defining
plans that are robust and adaptable,
while at the same time being realistic and
tailored to the specific needs of the client.
Outcomes That Drive Change
Our unique combination of industry
know-how, analytical versatility and
practical thinking, delivers proven results
and ensures success. Examples of past
engagements include:
Developed multi-year strategy and
redefined mission with Board of
Directors and executive leadership
for a national foundation. Conducted
situational and financial assessment,
designed survey, and facilitated
planning sessions. Plan clarified
priorities, increased revenues and
stabilized operational costs.
Formulated a risk-based IP
acquisition strategy for a hard drive
manufacturer that considers factors
such as time-to-market, ability to
protect IP and alternatives to
developing IP. Result was
framework that allowed product
General Manager to make quicker
decisions on IP acquisitions.
Defined strategic plan for national
research laboratory that connected
parent organization’s vision with
strategic objectives and performance
indicators of laboratory through a
clearly defined research mission.
Strategy delivered first ever
measureable plan documented and
implemented by the organization.
Prepared long-range plan to define
how a western public utility division
will make water resource decisions
to align with the utility’s long-term
strategic mission. Integrated plan
was augmented by a systems model
to evaluate strategic decisions and a
software application to track water
resources data. Plan and model
resulted in ability for utility to make
informed resource decisions, in a
timely manner.
Environmental Integration
Our Methods, Your Results
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At Sapere, we believe that the best place
to begin strategy definition is with a
current situational assessment to
evaluate what is being done, why it is
being done, which external factors must
be considered, and what areas of
performance must be improved. We
leverage a variety of techniques
including; facilitated sessions, interviews,
surveys and competitive analysis to
answer who is the customer/stakeholder,
what do they value, and what should be
the results of the organization’s “work.”
We define a strategy that focuses on
strengthening what works, modifying or
abandoning what doesn’t work, fostering
innovation and measuring results. We
work with our clients to develop an
enduring framework that evaluates
dynamic influences ranging from rapid
advances of technology to unforeseen
impacts that can drive change. This
decision support framework
complements the defined strategy and is
used to ensure that the strategy is
flexible enough to respond to future
influences without having to be
completely re-defined.