YP Newsletter February 2014 Final

February 2014
YP Newsletter
Create opportunities for
school dropouts and
deprived youths to help
lead productive and
socially useful lives.
To give a second chance to less
educated deprived youth through
wage or self-employment based on
urban and rural livelihoods training
provided in partnership with
Yuva Parivartan and Orbit-shifting Innovation: The
Desire to Create and Not Follow History
Yuva Parivartan Team with the facilitators of the Orbit Shift workshop
“Winds of change, when they come, are difficult to put away”. An ORBIT SHIFT has the same effect. It makes us believe in
the impossible. When Orbits shift, it has a meaning, a signal that something which will affect lakhs of lives and improve their
chances to live, is going to happen. Yuva Parivartan understands this.
Looking at the demographic density of YOUTH which India has, YP picked up the baton to do ‘something’ to bring about a
radical change in the lives of mankind, improving livelihoods and making the earth a better place to live in ….for all. Our
Motto : to give a “ SECOND CHANCE “ to all those who deserve it. This very doctrine, makes us believe in the fact, that any
individual has the capability and the capacity to learn and earn. At YP , we make them realize this and teach them the
methods to earn a respectable livelihood.
Madhavi Mauskar, Head - Organizational Development
Yuva Parivartan and Orbit-shifting Innovation: The
Desire to Create and Not Follow History
Walking on fire and glass at the Orbit Shifting Workshop
Orbit-shifting innovation happens when an area that
needs transformation meets an innovator with the will
and the desire to create, and not follow history. At the
heart of an orbit-shifting innovation is the break
through that creates a new orbit and achieves a
transformative impact.
Yuva Parivartan began its first orbit-shifting journey
in 2010 with the fundamental question; “What is our
orbit-shifting challenge?” In a country where almost
80% of the youth have not completed formal
education, the organization and its leadership
realized that a linear process of creating livelihoods
would fall woefully short of their aspiration of
transforming youth in India, by giving them a second
chance. And from this question, was born their orbitshifting aspiration: to grow from training/skilling
18,000 students to 100,000 students! An
insurmountable task, it seemed, at that time. But in
committing to this orbit-shifting aspiration, Yuva
Parivartan found a new direction. In this pursuit, their success came from a shift: fixed locations to mobile camps as a model
to reach students. The insurmountable had become possible.
Once the boundaries have opened up then the hunger for a repeat in orbit shifts is relentless, and today Yuva Parivartan is
poised for the next orbit-shift: the ambition to train/skill 1 million students. Having done and seen it happen before; there is
no doubt that we can make that orbit shift happen again. This next orbit-shift will call for new models of growth and reach.
Yuva Parivartan and Orbit-shifting Innovation: The
Desire to Create and Not Follow History
Erehwon Innovation Consulting has partnered with Yuva Parivartan in these journeys. In the first leap of 2010, by
being the catalyst that asked the Orbit-shifting question that challenged the growth model, and in the second in
2014, in working with the organization to energise and enable the leadership team in pursuit of the orbit-shifting
aspiration. Erehwon, a thought leadership firm in innovation, since 1992, partners with organizations, both in India
and globally when there is a burning desire to pursue and convert the impossible to the possible; and hence create
a transformative impact.
The urgency for Orbit-shifting Innovation:
Countries in South Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa are faced with the biggest developmental
challenges globally. Also, the next generation is coming in with much bigger dreams and aspirations, and a huge
urgency to get things done faster and better. They do not want to wait for the world to change. If we are to create
new futures for them, we need radically new approaches. Orbit-shifting innovation is needed to fulfil the out of the
box ambitions of the next generation. We cannot wait.
Devika Devaiah
Erehwon Innovation Consulting
Conversation with Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Snr. V.P.
South Asia & Managing Director India for GSK
YP: Please share with us how you have been able to
give of your time to this NGO considering your very
hectic work schedule?
HJ: You can always give the time if you really want to,
and my association with volunteer work actually dates
back to my earlier work life. I used to work with Johnson
and Johnson for 5 years in charge of their
pharmaceutical business. I also used to lead their
philanthropy programme. They had a very structured
philanthropy programme, and I was the lead of the
programme for 5 years, so you know my intent has
always been there and YP is just one of the
organisations with whom I am associated.
YP: How does GSK view the PULSE Volunteer
partnership with Kherwadi Social Welfare Association?
HJ: It is viewed as a win-win for both GSK and KSWA. I
think the kind of area in which they work is really
livelihoods and skill development which is a very
important need in India. Our PULSE volunteers give of
their time to solving challenges at the NGO, and it is
Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Snr V.P. South Asia & Managing Director India for
GlaxoSmithKline and Advisory Board Member of KSWA’s Yuva Parivartan
important for our employees at GSK to realise how privileged they are to be working with a company like GSK when
the mass of people around do not have that same kind of opportunity. Therefore, when they get a chance to work
with an NGO like KSWA I am sure that is an awareness that comes home blindingly, and they are changed by the
Conversation with Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Snr. V.P.
South Asia & Managing Director India for GSK
YP: KSWA’s Yuva Parivartan Senior Managers said that they had a very stimulating think tank session with you.
What was your take away from that interaction?
HJ: From the quality of their questions, what comes through is the complete dedication and commitment of the
team to the task they’re engaged in, and I think that is a very heartening thing. They are fully committed and
energized by the goal of their organization, and I think that is the single most important takeaway I have.
YP: If you were to change anything in your life what would it be and why?
HJ: I would be more accepting of the things that I cannot change and be more passionate about changing the
things that I can change.
YP: Are there any experiences in your earlier years that helped in making you have that passion for service?
I started out with a consumer company which required extensive travelling through the length and breadth of this
country, and I have firsthand experience of the deprivation which in those days was experienced by a large part of
the population. That’s what really primed me for this sort of orientation.
YP: What are one or two things that stand out about KSWA for you?
HJ: The dedication and passion of their team for the social cause. Secondly, their potential to make a difference in
people’s lives. The people at KSWA have a unique opportunity at a very appropriate point in time where I think the
country is going through an inflection point. Livelihoods have suddenly become a very important focal point given
the demographic dividend that we potentially want to have and in that regard they can play a very important role.
in association with M.C.C.I.A., Pune
presents it’s
4th Summit on Skills Development
“Transforming India - Breaking Barriers in Skill Development”
Venue: 505, A-Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower, 403, Senapati Bapat Rd, Pune, Maharashtra
Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Attendees will include: Government Agencies, Industry Leaders of Major Corporations such as
Banks and other financial institutions as well as representatives from well known NGOs and
Community based organizations, etc.
For more information please visit our website at www.yuvaparivartan.org
Yuva Parivartan in the media
Christmas Celebration write up in
Dainik Bhaskar
Free Press
In Indore
Yuva Parivartan in the media in Indore
Free Press
The Times of
Hindustan Times
Free Press
The Times
of India
YP Team - Always Passionate about Participating
The Yuva Parivartan Team was in
active mode by participating in the
Mumbai Marathon on January
19, 2014.
QCI (Quality Council of India) Certification and
ISO re-Certification
Nine (9) courses at Yuva Parivartan recently received the QCI
certification. This means that the courses were found to meet the
required standards for training students in the different courses.
ISO 9001-2008 re-certification following a clean audit. This means
that we continue to have international certification of the quality of
management systems present at Yuva Parivartan.
Update on Yuva Parivartan Premier League (YPPL)
The YPPL is our staff reward and recognition programme rewarding high performance
behaviours and results from our associates. Currently, the YPPL is being led by the Region
1 (R1) team. In the last season, they won more than 35 prizes. During this period they have
amassed more than 60 prizes! R1 won 3 gold coins, 17 silver coins, and more than 40
Letters of Appreciation (LOA) and Parker pens.
Hopefully, the other regions will follow R1 example for this season! We wish good luck to all
of our associates.
Thank You GSK PULSE Volunteers
L-R: Yolando Sutherland, GSK , Rajani Ambedare, Facilitator and
Samy Emam, GSK in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve
Yolando Sutherland receives a token of appreciation from Mr. Rajjiv
Saigal, COO of Yuva Parivartan at their send off.
Yuva Parivartan felicitated our two GSK PULSE Volunteers who just completed their six month volunteer assignments
with YP. Yolando Sutherland, a Medical Representative from Kingston Jamaica was placed with our Marketing and
Communications team as a Marketing and Communications Specialist while Samy Emam a Line Inspector from Cairo,
Egypt was placed with our Placement Team as YCI Co-ordinator.
The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, motivated employees
are matched to a non-profit organisation for 3 or 6 months full-time, contributing their skills to solve health care or other
challenges at home and abroad. Yolando and Samy went on several field visits to see firsthand how YP impacts the lives
of our underprivileged school dropouts in India and used these insights to help in their respective areas while at YP.
Yuva Parivartan feted and thanked the GSK Volunteers for contributing their time and skills to support our organization.
We wish them all the best as they return home.
Food for Thought
“Every man must decide whether
he will walk in the light of creative
altruism or in the darkness of
destructive selfishness”
– Martin Luther King Jr.
Basic Computer training students at the Chandrapur LDC
YP Initiatives That Changed Their Lives
Mahesh Talsawar,Tally Facilitator…. Developing Young Minds
Mahesh Talsawar,
Tally Facilitator - Chandrapur LDC
Tally Facilitator, Mahesh Tasalwar has been with Yuva
Parivartan for two and a half years. He did the MS-CIT
computer training from a government institute and then the
M.Com (Master of Commerce) degree. The Tally Course
teaches the students how to use the accounting software and
helps them get jobs/become employable upon completing the
Mahesh notes that as a trainer he faces the challenge of having
students that are school drops outs so he has had to motivate
them to do this course and to get jobs. He is up to the task
though, as he joined an NGO to do social work by helping these
school dropouts to obtain a livelihood. Mahesh said “Yuva
Parivartan helps to change the lives of these young people.”
Savita Ambedare – Youngest Student at the Tadoba Camp
Savita Ambedare,
Tailoring Camp, Tadoba
Savita Ambedareis the youngest in the camp at 16 years
old. The camp team gave the facilitator brochures
to distribute in the village. Her aunt Rajani Ambedare is the
Facilitator for the camp and she told her about the camp.
She joined the camp with the other young ladies
in Tadoba and was glad to be learning how to cut and
sew garments in the class.
Savita says that she wants to learn as much as she can in
order to be able to have a skill to help her and her family
A young man with goals to achieve
Pramod Gupta, 17 years old, lives in Jahangir Puri with his father and
brothers. When he was in school he did not understand what he was doing.
He saw the Yuva Parivartan banner at a location where he went for a job
interview and he went about finding out more about YP and its programmes.
He was interested in computers and wanted to learn more about that area so
he enrolled in and completed the Basic Computer Course. Fortunately, his
father who is a government employee was able to pay for his fees.
He is currently enrolled in the Tally Course and wants to see YP in every city
and district in India to offer our full slate of programmes. He would be
interested in the prospect of global mobility as he is willing to work outside of
India. “I like this place with my heart because it has taken great care of me” –
Pramod Gupta.
Pramod Gupta,
17 years old
Tally Course – Delhi LDC
Past Students in Limber, Baramulla
Master Tailor, Farooq with six Tailoring past students who now work with him
It cannot be easy to grow up in a small village in
Limber, Baramulla, Kashmir as there are little or no
opportunities to earn a livelihood. Then comes
Yuva Parivartan with their mobile rural camp to
provide training for some of the young ladies who
now that they are trained in Basic Tailoring now
have the opportunity to earn an income from the
skill they learned at the camp.
Nine young ladies in the Limber Wildlife Reserve
completed the Tailoring Camp in February 2013
and now work by doing job work with Master Tailor
Farooq, who was their Facilitator for the course.
He is a Master Tailor and has contracts with local
schools and hotels to do stitching for them. When
he gets these jobs, he involves the ladies who are
then paid based on the number of pieces that they
sew. Though it is not consistent work, these
contracts allow the ladies to contribute to their
household income.
Did you know? That partnerships are an important
part of how we work at YP
Avinash Singh, YP Area Manager, Bihar shares
that he visited a camp on his tour of Gaya and met
a lady who he considered quite inspirational for
others to hear about because of how she has
changed her life from adversity while also changing
the lives of others by running her Tailoring Centre in
partnership with Yuva Parivartan.
That lady is Vilma Devi, who is HIV positive and her
husband passed away a few years ago. She had
no source of earning an income such as a
business, land, etc. However, she did not lose
heart and decided to stand on her two feet and
started her own tailoring centre called Rani Silai
Today she is running her center in
collaboration with YP and she is very happy with
the partnership thus far as together they are
helping the youth to improve their lot in life.
Did you know?
That we have started a Yuva Parivartan Helpline
Yuva Parivartan Helpline for students was recently started by the Counselling Team. We
will help students with :
• Vocational Guidance
• Emotional Issues
• Psychological Problems
• Nervousness
• Lack of Confidence
• Study Guidance
• Lack of Concentration