Key Events during Anne Frank's Lifetime

Key Events during
Anne Frank’s Lifetime
June 12, 1929
 Ann
Frank is born in Frankfurt,
1929 - 1932
The Great Depression.
The National socialist Party ( Nazis) gains
January 30: German President Paul von
Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as the
Chancellor of Germany.
April 1: the Nazis organize a general boycott of
all Jewis-owned buisnesses.
April: Otto Frank movers to Amsterdam,
Holland. His family soon follows.
 Ann
begins school in Amsterdam.
June-August: “Juden Verboten” (No Jews”)
appears on signs in restaurants and stores
all over Germany
September 15: The regime decrees antiSemitic “Nuremberg Laws.”
March: Germany occupies Astria.
November 9-10: Kristallnacht, and night of
anti-Semitic riots throughout Germany and
Austria, is initiated by the Nazis.
November 15: Jewish children are expelled
from German schools.
March: Germany takes control of
September 1: The German army invades
Poland, sparking the beginning of Workd War II.
September 3: Britain and France declare ware
on Germany.
April 9 – May 10: Germany invades and
conquer Denmark, Norway, Holland
Luxembourg, Belgium and France.
February 22: Deportations of Jews to
concentration camps begin in Holland.
April: All Dutch Jews must wear the yellow star.
June 22: Germans attack the Soviet Union and
begin to murder all Jews in their path.
September: Young Jews are excluded from
Dutch schools and colleges.
October 14: Deprotation of Jews rom Germany
to concentration camps begins.
July 5: Margot Frank, Anne’s sister, is
ordered to report to the Nazi authorities.
July 6: The Franks move into their hiding
place, “The Secret Annex.”
July 13: The Van Daan family joins the
Franks in hiding
Nazis search for Jews in hiding. Hundreds
of thousands of Jews throughout Europe
are transported to concentratin camps and
March: The Nazis invade Hungary.
June 6: D-Day. The Allied invasion of Nazioccupied western Europe begins in Normandy,
August 4: The inhabitants of the Secret Annex
are betrayed and taken to Westerbork, the
Dutch transit camp.
September 3-6: The Franks, the VanDaans, and
Mr. Dussel are taken in a transport to Auschwitz,
a death camp in nazi-occupied Poland.
1944 Cont.
September 6: Mr. Van Daan is put to death
upon his arrival in Auschwitz.
October 28: Anne and Margot Frank are taken
to Gergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in
November 24: Mrs. Van Daan is taken to
December 20: Mr. Dussel dies in Neuengamme,
a concentration camp in Germany
January6: Mrs. Frank dies in Auschwitz.
January: The Russian Allies liberate
Auschwitz and free the remaining
prisoners, including Mr. Frank.
March: margot and Anne Die of typhus in
Bergen-Belsen within a few days of one
April 15: Bergen-Belsen is liberated
1945 Cont.
April: Mrs. Van Daan dies.
April 30: Hitler commits suicide.
May 5: Peter Van Daan dies in
Maauthausen, a concentration camp in
May 7: Germany surrenders
unconditionally. The war ends in Europe.