Kaunas University of Technology
Gene Duobiniene, Library Director
Gintare Tautkeviciene, Head of Information Services
KTU Library
Was founded in 1923 01 01;
Collection – 1,33 mln. volumes;
Readers – 23 thousand per year;
169 computers (96 – for users);
more than 1 mln. items are borrowed per year;
64 full time employees.
KTU Library
 Central and 6 faculty libraries;
 10 reading rooms with 543 seats including 96 computers for
 Group study room;
 Interlibrary loan services;
 DB “Publications” – 41 thousand scientific publications;
 Computer catalogue –119257 records (361450 items);
Partnership in Projects
 Since 1997 the Library participates and is an active partner in
a project “Development of Lithuanian Academic Libraries
Network” (LABT) ratified by Lithuanian Rectors’ Conference
and financed by the Government.
 The continuation of LABT - “The Conception of LABT
Development: Lithuanian Virtual Library”. The project is an
integral part of the main program “Lithuanian Virtual
University” financed by the Ministry of Education and Science.
E-resources at KTU
• Subscription to e-resources - 44 DB (ISI Web of Knowledge,
EBSCO Publishing, ScienceDirect, Emerald Fulltext, SpringerLINK,
Oxford Journals, IEEE/IEL, American Institute of Physics, American
Physical Society, Institute of Physics Journals, SAGE Journals,
Wiley Interscience, Annual Reviews, Bentham Science Publishers,
Morgan & Claypool, ACS Publications, Ebrary, etc.).
• Access to:
– 22,8 thousand peer-review journals,
– 137 000 full-text conference proceedings,
– 19 000 e-books.
Lithuanian Research Library Consortium
• founded on December 4, 2001
• 47 members, including national, academic,
county, public and research institute libraries.
• The objectives: creation of virtual library,
preparation and implementation of advanced
technology and innovative projects in the libraries;
subscription to electronic databases for
Consortium members and other libraries.
eMoDB.LT: the opening of scientific
resource databases to Lithuania
• project permits an access to full-text e. resources
to Cosortium members;
• budget - 30 mln. Lt. (~ 8,68 mln. EUR).
Main activities scheduled in the Project are:
to subscribe 60 full-text data bases;
to create learning modules of usage of electronic
• information literacy education to researchers and
students (Master’s and Doctor’s studies).
Lithuanian Virtual Library,
Open Access movement in Lithuania (1)
Workshops :
• Open Access and Scholarly Communication, 2005 /
LMBA, OSI; speakers Melissa Hagemann, Raym Crow,
Lilian van der Vaart, Jean-Claude Guédon, et al.
• Open Access - Revolution in the Scholarly Publishing /
LMBA, LABT. 2005
• OA in EU and Lithuania/ SPARC, LMBA, the Ministry of
Education and Science. 2008
• Quality Assurance of Scientific Information in Open Access /
Open Access Day – October 14, 2008/ the Ministry of
Education and Science, the Research Council of Lithuania,
Open Access section at the conference “Innovation and
Creativity in e-learning”, 2009, Lituanian Virtual University
Open access movement in Lithuania (2)
State level: Law on science and studies (May, 2009).
Article 45. Publicity of the results of scientific activity:
1. In order to guarantee the quality, transparency of the scientific research and
to stimulate scientific advancement carried out utilising state budget funds, all
the results of the scientific activity carried out in the state science and study
institutions must be made public (via the internet and by other means) if this
is in agreement with laws regulating intellectual property and protection of the
commercial, state or work related secrets.
2. Results of scientific activity carried out at non-governmental institutions of
science and studies using state budget funds must be made public (via the
internet and by other means) if this is in agreement with laws regulating
intellectual property and protection of the commercial or state secret.
Institutional level:
– Regulations of Open Access to Scientific Information of Vilnius University
(accepted by the University Senate Committee in October, 2009).
– Regulations of Vytautas Magnus University study and research documents
submitted to eLABA
Open Access movement in Lithuania (3)
Lithuanian ETD Project designed in the framework of the
UNESCO program, 2004.
Three National projects partially funded by European
Structural Funds were run in 2005–2008:
Creation of Lithuanian Electronic Publishing System;
Lithuanian Virtual Library: Development and Creation
of Full-text Database;
Science and Study E-documents: Storage and their
Presentation to Users.
Institutional repository eLABa –
Lithuanian electronic academic library,
eLABa – Lithuanian electronic
academic library, http://elaba.library.lt
12777, 74%
4182, 24%
Working papers
Empirical data
140, 1%
1, 0%
34, 0%
74, 1%
eLABa in the international projects
• NDLTD (The Networked Digital Library of Theses
and Dissertations);
• OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for
Research in Europe);
• DART-Europe;
• PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European
Information Literacy Education on the
• Web-based Information Literacy Education Course in
Physics and Chemistry (DEDICATE), 1999,
• Blended information literacy course “Information Research”
for Master’s students taking the education course, since
2004, http://webct.liedm.lt/
• Information Literacy Course in virtual environment WebCT
“Information Resources for Studies and Research”, 2007,
• Information Literacy Course on the Internet “Information
Resources for Studies and Research”, 2008,
Web-based Information Literacy Education
Courses in Physics and Chemistry
Blended Information Literacy Course
“Information Research” for Master’s
Students in Education, http://webct.liedm.lt
Information Literacy Course in virtual
environment WebCT, http://webct.liedm.lt/
“Information Resources for Studies and
Subject Directory,
Library website:
http://www.ktu.lt/biblioteka (LT)
http://en.ktu.lt/content/structure/library (EN)
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