yuva parivartan

A Blue Print for a Revolutionary Change
A Three Part Presentation:
What has been done so far?
The Road Ahead
And literally hold your breath
Over 50% of Mumbai’s population live
in slums
•Almost 40% of school children become
dropouts even before they reach 10th Grade
•Most come from economically and socially
deprived background
Every dropout leading to high rate of Crime,
Drug addiction,Violence, Begging, Health
hazards, HIV and other social evils
And the Number is Rising Every Year
•There is an urgency of change
•A new revolutionary change benefiting
•And each one of us have a role and
•To bring every ‘dropout’ into the
A major focus of this should be:
•Educating and
•Reforming the School Dropouts
There are 30 NGOs in Mumbai working for
street children, but only one who takes over
where street children projects stop at 15 yrs
K’SWA is a working prototype
The Origin …
Named after the Gandhian Freedom Fighter
The First Premier of Bombay State
Bal Gangadhar Kher
Foundation stone laid by Pandit Nehru
With Jawaharlal Nehru, C R Rajagopalachari
And Morarji Desai
The early beginnings..
Balasaheb Kher with Vallabhbhai Patel
And C R Rajagopalachari
For 75 years K’SWA has been providing
Education, Healthcare and Income
generation for the underprivileged
Now First major organised effort to train
Imparting Marketable skills
K’SWA-75 years
Pre-independence -the 30’s and 40’s
Post Independence era-1947 to 1957
The Sixties and the Seventies
The Nineties
The Focus now on the YP Movement
Nursery school
Night Study centre
Adult literacy
Dental clinic
Eye care consultation
Paediatrics and
Vocational Training
Imparted by setting up Parishramalaya Vidyapeeth
Role of Parishramalaya Vidyapeeth
A centre for Vocational Training set up in 1999 to make
the unemployable employable by imparting a marketable
Every year over 500 students take part and the number
keeps increasing
Courses conducted by Parishramalaya
Motor Mechanic
Auto Electrician
Motor Driving
Tailoring (women)
Beautician (women)
Embroidery (women)
Nursing (women)
Basic English
Unique features of K’SWA
No minimum qualifications required unlike
government recognized courses which
requires SSC pass
Medium of instruction Hindi/Marathi
Concessional fees, payable in instalments
Unique features..
Provides Practical Training and also Shop
floor experience
Placement guidance & Assistance
Psychologist counsels students
Over 1,000 students have completed
training in 3 years and 600 or more employed
The Vision
Create opportunities for school
dropouts and deprived youth to
lead productive and socially useful
The Mission
Successful setting up of
Parishramalaya Vidyapeeth as a
deemed University that propels the
Yuva Parivartan movement, on All
India basis, to realise our vision
through Research, Networking and
What is the YP Movement ?
The Dropouts are not motivated to improve their
standard of living
This movement seeks to bring the youth to the YP
recreational centre and become a YP member
The Mumbai Alumni celebrities are showcased as
role models who started from humble beginnings
who have made it big in this city
The K’SWA Plan…the road ahead
To build an Institute on a 26,000 sq ft plot
and be known as a Professional Institute
which sets new standards
Workshop Centres
Admin offices
Conference Areas
Guest Rooms
The Outlay..
Estimated cost for infrastructure
Construction of building and facilities:
Approx. Rs 248 lakhs ($5,00,000)
Operational Fund required for five year period:
Approx Rs 33 lakhs ($66,000)
The Task…
To raise Rs 248 lakhs in an 18/24 month period
End 2002: Rs 50 lakhs
Mid 2003: Rs 50 lakhs
End 2003: Rs 100 lakhs
End 2004: Rs 50 lakhs
Operational costs to be met from Fees and other
Through the active support of:
Board of Trustees
Board of Advisors
Board of Patrons (to be formed)
Other major fund raising activities
Backing of the Advisory Board
Dr Ashok Ganguly- Chairman, ICI India
Mr Ashok Advani- Chairman, Blue Star
Mr Suresh Talwar- Senior Partner, Crawford
Bayley & Co
Dr V N Gupchup – Chairman, National Board of
Accreditation, AICTE
Mr N P Gidwani- Director, HSBC Secs &
Capital Market Ltd.
Mr C B Bhave- MD, NSDL
Mr H K Shah,Managing Director, Shavo Norgen Ltd
Mr Anil Harish, Partner D M Harish & Co Advocates
……Advisory Board
Mr Romesh Sobti, Managing Director,
ABN Amro Bank
Mr Nasser Munjee, Managing Director, IDFC
Mr C Y Pal, Chairman, Cadbury India
Mr Partha Ghosh, Partner, Pricewaterhouse
Ms Rani Jadhav, Chairperson, Mumbai Port Trust
Dr V R Deshpande, Former Vice Chancellor,
Ambedkar Technical University, Maharashtra
Dr Lalit Deshpande, Former HoD, Economics,
Mumbai University
Helping in the formation and launching
Mumbai’s “Maha Movement” for
Rehabilitating “Dropouts”
Action Plans and Fund Raising
Board of Patrons
Mumbai Alumni Project
Platinum Jubilee Launch Event
Platinum Jubilee celebrations
Foundations and Trusts
‘Keep Alive’ monthly events
Extensive Media Coverage
‘Mumbai Alumni’ Project
Identify at least 100 VIPs
Establish contact and honour at monthly
‘Get togethers’- with dignitaries
Major Fellowship events from January 2003
Compile Directory with life sketches.
Seek their support for our project
Board of Patrons
Identify top Corporate Leaders (also other
disciplines as well as Mumbai Alumni group) and
invite them as patrons
Each patron to contribute or help generate Rs Five
Personalised letter to each patron
Task force members to call on each of them and
make presentations
Board of Advisers to follow up by phone or
personal visits
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
Set up Platinum Jubilee Committee and Task Force
President of India as Chief Guest
Laying of foundation stone
Honouring ‘Mumbai Alumni’ members by President
First launch event: Invite Zubin Mehta or similar
dignitary as Chief Guest (or similar VVIP)
Announce “Yuva Parivartan” Maha Movement
Hold Regular Fund Raising events, ‘Keep Alive’
events on Platinum Jubilee to sustain interest
Foundations and Trusts
Compile list of National and International
groups who can contribute
Appeals with texts of presentations be sent
to them by Influential patrons/advisers
KSWA secretariat to follow up
What do we request ?
Board of Patron: Rs five lakhs each
Member of Platinum jubilee Organising Committee:
Two lakhs each
Committee of Hosts : Rs One lakh each
Sponsorship of classrooms or other facilities: Rs
Twelve lakhs or more
Appropriate acknowledgement and promotion
arranged for all donors
Each facility at the Vidyapeeth can be named after a
The problem of ‘School Dropouts’ is a
national issue and each one of us should be
Each one of us have a role to help resolve
to make this movement successful