Morale and Welfare Overview

Morale and Welfare
Presentation to Naval Command Course
Esquimalt, 6 June 2015
Mr. Peter Atkinson
Senior Vice President PSP
DGMWS Vision
Make CFMWS one of the strongest military Morale and Welfare
organizations in the Western world by providing programs that
provide widest possible benefits to the greatest number of
serving and former service personnel and their families:
One Community, One Million Strong
Defence Team – Morale & Welfare
• Approximately 4,000 “Staff of the Non-Public Funds,
Canadian Forces”
– Number increases due to casual employment, esp. in summer
– 1,781 full time, 777 part time, 1,004 casual,
436 temporary staff
– 42% CAF affiliation (Retired and/or Family)
• 206 Canadian Armed Forces members
• 153 National Defence public servants
• 1,000 at Military Family Resource Centres (locally
• Plus many, many volunteers
One Community, One Million Strong
Families of
(Reg. & Res.)
Other Eligible
Serving Members (Reg. & Res.) 130K
Families of Serving Members 144K
of Former
Former Members 595K
Dependants of Former Members 350K
Other Eligible Members 150K
Morale and Welfare Services Directory
Answers one simple question: What services are available to YOU?
Choose the description that best
matches you from the list of
View the full catalogue of CFMWS
services that may benefit you and
follow the links to learn more.
PSP by the numbers
Recreation and Speciality Interest
• 94,527 FORCE evaluations (as of 31 March 2014)
• 8 Regional Adapted Fitness Specialists supporting
over 500 JPSU clients
• 6,000+ Recreation activities
Human Performance
• 100,000+ Recreation participants
• 325 DND facilities involved
• 1,534 CAF Personnel took part in the development
and validation of FORCE
• Nearly 5,000 surveys administered to better
understand what could help CAF Personnel get more
Health Promotion
• 250,000 readers
• 3,900 courses offered
• 23,600 participants
• Over 20,000 Intersection sport competitors
• 91 Regional competitions – 3,500+ competitors
• 18 National competitions – 1,800 competitors
• 175 Reg Forces Messes
• 280 Res Forces Messes
• 85,000 copies distributed
• 14 locations across Canada
Community Gateway Website
• 139,000+ monthly visits
• 328,000+ page views
Introduce Reactive Interface and Mobile Site
(Fall 2014)
• Focus on fitness
required for
• Exercise Prescription
PSP Specialty Interest Activities
Access to:
• Golf: 14 locations across Canada
and 7 social clubs using civilian courses
• Marinas and Sailing: 8 locations
• Campgrounds & Cabins: 5 locations
• Rod and Gun Clubs: 7 locations across Canada
• Horseback Riding: 4 locations across Canada
• Curling: 7 locations across Canada
• Skeet Shooting: 5 locations across Canada
PSP Services Available to RCN
PSP provides:
• Satellite TV to ships when along side
(Esquimalt/Halifax) – Canadian Forces Radio
and Television (CFRT) no longer exists
• Fitness/Sports/Rec Coordinator for deployed
ships (by request to D Mar Pers – for info:
Johanne Thibault)
PSP Services Available to RCN (Cont’d)
PSP provides:
• Amenities for deployed ships (DVD’s,
magazines, etc.) and misc material for Canada
Day and Holiday season
• $25k allowed for Fitness/Sports/Rec
equipment for deployed ships
• Financial assistance to upgrade fitness
equipment (for deployments of 6 months or
PSP Services Available to RCN (Cont’d)
PSP provides:
• Fitness Kit available on both coasts for ships
from local PSP team
• personalized fitness prescription,
available to all
• PSP FORCE Incentive / FORCE test and
remedial training for all naval personnel
• Developing Assessment Centres for clearance
divers and naval boarding parties
Commercial Services
SISIP Financial
A Holistic approach to Financial Services
• Term life insurance plans – No exclusions for war, dangerous occupations, hobbies, volunteer
activities or sports: 139,971 lives insured under SISIP plans ($29.307B in coverage, $43.3M paid to beneficiaries);
• Long Term Disability (LTD) – Includes the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VRP): 92,465 members
protected under LTD ($176.75M paid out when combined with the VRP)
• Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan – Covers injuries or illness attributable to military service;
• SISIP Travel Insurance – 10% savings to all eligible members for emergency medical coverage, trip
cancellation, baggage protection, 24/7 assistance and much more;
• Financial Planning – Personalized recommendations, investment advice to assist clients in achieving
their financial goals. As of 30 April 2015:
– 7,926 FundEX clients, Money Under Management (MUM) – $378.5M
– 3,045 Group Retirement Savings Plan clients, MUM – $136.8M
– 251 Canadian Armed Forces Savings Plan members, contributing $292K per year, since NOV 2014;
• Financial Counselling – Free, confidential support providing solutions for various financial issues,
access to loans, grants and other Support Our Troops programs; and
• Personal Financial Management Education – Courses for recruits and officer cadets.
Commercial Services
SISIP Financial
Comparative costs:
SISIP Financial
Industry Standard
Financial Planning
(No commission)
• No fee option since
1 JAN 2015
• $6 - $12/month (depending
on rank), includes e-filing one
basic income tax return
• Approximately $100/hour 1 or 1%
- 3% of assets under
• $59 for one basic income tax
Financial Counselling
• Free
• Approximately $1204 / session or
• Fee of 15% of total debt +
monthly charge of $50 +
cancellation fee5
Term Life Insurance
($100,000 in coverage / 25 year
old male / non-smoker)
• $6/month
• Varies $11 - $13 /month6
CBC News (April 2012) / MoneySense Magazine (October 2012)
2 – Where to find a fee-only Financial Planner
H&R Block
Credit Canada
5 – Consumer Credit Counselling sample
Compulife Software Inc.
Commercial Services
• launched (2014)
• Operates 39 Outlets on Bases/Wings across Canada
10 Retail
8 SuperMarts (2 with petroleum)
18 ExpressMarts (5 with petroleum)
2 Grocery
1 LiquorMart
• Sales of $130M in FY 13/14
• Over 3.95M customer transactions annually
• 180 Concessions offering additional goods/services
• Contribution to B/W/U: $4.09M (FY 14/15)
Commercial Services
CANEX – Delivering a consistent and familiar shopping experience
Featuring Pride of Association Kit Shop merchandise, Military affinity products & programs and brand
name merchandise with extended aisle (certain categories)
Free shipping (with exceptions) and flexible options
Soon to be available the “CANEX No Interest Credit Plan”
Mobile friendly
TACTIX Boutiques with Kit Shops
and Pride of Association merchandise
Elite line of clothing and accoutrements
* New TACTIX boutique opening in the CANEX Esquimalt store (Fall 2015)
No Interest Credit Plan:
12, 24 or 36 month plans (No money down, not even the taxes),
12 month payment plan: no hidden handling or administration fees
(24 months: 2% ; 36 months: 3%)
National vendor partnerships:
Tim Hortons, ARAMARK (Food Services), OK Tire, Pizza Pizza, Subway
Commercial Services
RCN Requests → CANEX Provides:
RCN Windbreakers
Mess Dress Uniforms and Accessories
Court Mounting
CADPAT Merchandise
S.W.A.T. Boots
Elite Line clothing and Affinity Merchandise
RCN Products in Development:
• High Collar Whites & Commanders Dress Shirt
• Split Toe Oxford Dress Shoes
Commercial Services
• Tim Hortons Kiosks: A partnership for 20 years – with 19 new locations to
roll out over the coming years
• The Personal Home & Auto Insurance: Coverage that fits your way of life.
− Home: All policies include $5K coverage for military kit; $3K coverage for
personal belongings while deployed outside Canada. Military Renters
coverage for DND controlled quarters
− Auto: Accident-Free Protection, Loyalty Savings (up to 7%), Winter Tire
Discount (5% off premium), Students Rates, RV’s and more
− Portability: If you should move, are transferred or retire within Canada
• Home Heating Oil Rebate Program: Discounts on regular delivered price of
home heating oil – Participants save up to 8 cents per litre
NPP Accountability Framework
• Compliance and assurance reviews to be conducted
• Use of NPP for Public responsibilities (e.g. coins)
is not acceptable
• Lines of credit available to aid during ship
• Disposal of NPP assets when decommissioning
ships in altered circumstances requires CDS
• New NPP hospitality policy now in effect
Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU)
Through an integrated and individual-centric service delivery model, to
ensure the coordination and facilitation of standardized, high quality,
consistent personal and administrative support during all phases of
recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration on return to service or
transition following release, for all injured and ill Canadian Armed
Forces personnel and former personnel, their families and the families
of the deceased.
Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU)
24 Integrated Personnel Support Centres across Canada,
including Esquimalt and Halifax:
Personnel support through multi-disciplinary staff and linkages to VAC, SISIP
Financial, PSP, MFRC and Base/Wing agencies
Responsive to Commanding Officers
Return to Duty Program: Total accumulated Return to Duty is 1474
personnel. To date, 334 personnel have been returned to full time duty, and 828
personnel have been assisted in their transition. National Return to Duty
averages: approximately 22% (FY 2014-2015)
Casualty Administration and Advocacy: Home adaptations/special needs
equipment, vehicle adaptations, home assistance ; Assistance through Funds
Peer Support: Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS), Soldier On,
Injured Soldier Network, Helping Others by Providing Empathy (HOPE)
Outreach & Education: Average 100 briefings a month across the country,
training of approx 1,100 Designated Assistants per year
Integrated Personnel Support
Centres (IPSCs) – Support to RCN
Both the regional HQ and/or IPSC staff conduct the following Navy
specific activities:
• Outreach briefings to Esquimalt and Halifax units on request,
JNELP, INELP, ANELP, Cox’s AFT, NS/NL regional HQ participation
in MARLANT Leadership Forum and in the Atlantic Naval
Reserve Command Leadership conference
• A MARLANT and MARPAC Health and Wellness initiative
• Development of a local orders (via MARLANTGEN and
• IPSC services linked with VAC for specific Navy support
Transition Services
• National Coordination of all Career Transition activities:
Second Career Assistance Network seminars,
Medical seminars, Long Term Planning seminars
Career Transition Workshops
Transition support and programs specific to ill & injured,
Publications/tools that support transition counselling.
Liaise with other organizations: VAC, ESDC, PS Commission, SISIP-LTD & VRP, Industry,
Academia, Accreditation bodies and others.
Canada Company – Military Employment Transition (MET) Program
A one-stop self-directed web-portal for all things related to transition for serving and
retired military members. Serving as a bridge between business and community leaders
and the CAF/VAC. Includes Corporate Canada employers, Entrepreneurship, Education,
Franchising opportunities and transition tools for members and employers.
137 Military Friendly employers, such as Amazon, BMO Financial Group,
CN, Coca-Cola Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Shell Canada, Sobeys Inc., Suncor
Energy, Etc.
Transition Services
Prince’s Charities-Operation Entrepreneur: Based In Business (BIB) with Memorial
University, Enactus and Canadian Youth Business Foundation
Prospect: Forces @ Work: Sustainable Job Placement Pilot Project
H2H: Helmets to Hardhats
Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)
The Canadian Franchise Association: Military Veterans Program
Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)
In addition to previously mentioned programs and services, the following
are specifically for ill and injured members of the Reg and Res force:
Vocational Rehabilitation Program – Serving Members (VRPSM)
Priority Hiring – Public Service
Integrated Transition Plan
National Military Cemetery
• Serving and Former Regular Force and Primary
Reserve Members
• One additional family
member allowed in plot
• May apply for
entry without further
• Pre-arrangement services available
Military Family Services
To contribute to the well-being of military families, enabling
a mission-ready force that protects Canadians and Canadian
interests across the country and around the world.
Military Family Services manages:
• Military Family Services Program, including funding and oversight
of Military Family Resource Centres
• Family Information Line and
• Children’s Education Management – education compensation and
benefit entitlements, access to Canadian Armed Forces overseas
schools and guidance counseling services
Military Family Services
Support for serving members (Regular and Reserve) and their
families who face issues that arise due to conditions of
service (i.e. mobility, separation, risk)
• Mental health support
• Community integration
• Child care
• Transition support
• Access to health care
• Education transitions
• Spousal employment
• Special needs of loved ones
Military Family Services
Military Family Resource Centres – On Base, In Person
• 32 in Canada, with programs and services in the United States and Europe
• Third party, non-profit organizations located on Bases/Wings/Units or through
outreach programs
• Provide services in both official languages
Family Information Line (FIL) – Informed, Connected and Supported
• 1-800-866-4546 – Now 24/7 service, confidential, bilingual, information and
supportive counselling
• 1,553 calls made to the FIL, 1,427 calls to the automated system that has
deployment information (2014) – For and about Canadian military families
• A portal to all MFRCs for local information, useful general information of
interest to all Canadian military families
• 396,182 visits to the FamilyForce site (2014)
Support Our Troops Programs
• Military Families Fund
− > 2,000 members annually receive individual/program support
• Soldier On Fund
− Physical fitness supported for > 1,000 ill/injured members
• Hospital Comforts Fund
− ~300 serving members annually receive support in hospital
• Operation Santa Claus
− Deployed members (~2,600) receive a holiday gift package
• Boomer’s Legacy
− “Helping our Soldiers Help Others” at home and abroad
• Natasha’s Wood Fund
Soldier On Fund
• Supports former and currently serving members with a mental or
physical injury/illness to adopt an active lifestyle through sport and
• Over $2.3M has been disbursed to provide access to equipment,
training and events allowing participants to:
– learn a new sport such as skiing, horseback riding, fly fishing, and kayaking;
– train with and compete against soldiers with similar injuries and illnesses from
other nations; and
– push their physical and mental limits through participation in regional and
national sporting events.
• $3.5M has been raised by donations from Canadians, corporations
and other organizations
Soldier On Program
Events 2015
• Soldier On National Ski Camp (Mt Washington, BC) – Feb
• 3rd Annual Allied Winter Sports Camp (Whistler, BC) – Feb
• Saddle Up Soldier On – RCMP (Ottawa, ON) – May
• Soldier On Multi-sport Camp (Esquimalt, BC) – May
• Soldier On National Golf Camp (GTA, ON) – May
• UK Help for Heroes Big Battle Field Bike Ride (FRA/UK) – Jun
• Soldier On National Fishing Camp (New Brunswick) – Jun
• St Andrews Legacy Golf (Scotland) – May/Jul/Aug
• Soldier On Range Camp (Meaford, ON) – Sep
• Canada Army Run (Ottawa, ON) – Sep
• Soldier On Trek (AB/BC) – Oct
• Soldier On Scuba (Halifax, NS) – Nov
SOT Summer Camps
• The SOT Summer Camps provide an opportunity for children
of military families to escape from the stressors of military
life, with priority given to children of deployed personnel.
• In summer 2014, more than 570 children of military members
enjoyed a complimentary week at Camp Maple Leaf, Muskoka
Woods, and other camps across the country.
• The Military Families Fund has underwritten the cost of camp
• 2015 camp registration is now open.
Vacations for Veterans Program
• Launched in January 2012
• Program is available to CAF members (former and currently
serving) who have sustained an injury or illness while serving
in a Special Duty Area/Operation and who are in receipt of a
VAC benefit as a result.
• Eligible members may apply for 1-week of accommodation at
one of Shell Vacations Club’s 26 properties in Canada, the US
and Mexico.
• Annually, more than 40 CAF members/families benefit from
this program.
Canadian Defence Community
Banking Program (CDCB)
Key relationship with BMO, Bank of Montreal
• Personal Banking: Saves the current 10,000 members approximately
$1 million in banking fees every year
• Customized Mortgage Plans and Student Line of Credit:
Highly competitive rates
• ABM/ATM: Over 900 branches and 2681 ATMs across Canada so that you
can easily receive uninterrupted service as you move
• SOT MasterCard: Contributed over $200,000 to morale and welfare
programs and services since the inception of the Program
• Student Line of Credit: For post-secondary education
• Sponsorship: Army Run and many local programs
CF Appreciation Program
• Official discount program of the CF
• Members can save at more than 26,000 locations
locally, nationally and worldwide
• Travel and leisure / Everyday discounts
CF Appreciation Program
CF R&R Club:
• Linked to US Armed Forces
Vacation Club
• Linked to Gov Rewards and
International Cruise Excursions
• Access to 3,500 accommodations
in 80 countries starting at $369
USD per week
• Access to cruise lines, airlines, and
3,000 US golf courses at
guaranteed low prices.
CFOne Card
• Confirms that an individual is a member
of our One Community – One Million Strong
• Provides access to MW programs, services and facilities
• Over 125,000 CFOne Cards issued
Multi-phased approach
• Phase 1: (22 Oct 13) access to the CANEX Loyalty Program and CF
Appreciation Program
• Future Phases: expanded to include access to select PSP programs
and services; administration of mess fees, access to clubs and
activities, as well as other MW services.
CFOne Card Benefits
CANEX Rewards Program
• Easier to earn and redeem points
• Points balance printed on receipt
• Redeem points directly in-store
CF Appreciation Program
• Discounts and savings at thousands of industry partners
at locations locally, nationally and internationally
• Access to R&R Club which includes:
– Armed Forces Vacation Club
– Gov Vacation Rewards
– Anderson Vacation