thankful play

thankful – loving – fearless
(we be ultimate reality)
Scene 1:
god, girl, love, boy
Curtain down. Hear a guy breathing hard and speaking/kind of whispering:
Timmy Tommy (boy): ‘…love you…..beautiful…you, you, you…wonderful…love you…thank you,
thank you, thank you……love you, baby….’
Curtain rises slowly to show guy jogging on trail in the woods. Guy stops and catches his breath.
Looks around, appreciates the view.
Timmy Tommy: ‘I appreciate you…love you, beautiful…’.
(First song, acapella, slow, sing-songy)
Sweet, sweet, tasty treat
Cosmic, death-defying feat
Timeless, natural, complete
Sweet, sweet, when we meet
I have lost control - unifying soul -sacred to the core - become something more
Become something more
Become something more
Sweet, sweet, angel’s treat
Cosmic death-defying feat
Timeless, natural, complete
Sweet, sweet
(Kisses a tree)
(Spoken) Love you birth,
Till I die,
Love you life,
Earth, sky.
(Sings) Toss and turn, transform, tumble
Honored, amazed, grateful, humble
Humble, Humble, we’re about to rumble
Rumble, rumble, pride is gonna crumble
Crumble, crumble, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……
(drops to ground, short prayer, audience can hear but words are not clear, with head on
ground, then hands flat and kisses ground; stands up, looks skyward, hands in prayer, bows
head: does all this while vaguely repeating: ‘love you, love you…thank you, thank you…’)
(Looking skyward, then around...)
(Speaks) Do I hear the clear? Do I help us steer? Is my mojo here?
World elation, suits my station,
All creation as foundation.
Sweet, sweet,
Greed’s defeat.
Oh, my universe complete.
Liberation from our meat.
Goddess teat,
Mother’s milk as heaven’s treat
Fill us with impassion heat
Modern death-defying feat
As the fire and ocean meet
Sweet, Sweet,
when we meet, consecrated and complete
(Boy comes upon a girl on the path. She’s hanging out, and slowly washing herself in the
stream. She’s singing:)
Sara (girl): Water, water,
Here’s another daughter
Offering love, to who can make it hotter
Rinse me clean, send me on
Lift my darkness into dawn
Guide my soul as if your own
Live, rise, fall, atone
Water, water,
I’m the other daughter
Trying to find peace as a world burns hotter
Fill this spirit full of wonder
Sun, moon, lightning, thunder
Mother Nature’s stars align
As you fill the world’s design
Feel our spirit’s, so divine
Divine, divine.
See me through this weary world of men
Lost in selfish sexy sin
Be my lover, see my lover, bring my lover home again
Free my heart, fill my womb
Help us build the baby’s room
Child of God, be my man
I could be your biggest fan
Child of God, I’m aware
Enter truth, if you dare
Heaven’s dancers drifting by
Won’t you give this girl a try?
Laugh and love, hurt and cry
Become rapture’s kiss and sigh
Won’t you give this girl a try?
Won’t you give this girl a try?
Till we die (whispered) till we die
Child of God, child of earth
Free my heart, seed my birth
Child of God, child of earth
Feel my heart, seed my birth
Feed my heart, seed my birth
(boy stares silently, kind of amazed, as she sings; she finishes and dries off with small towel;
sees the boy and approaches him)
Girl: Hi. I’m Sara.
Boy: I’m Timmy Tommy. You’re pretty, and you sing pretty.
Girl: Well, thank you, Silly Tommy, but I hope my inner-spirit moves you even more (laughs).
Boy: (laughs) Right. Right. That’s Timmy Tommy. (clears throat as if to recite a poem)
Your soul sublime,
Magic, holy, beyond time,
To walk away would be a crime,
So I,
will try,
to see we rhyme.
Girl: Nice, I like that. Short, sweet, and with passion.
Boy: Oh, I’ve got lots of passion. Enough to burn the world. But that’s not all I am. Milady,
would your hand do my hand the favor of holding close while we walk?
Girl: Sure. (takes hand and walks)… You have wonderful hands. Or is it your fingers?
Boy: Well, your choice. They’re all about you (whispers: ‘someday’).
Girl: A spiritual masseuse. Friend and lover.
Boy: Yes, spiritual masseuse; lover and friend.
Girl: I said friend and lover.
Boy: I mean friend and lover (whispers: ‘lover, lover’).
Girl: Is this a game? I’m not a game-player.
Boy: No, you’re sooth-sayer. Man slayer. My heart’s mayor.
Girl: You are silly, stupid and funny.
Boy: (kneels before her, takes both hands) Is cupid stupid?
Girl: If you’re cupid then yes. (Both laugh, he gets up, jumps up)
Boy: Whoo! Why do I feel so much and so good around you? What are you doing to me?
Girl: (kind of jokingly, uses hands, like she’s hypnotizing him) I am your leader. You will do as I
Boy: Baby, if your leadership gives me this kind of energy and excitement; I’m all in.
(Both look at each other and sing :)
I’ve shared, this earth’s, society
And walked, a lonely, path of me
I was, ‘To be, or not to be’
But now, you’ve changed it all
I heard a sweeter call
Defenses shake and fall
I’m taking down my wall
And just like babies have to crawl,
I’m learning how to love you
I’m learning how to love you
It’s fresh and real and so brand new
I’m learning how to love you
I love learning how to love you
I love learning how to love you
(kiss briefly)
I didn’t think
I’d ever see
A soul surrender
Unto me.
Unto me.
(move towards each other; taking both hands)
My heart’s adrift
My body’s free
My love is ripe
For ecstasy, and unity,
For now and all eternity,
For all your heart’s humanity.
Unto me
Undo me
Unto me
Undo me.
It’s good we’re here, it’s real.
Unify and turn the wheel
Honoring the heavens’ seal
Passion flower’s petals peal
Rise up and kneel, rise up and kneel
Ecstasy as lovers’ feel
Passion flower’s petals peal
Love and care to holy heal
Passion flower’s petals peal
(now, looking towards each other…)
Human being, human being,
Focus favorite sacred seeing
Orchestrating spirit freeing
Human being, human being
Is love our final destination?
Our atonement and salvation?
Sacred’s soul illumination?
Are you the one that’s right for me?
How do I trust feeling so free?
I’m done over-thinking, Half-hearted lover-winking
My doubts oddly stinking, but smell those two hearts linking
Human being, human being
Focus favorite sacred seeing
Orchestrating spirit freeing
Human being, human being
Focus favorite sacred seeing (hold hands, looking deep into each other’s eyes)
Boy: you’re beautiful.
Girl: you’re beautiful (both laugh)
Boy: You’re cute and smart.
Girl: You’re in this heart (points to her heart)
Boy: You’re funny and fun.
Girl: You’re the best thing I’ve ever done.
You seem so free. (curtain begins slow fall)
Boy: You’re coming with me. (takes her hands)
“ kiss, embrace, stroke hair and face…”(which they do; this is spoken by someone off-stage, like
the director…)
(curtain down…you hear heavy breathing of both)
Boy: I love you, baby….(heavy breathing begins)
Girl: I love you…(heavy breathing)
(a bit more heavy breathing and alternate ‘thank you…beautiful…..wonderful….love you,
baby….you, you, you……(now both say) God…thank you….love..’)
Scene 2
boys will be animals
(Curtain up, a group of guys gets off a pontoon boat and finds a large and medium sized empty
cable spool on their sides; they turn these upright and start having races up and down the
stage, acting the fool, yelling (Go, brother go!...faster, faster…come on!...good job….you got
him….champions!....losers….), laughing and just being silly kids at heart…tired after this, they sit
down on logs of fallen trees)
One: Help me, Jesus.
Two: Help me, Mohammed and Buddha.
Three: Help me Krishna and momma. (all laugh)
Boy: Crazy game, boys. Wore me out. I needed that.
Two: Bullshit. You need a good ass-whipping; messing with that jungle-girl.
Boy: Oh yea, I am. And she’s one fine jungle-woman. Finer than any of you dogs.
One: And yet, no strength to balance and drive a wooden spool.
Three: Oh, I’ll bet she’s got balance and drive! (most laugh)
Boy: Okay. I’ll let that go…. She’s a piece of work; I’m lucky, I’m happy.
Two: Just saying, be wise to the lies, and be true to the crew.
Boy: Man, I love you guys. You’re my brothers, forever. But I’m good to go with falling in love.
I’m ready for that, and I think it’s ready for me. She’s a great girl, and she’ll like you guys, cause
she knows you’re my brothers.
Three: He’s right. Before I met my wife, I was happy, but now with a kid and my babe next to
me when I wake up, my life’s even better; more fulfilling.
(One and Two start to sing:
Fulfilling, fulfilling,
So sexual and thrilling
Her spirit and her mind
Her breasts and her behind
It’s killing, it’s killing,
How such feelings get me willing
To give away my freedom fast
Throw my buddies to the past
She’s cool and calm and kind
She’s breasts and she’s behind
She’s breasts and she’s behind….(all laugh heartily)
(Boy and three sing:
The lonely jokers of the world
Silent wishes for a girl
You know you’ll always have a brother
But we seek essence of another
A strong and sacred power
To share exotic flower
She’s got magic allure
Innocent and pure
Her lips are moistened by the rain
She feels all challenges and pain
That’s not the enemy of you
It’s a way to share the view
Looking for release
(And peace)
Looking for release
(And peace)
Good friends to congregate and run
Telling lies and having fun
To fight and laugh and push and shove
But, then I go, home to love
Then, I go, home to love
Home to love.
(guys pause for second, reflect, then:
One: One more race! (…stands up, uprights one of the spools)
Two: One more.
Three: We’re not dead yet (acts like old man).
Boy: Help me, Lao Tzu.
(all four walk towards the spools; curtain falls)
Scene Three:
girl talkin’
(four women, mid-20s, sitting, drinking tea/coffee, no table, just chairs)
Girl: I found a good man.
One: Well, make sure his wife knows about it! (all laugh)
Two: He’s got to chase you!
Three: He needs to face you!
One: Say, ‘None can replace you!’ (all laugh)
Two: You’ve got to make him wait, until, around, the seventh date.
One: You let him see you’re fine; then reel in the line.
Two: And if his friends are broke, you know the guy’s a joke.
Girl: I don’t think you understand; I think I found my man.
Three: I know what you mean; I don’t mind coming clean;
My husband’s my best friend, and I don’t want that to end.
One: Okay, let’s set some ground rules. Number one: let’s not act like teenage girls falling for
the homecoming king. Number two: self-respect requires a healthy distance between you and
any man in the world. This is a universal law.
Two: And don’t forget, these are animals that want sex every day, all day long if possible. Don’t
encourage the beasts! (all laugh)
Girl: I love my sisters. You look out for me; I’m lucky for that. But sometimes, I want sex with my
animal. (all laugh)
Three: I love you guys and my husband. That works for me. I love on multiple levels. I love my
kids and love my parents. I hope I love and love and love. That good energy gives me strength
to get through the hard parts of my life.
One: Oh, my god! Will you be a little less poetic and sensitive and romantic for a minute? We’re
trying to protect Sara from a man! Wake up! (playfully slaps Three’s face; girls laugh)
Two: You are one fine-looking woman, Sara. Don’t think he’s some kind of angel; I guarantee
you he wants in those tight blue jeans you wore on your first date with him.
Girl: I did not wear jeans; I wore a red halter-top and white shorts.
Two: Of course you did. So now you’ve caught the bastard with breasts and butt and killer legs;
and now he calls and lies and begs.
Three: You two are so negative. No wonder you don’t have boyfriends; you’d just treat him like
a broken, wooden puppet, there to be used and abused. Passionless; pointless; lonely world.
Two: Hey, you’ve already been caught. Your perspective is gone. You got a good man, I will say
that, but you’ve forgotten the rules of the road, the chase, and our destiny to rule
relationships! (all laugh) You don’t just give it away; slave!
Three: Slave, slave, what is it you crave?
To be somebody’s better half, to kiss and love, to cry and laugh?
To create joy and have some fun, to live as two as well as one?
To come home to someone at night, who’s there to share the inner light?
And maybe have a kid or two, and raise ‘em to be good and true?
Then retire into the sun, and see what old lovers become?
Yea, that’s the slave I want to be, to him, to love, to God, to me.
Girl: Wow. I like that noise.
(four girls toast and drink…inaudible chattering as the curtain falls)
Scene Four:
(on one side of the stage; a man and woman…they’re at home…at the dinner table….boy 13 and
girl 17 come in when called…)
Mom: Dinnertime. Come and get it!
Daughter: Alright! Chicken and noodles!
Son: Can get a bunch of rolls tonight? I’m really hungry.
Mom: Sure. I think we’ve got plenty.
Dad: Well, well, tell us about your day my children.
Son: Tommy Jones threw up at lunch because he’s taking new medication, that made Will
Turner throw up, so it got crazy wild and nasty. We’re studying imperialism in US History and
how we stole Hawaii and the Panama Canal.
Dad: Now, stolen is a harsh word. Maybe, infiltrated and confiscated?
Son: Huh?
Dad: Nothing. What else?
Son: I think I’ll be sixth or seventh man on the basketball team. We’re pretty good and coach
said my defense and hustle and rebounding could really help. I want to practice after dinner.
Dad: That’s fantastic. I want to practice with you.
Mom: Alright, young lady. Time for you to spill your beans.
Daughter: Well, I’m not seeing Mike anymore. He likes Mary and I think he’s boring anyway. I’m
gonna be a single woman for a while.
Mom: That’s good. Every 17-year-old should be as wise.
Son: Mike’s not boring, he’s on the football team.
Daughter: That has nothing to do with boring. Not being able to ….talk….to…..people….that’s
Son: Well, sometimes you….talk….too….much. That’s boring.
Dad: When your mom starts talking too much I just kiss her. Here watch (mom starts talking:
‘And then Jean and John stopped by and we talked about their kids and the way Stuart and
Ricky have grown up so much and how Karen’s now a teacher and….’ Dad walks up and kisses
his wife, stopping her for a moment, but, she continues, ‘…and when their dog got out of the
fence, she raced into the middle of traffic, almost got hit by a big truck, but didn’t, so they’ve
got a new….’
Boy says, ‘Couldn’t stop her dad’ (they all laugh).
(Focus shifts to other side of stage; another couple is having a baby…woman and midwife are
silently talking, midwife strokes the woman’s head, shoulders…talks gentlly)
(Man, off to one side, singing:)
Dear God, please help, this birth of life
The gracious love, my wonder wife
All joy, all care,
make me aware
Connect woman and child
To your amazing smile
For all this grace you do
Thank you, thank you, thank you (man bows head, pauses, moves towards birthing)
(…focus on birth…trial of woman into painful, ecstatic euphoria…life-giving…man says, ‘You’re
doing great, honey’…midwife tells man to get ready, ‘Here comes the head’. After a pause, baby
comes out, fast. Man, ‘O my God. He’s slippery.’ Man holds baby for a few seconds; woman
catches her breath…deep breaths…midwife takes kid…man cuts the umbilical cord…kid is given
to mommy…mom looks rapturously at child…man and midwife just stand looking at amazing
grace of mom and baby…….
mom says: ’You are so beautiful. I love you baby.’
man hugs midwife…kisses wife’s forehead…midwife takes baby…midwife and dad sit down and
comforts it:
(mommy stands up slowly; angelic, rapturous smile towards audience, sings:)
I give thanks to earth
And this magic birth
From girl into mommy
Sperm from timmy tommy
Just a joke, he’s the greatest thing I’ve ever had
Helped me become mom, and now’s he is dad
I thought ecstasy was something else for me
I thought euphoria was just a story-a
But now I see clear
Now I appear
Now I’m right here
I’m right here
Sara’s got a new name
Mommy never be the same
Sara’s got a new name
She’s left every other game
Sara’s got a new name
Mommy in the house, mommy’s in the house
Don’t try nothing funny cause this woman’s not a mouse
No, I’m a momma bear
Awoken and aware
I’m a-love and care
I’m a momma bear
I’m a-love and care
I’m a momma bear.
(mid-wife brings kid back to sara, man and woman sit close and look at baby.)
Midwife sings:
Blessed be the child
Blessed be the parents
Thank you for the health of all, thank you for my sacred call
To be there for the gifted ones, to guide them through daughters and sons
To lift them into holy worlds of little boys and little girls
God I want to say amen, you’ve let me help the world again.
I’m lucky to be here on earth, and blessed by another birth.
You creator of us all, thank you for the sacred call
Thank you for the sacred call.
Thank you, thank you.
(curtain falls)
Scene Five:
Boy and Girl walking down path come upon a darker, industrial land, pictures of slaves making
pyramids, picking cotton, making technology - picture of golden mansions on the right on a hill,
picture of shacks and tenements/projects in ghettos on left with prisons, liquor stores, gang
graffiti….they walk up on three guys in suits…
Three guys; greed, corporation, bought politician (3-headed monster at gates of hell): singing:
Three sing again ‘Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Pay you a little, there’s more for me.
Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Work will set you free! Work will set you free!’
Best government money can buy! Don’t waste your life, asking why!
Greed gonna live, love gonna die! Don’t cry baby, cry baby, cry!
Cry baby, cry baby, cry.
Rick, rack, life so raw.
Can’t talk about money without ha, ha, ha.
All: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!
(They laugh and give high fives…They see the couple walking.)
One: Hey young lovers, how ya doin’?
Man: Oh, we’re just walking on. Heading that way.
Two: Well, why not stay here awhile. We could USE the company. Are you looking for work? We
need some help down at the factory.
Three: We’ve got good jobs with good wages.
Woman: In a factory?
One: Well, that or picking fruits and vegetables, or being a cop or a teacher or a nurse or a
janitor. We got lots of jobs.
Man: What are your jobs?
Three: We’re moneychangers and financial experts and chief executives. (all three laugh)
Two: Yea, just call us chief! (whispers: but not thief) (all three laugh)
One: But don’t call us Cerberus or late to dinner! (all laugh the hardest)
Two: Actually, our jobs are the hardest jobs of all. Not many can do it, but as members of the
best and brightest, the gifted and talented, the supremely anointed; we fulfill our righteous
duty; and we do it because we LOVE (One coughs: to use) this place.
Three: whispered (unless our taxes get to high, then we’ll LOVE someplace else).
Man: You mean you love the place or the people?
Three: Sure, sure, that’s exactly what we mean. The money’s just icing on the cake.
Woman: Could we have some of that cake?
Two: Oh, no, that’s not the system. You can get snacks and sugar water down at the mill.
Man: What’s the mill?
Two: The mill is where the workers work. That’s what workers do. Don’t make it too
complicated; you’ll hurt your brain (all three laugh).
Woman: How many hours?
One: Who cares; it is what it is.
Three: It is what it is; we’re just the overlords, I mean owners, I mean masters, I mean, top
associates! (laughs)
Man: Who’s the leader of this place?
One: The leaders are referred to as The Chamber of Gold, made up of 9 members called
Magnificent Moneychangers. It’s quite a system, but much too complex to try to explain to nonelites and commoners. Just know that it’s worked well for years and continues to work in
society’s best interests.
Two: Yea, too many questions might get you in trouble.
Three: Ah, questions are for philosophers.
Three sing again ‘Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Pay you a little, there’s more for me.
Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Work will set you free! Work will set you free!’
Best government money can buy! Don’t waste your life, asking why!
Greed gonna live, love gonna die! Don’t cry baby, cry baby, cry!
Cry baby, cry baby, cry.
Rick, rack, life so raw.
Can’t talk about money without ha, ha, ha.
All: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!
Man: Ah, do you mind? We need to get home. (three suits stand in the way)
One: Well, what if you’re needed here? The corporation’s got to get product out. We need
higher production and productivity. We’ve got to have better p/e ratios. We need higher stock
prices and dividends and pay for almighty-high-management team. We NEED you.
Two: Yes, please, be our ‘associate’! We value each and every cog, I mean ‘associate’ that
makes up our beneficent corporate oligarchy, the plutocracy of the stars!
Our slaves, I mean ‘associates’, are the heart and soul of this fantastical, corporatical multinational. Stay, and grow with us!
Three: Our company, The Sata’n Brothers, is all about devilopment, and we think you two could
be important members of our ‘family’.
Sara: I’ve heard of the ‘Satan Brothers’ and I don’t really agree with a lot of your policies.
Three: That’s Sata’n, and we have so many components, including our outreach to troubled
youth and other charity work, that we’d surely have a spot for you that you could feel
comfortable in. You’re such a smart and pretty girl. Isn’t she boys?
One and Two: Oh yes; very much so.
Two: She’s very smart and very pretty. I’d say public relations?
Sara: No, I don’t think so. I’m focused on becoming a teacher.
Three: (laughing)
One: Well, just don’t demonize us, because we’re the ones that create the jobs that house the
folks that do the work and build the devilopments. The Sata’n Brothers believe in the freedoms
and liberties that have helped take this great country back from its people.
Two: What he meant to say is we’re committed to our workers because they’re our life’s blood
and to spill their blood would be most costly in future legal proceedings.
Three: What my brother meant was this world is a hard place to live in. Life is tough. We’re just
taking advantage of that natural law. We don’t make it tough to survive for our workers; it was
tough already! Don’t blame us! Blame God!
One and Two: Yea, blame God! Not us!
Sing: God’s fault, God’s fault,
Now, dig that mine and get that salt
Tote that bail and pick that cotton
You dumb workers votes are rotten
Don’t talk back, don’t say squat
See that celebrity; man, she’s hot!
God’s fault, god’s fault,
Obscene machine that you can’t halt
Just be sure to do your best
Eat some porridge, get some rest
So tomorrow when you return
We can use you (cause you never learn)
Three: People are too cynical these days. All this yapping about a warming planet. Get over it!
Crybabies! We usually LIKE world records, but if it’s a new record for temperature we act like
it’s a bad thing? I don’t get it; a records a record. We should be celebrating!
One: Did you know the earth used to be in an ice age. Ice was over a mile thick in places. You
think you’d survive in that? Hell, no! You would die like a popsicle. We’d call you Popsicle Pete
and Patty. You’re lucky we got that hot sun; otherwise, we’d all die! Thank God for the sun.
(One and Two: Yea, yea…he’s right.)
Two: And all the hubbub about the rich and poor; who cares! Being poor’s no good, but it helps
motivate folks to work. Hunger and homelessness and violence are motivators. Give a man
some bread and he’ll eat for a day, but if you make him fight his brother and sister for the
bread, that my friend is one mean and lean working machine.
And, there’s nothing wrong with slave wages; there’s always been good-hearted slaves,
indentured servants, sharecroppers, throughout history. Who else could have made the
pyramids? Who else could have chopped all that cotton or made all our cool technology? I
respect the slave; you should too. They help build the world!
Three: Lots of kids grow up dreaming about being rich. We teach them to desire more and
more wealth and income, property and power. That’s just good parenting! Are you gonna be
the one to crush that dream? I love being rich! Love it! (One and Three: ‘Yea, me too, me too!
Love it! Love it!’)
(Man coughs, almost like choking, now ‘transforms’ into ogre; hunched shoulders, stares
menacingly into audience, guttural singing…)
Rumble, rumble, feel I’m gonna stumble?
Stumble, stumble, does compassion crumble?
Angry hubris tear and tumble
Lucre lovers fight and fumble
You and I just stare and mumble
Mumble, mumble (mumbled)
Mumble, mumble
Girl: Baby, come back. It’s alright. (tries to soothe him, holds him, brushes his brow, he relaxes)
One: Greed will exceed moral judgment.
Two: Greed will exceed moral judgment.
Three: Greed will exceed. Is that what the Laotian gypsies are telling you? Hell, forget about it!
Live a little! The hell with mother goddess, father sky;
The three demons sing:
Illumination’s on vacation,
So say corporate incantation:
We’re not racist…we don’t care,
if you’re brown, yellow, black or white…
Baby, face it…
We don’t share
money with left, center, right.
We deep-six the old folk,
Salaries are way too high,
Demonize the old joke,
We can’t wait until they die.
We’re just being realistic
Debt and deficits ballistic
And don’t try raising taxes on the rich
We got lobbyist-political-bastard-bitch
Can’t you see we’ve got to cut, the working classes wages more,
The trouble with do-gooders is, you try to love; that’s such a bore.
That’s not how it works today, we’ve made a different kind of plan.
The top will use the bottom, sort of like man using man
To get to higher ordered places, we must not question why the law,
They came, they saw, they conquered; and ruined everything they saw.
One for you, three for me, is ultimate reality.
One for you, four for me, that’s how great the great can be.
One for you, five for me, that’s official, efficient economy.
Three sing again ‘Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Pay you a little, there’s more for me.
Cheap, cheap, cheap as can be. Work will set you free! Work will set you free!’
Best government money can buy! Don’t waste your life, asking why!
Greed gonna live, love gonna die! Don’t cry baby, cry baby, cry!
Cry baby, cry baby, cry.
Rick, rack, life so raw.
Can’t talk about money without ha, ha, ha.
All: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!
(the three continue repeating the last lines, lowered in volume, as new guy approaches; they
continue and eventually walk off-stage, happy, together)
A ‘traveling’ politician/preacher walks through the midst of all:
( a man, but could be woman):
Man: I am not ‘better’ than my opponents. I am but a simple, common human being. Greed and
hatred is inside me. I have those qualities. Judgment and lust are mine. I am that. Avarice and
selfish desire are in this soul. And, I’m sorry for that. I try and limit their influence upon me. I
hope to someday banish their very existence.
I am also divine. I am compassionate and giving. I am hopeful and humble. I have great
dreams for our community of spirits. God, and nature and the cosmos ride with me, as co-pilots
of this energetic essence. I walk with great powers. These are my heroes, these are my guides. I
can help transform this world into a living, breathing, loving, caring destiny. I love this earth and
I love you; that is where I begin.
Sara: Hey, baby. You alright? (Touches his face gently)
(he stands straight, deep breaths, he smiles again)
Timmy Tommy: Sure, sure. Thanks.
Scene Six:
Man, Woman and two kids running down path together…kids in front….stop…breathing hard,
especially parents….laughter….then walk into a small village of a dozen different people,
different races, ages, sexes…
Old man and woman singing: God cried, turn the tide,
Now we’re clean and purified.
Love and care are groom and bride.
All these sacred things inside.
Everything is unified.
Sisterhood (old woman sings), brotherhood (old man sings)
It’s all good, it’s all good
The ‘others’ sing:
See, see, unity
through our multiplicity
See, see, identity
of diverse divinity,
or is it divine diversity?
Our super sacred family.
Super sacred family.
(Two older people see the family coming there way)
Grandma: Yea kiddos!
Grandpa: My favorite little animals!
Grandma: Anybody hungry? I’ve got some chili and fresh bread.
Boy: I am! Can I have a lot of bread? I’m really hungry.
Girl: You always say that.
Boy: It’s always true!
Grandma: Sure you can. Come on in.
Grandpa: Remember who’s paying for all this.
Man: You mean Social Security?
Grandpa: Hell, that’s barely enough to pay the bills. We’d be eating beans every day if that’s all
we had.
Grandma: No more politics!
Woman: How’s your work with the elderly?
Boy: You mean grandpa? (laughter)
Grandpa: You know, I just figured out who my favorite grandkid is; and it ain’t you.
Girl: I love you grandpa. Boys are so dumb.
Grandpa: Now, honey, you know I was a boy once.
Girl: Sure, but you grew out of it. (laughter)
Woman: Whenever you two are ready, we want you to come live with us. We want you to
know, you’re always welcome and when driving and getting groceries and everything starts to
get to be too much, you two just come live with us.
Man: Yea, and help us with these wild teenagers, they’re wearing us out.
Grandma: Honey, we really appreciate that. We’ll see what God has in store for us. We’re
thankful for what we have right now.
Grandpa: And I already raised my wild teenagers, not gonna do another set. I filled my quota.
Boy: Grandpa you’re one of my heroes. And grandma, I think you’re an angel.
Girl: And we love you and love you and love you. (hugs all around)
Scene Seven:
goin’ home again (love ya!)
Man and Woman now with gray hair, walk slowly, holding hands
Man: I know it’s late, but I was hopin’, you’re still open.
Woman: Sweetheart, my part
Was just the lonely wind of me
Till I found your magic ecstasy
Man: Your allure and mystery
Woman: High as the hills, deep as the sea
Man: I say it true; you’re love’s gravity.
Woman: ‘Dear, how’s your hip. Any soreness today?’
Man: ‘Why, what do you have in mind? Ha, ha, ha.’ (she laughs too)
Woman: ‘Alright, no more tenderness from me.’
Man: ‘Oh, you’re the best. My earth-angel. The most beautiful woman in the world. No contest.
I’m the luckiest man in the world to be with you, honey. I love you so much.’
Woman: ‘Now you’re talkin’. Talk some more of that sweet stuff.’
Man: ‘Okay. You’re still hot as a firecracker. You melt steel when you make love.’
Woman: ‘That is not sweet! That’s crazy passion-talk.’
Man: ‘Oh, I guess I don’t know the difference (whispers: my little hot tamale).’
Woman: ‘Do you think we meet again after we die?’
Man: ‘Oh my God, what a question. How would I know? But, I know I’m not afraid. Of anything.’
Woman: Illumination?
Man: Not afraid of that.
The old couple walks by their kids and grandkids and friends…they all hug and say how much
they love each other and how great, and wonderful and beautiful they are and how much
they’ll miss them (they do not talk about where they’re going)…..the old couple walks down the
path toward a slowly growing light….(many of the others are crying)….
A young kid asks, ‘Where are they going? Why do they have to leave?’ and the dad says,
’They’re going back home, honey. It’s time. But, they’ll always, always love you and be in your
heart, and we’ll always, always love them.’
Old couple start walking, then stop and embrace and kiss, then skip towards a bright light
They sing together: ‘It’s you, and me,
Man: That’s destiny’
Both: ‘It’s you, and me’
Woman: Good energy’
Both: ‘Through you, and me’
Man: ‘It’s clear and free’
Both: ‘Through you, and me’
Woman: ‘This ecstasy’ (laughs)
Both: This unity
We be, we be,
Ultimate reality (laughing)
We be, we be
Ultimate reality (more serious)
We be ultimate reality (couple stops and embraces, kisses)’
Curtain falls slowly
Hear heavy breathing, as if dying, couple takes turns saying: ‘Thank you….beautiful….you…
you….baby….love…God…thank you….love, love, love(both).