Assignment Sheet - Phoenix science

Genetic Engineering Assignment
Genetic Modification, also known as Genetic Engineering and Recombinant-DNA technology, is
when selected individual genes are transferred from one organism into another, and this can also
occur between non-related species. It is one of the methods used to introduce novel traits or
characteristics into micro-organisms, plants and animals. For example, a heightened sense (such as
smell) might be introduced to a human via genetic modification. The finished ‘products’ from this
technology are commonly called genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
New DNA may be inserted in the host (human, animal, or plant) genome by first isolating and
copying the genetic material, using molecular cloning methods to generate a DNA sequence, and
then inserting this constructed sequence into the host organism.
Possible uses for genetic modification include:
Pest and disease resisting crops for food production.
Crops that can grow with less water or nutrients for arid areas such as Africa.
Juicier fruit and a faster growing rate for crops.
For animals, genetic modification may include:
Colour-changing of the fur and selectable gender.
For humans:
Transplant organs that don't require a lifetime of drugs to stop them being rejected
Genetic resistances to diseases
'Designer Babies', where the parents can pick and choose different genetic traits the baby
should have.
For this assignment you are to write a discussion essay on the pros and cons of genetic engineering.
You are to view the videos and read the documents on the assignment page and produce a
document on the benefits and consequences of this science as well as your own views on the issue.
You are required to cite examples from the videos and documents to back up your writing and your
views. You should start with a brief outline of what is genetic engineering, discuss the benefits (with
examples), discuss the adverse consequences (with examples) and finish with your own view.
You will need to submit your work through the website by 7th of March, 2014.
The assignment will be marked out of 35: 5 marks (introduction), 20 marks (benefits/consequences
with cited examples), 5 marks (personal view ) and 5 marks (spelling, grammar etc)