Newton's Third Law of Motion

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Newton’s Third Law of
PAe.7: Explain the motion of objects on the basis of
Newton’s three laws of motion: inertia; the relationship
among force, mass, and acceleration; and action and reaction
PAa.1: Generate hypotheses on the basis of credible,
accurate, and relevant sources of scientific information.
PAa.2: Use appropriate laboratory apparatuses, technology,
and techniques safely and accurately when conducting a
scientific investigation.
PAa.9: Use appropriate safety procedures when conducting
When a rocket blasts off, if it was
not near the ground, would it take
Newton’s Third Law
Whenever one object exerts a force
on a second object, the second object
exerts an equal and opposite force on
the first
Simple rule
Action: Object A exerts force on
object B
Reaction: Object B exerts a force on
object A
Action and reaction
Effects on objects differ if their
masses are different
a = F/m
Decreasing mass makes the
acceleration greater
Action and reaction forces act
on different objects
Forces cancel only when they act on
the same body
Donkey cart
Equal and opposite?
Donkey pulls and cart and pushes on
Bull fights
Why are they dangerous?
How does it work?
When a rocket blasts off, if it was
not near the ground, would it take
Chapter Review HW: pp. 80-82
I. Review questions2-20 even (due
date: ____________)
II. Exercises 2-20 even; Problems 18 (due date: __________)
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Handout: Newton’s 3rd Law
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Some equations for HW II
Billy rides his bike from rest to 8 m/s
in 4 s. How much force did Billy apply
to his bike if he and his bike have a
mass of 75 kg?
Sally pushes her skateboard with a
force of 5 N. The skateboard has a
mass of 2 kg. How fast is it going
after 3 seconds?
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