Kensington Village Newsletter February 2016

Kensington Village Mission Statement:
Providing “Resident First” Care
February 2016
Kensington Village Retirement/Nursing Home
Hi everyone!
The construction is running
on schedule and we are
starting to see an end in sight.
The LTC front entrance is
slated to be completed by the
end of May.
Any questions, please call:
Leslie DuCharme @ 519-455-3910
Any questions regarding the
construction please call:
Amy Schlegel @ 519-476-8088
February will be a busy
month as we will be
celebrating Chinese New
Year and Shrove Tuesday
by serving themed meals!
As for activities they
include a celebration of
National Cherry month, a
Soup Challenge, a food talk
and tasting on the Cuisine
of Cupid and a Culinary
Tour of Cuba
“Culinary Quote of the Month”
“All you need is Love. But a
little chocolate now and then
doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M Schulz
Anna Prendergast
Director of Dietary Services
Chris Zouzal
Retirement Dietary Supervisor
From Administration
Did you know:
In the 1880’s some friends in
Punxsutawney, Penn., went into the
woods on Candlemas Day to look for
groundhogs. This outing became a
tradition, and a local newspaper editor
nicknamed the seekers “the
Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.”
Starting in 1887 the search became an
official event centered on a ground hog
called Punxsutawney Phil.
Canada’s Groundhog Day relies on
the predictions of an albino groundhog
named Wiarton Willie.
**There will be a LTC Family Council
Lunch Meeting February 22nd 2016.**
If you have visited the main entrance of
the Retirement home in the last month
you will see that our new windowed
gazebo has been revealed and we can see
out to the courtyard again. It looks great.
We will be continuing work in the foyer
by laying new flooring. For a few days
when you are visiting you may see signs
for a temporary entrance while this is
being done. We will work to have
minimal disruption to our Residents.
A reminder to those that are visiting Long
Term Care, the entrance is no longer
through Retirement but around at the
back of the building. Come in off Huron,
follow the signs in the parking lot around
the East side of the building. Stay tuned
for when the new entrance to Long Term
Care will be completed.
Have a great February!
Tracie and Leslie
Tracie Klisht
Leslie Ducharme
RET Administrator
LTC Administrator
Kensington Village
LTC Events
Feb. 1st
Feb. 7th
Feb. 7th
Feb. 8th
Feb. 8th
Feb. 9th
Feb. 14th
Feb. 17th
Feb. 18th
Feb. 19th
Feb. 22nd
Feb. 23rd
Feb. 29th
Music Monday with Randy Gray
Grand Theatre, “She Loves You”
Super Bowl Sunday
Chinese New Year’s Lunch
Music Monday-Dan Country Man
Salvation Army Band
Valentine Social w Steve Issac
Lunch Outing to Billy T’s
Music w Dennis Siren
Breakfast Club
Music Monday w Bill Savage
Diner’s Club
Resident Council Meeting
& Family Council Meeting
& Leap Year Social w April Joy
Retirement Events
Feb. 3rd
Celebrating the Cherry w Chris
Feb. 4th
Huff n’ Puff
Feb. 6
Music w UWO Music Program
Feb. 7th
Super Bowl Sunday Party
Feb. 8
Chinese New Year Music
Feb. 9
Cuisine of Cupid with Chris
7th Day Adventist Music
Valentines Social w Wally Maggs
Fellowship Singers
Soup Cook Off w Chris
Casino Outing for Lunch
Music with Dorothy
Hamilton Road Songsters
& Culinary Tour of Cuba w Chris
February Birthday Celebration
Outing to Cherryhill Mall
Leap Year Pub Night
@ 3:00pm
@ 6:30pm
@ 6:30pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 8:00am
@ 3:00pm
@ 5:00pm
@12:00 noon
@ 3:00pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 6:00pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 2:30pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 7:00pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 3:00pm
@ 2:00pm
@ 7:00pm
Nursing Department
Enclosed with this newsletter is an
information sheet regarding the changes to
OT (Occupational Therapy) services at
Kensington Village. Effect January 1, 2016,
OT services are no longer included as a
funded service and are now provided
through a private fee-for-service model. The
change in service delivery model is due to
the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
funding changes related to physiotherapy
services in 2013. Physiotherapy services will
continue to remain the same. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you.
Leslie DuCharme
LTC Administrator
February Birthdays
I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday
season! Our Christmas lights are being taken
down, I hope you all enjoyed them as much as
we did.
A reminder regarding Laundry labelling – LTC
side. When bringing in a new item for your
family member please ensure that you follow
our procedure to ensure that the items get
labelled. Procedure: take the item to the
nursing station so they can place the item in a
bag with the form that has the residents name
on it. Labelling I done throughout the laundry
aides day pending time. All Christmas labelling
is now completed.
A reminder – please be careful walking outside
when the weather is bad.
My door is always open if you have any
Phyllis – Klara – Elaine – Maureen P.
Janet – Douglas – Peggy – Verna
Arthur – Mary H. – John L. – Gerald
Gladys R. – Harry – Eva W. - Doris
Glenna Grimmer
Environmental Services