The Diary of Anne Frank Act One, Scene 2 Graphic Organizer

The Diary of Anne Frank
Act One, Scene 2 pages 283 - 292
Act One, Scene 2
Cast of Characters in Act One, Scene 2
Character’s Name
Important Details Take notes on important details about each
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Mr. Frank
Note how Mr. Frank is different in Act One, Scene 2
Mrs. Frank
Mr. Kraler
Note how Miep is different in Act One, Scene 2
Text-Dependent Questions
Directions: Answer each question in a complete sentence.
1. Reread lines 180 - 193
*Dialogue is written conversation between two or more characters.
What does Mrs. Van Daan look like?
B. What does Peter Van Daan look like?
C. What do these details reveal about Mrs. Van Daan and Peter?
D. What does the dialogue reveal about Mrs. Van Daan? lines 196 - 207
2. Reread lines 291 - 306
*Consider some of the moral and legal dilemmas people faced during the Holocaust.
What is a ration book?
B. Why is Mr. Frank concerned about the legality of the ration books?
C. What is the impact of Mr. Kraler’s distinctions between the “black market” and the “white
3. Reread lines 334 - 337
*Another way an audience gets to know and understand a character is through the
reactions of other characters in the play.
What does this comment by Mr. Kraler reveal about Mr. Frank?
4. Reread lines 453 - 456
*Pay attention to the language Mrs. Van Daan and Peter use as they speak to one
Why does Mrs. Van Daan think Peter might be afraid?
B. What does Peter mean when he says “Please Mother”?
5. Reread lines 530 - 540
*When authors draw a contrast they identify the differences in two or more subjects.
What does Peter mean when he says he is a “lone wolf”?
B. What contrast do the playwrights reveal between Anne and Peter in this passage?
6. Reread lines 570 - 586.
*A symbol is a person, place, or an object that stands for something beyond itself.
What does the Star of David symbolize?
B. What do Peter’s and Anne’s views about the star reveal about them?
7. Reread lines 631 - 656
*Character’s actions can reveal something about what the character is like.
What surprises does Mr. Frank have for Anne?
B. What can you infer about Mr. Frank from this part of the script?
8. Reread lines 748 - 759
*Note the various kinds of cues in the script and what they signal to actors, the director,
and the stage crew.
What instructions do the stage directions give about lighting?
B. What happens to the stage curtain?
C. Why does the beginning of line 753 say “Anne’s Voice” instead of just “Anne”?
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