Chapter 1 Assessment

Chapter 1 Assessment
This will be another of many presentations that you will create and present in your lifetime. I am looking
for organization, creativity, and use of the terms and concepts below. This will not be a definition
presentation! I need to know that you can USE the marketing terms and concepts that you have
researched in this chapter. Please give examples of how the terms are used in the business world. Scores
are All or None! You have one day to complete this! Pick your teams and go to work.
Use the Presentation Rubric for guidelines on how to organize your presentation. It is on my website in
the Documents section.
As for content, use:
All of the key terms from the
The 7 marketing core functions
The 5 utilities
The Marketing Mix
The Marketing Concept
The Roleplay: Your Marketing team (up to 6 people) will now pick a company to research. You must
present your findings on how the company uses the following basic marketing terms and concepts. You
have one day to complete this! Pick your teams and go to work.
Key Terms: 10 points
An exchange
Target market
Market share
Industrial market
Marketing Core Functions: 10 points
1. Channel Management
2. Pricing
3. Marketing Information Management
4. Promotion
5. Product/Service Management
6. Selling
7. Market Planning
5 Utilities: 10 points
Information utility ___ Form utility ___ Place utility ___ Possession utility ____Time utility___
Marketing Mix: 10 points
1. Product
2. Price
3. Place
4. Promotion
The Marketing Concept: 10 points