Honors Bio Schedule and Assignments

Week 1:
Chemistry and water including:
Atoms, elements, molecules, compounds
Valence electrons
Types of chemical bonds
Characteristics of water
Water lab
HW I: DUE ON Tuesday September 9th.
HW is to be completed on a separate paper. It is to be neat and legible
reflecting the time you have spent on it. Questions are to be answered in
complete sentences. Paragraphs should indicate different concepts. A line
needs to be skipped between each answer.
1. Which part of the atoms has the most energy?
2. Chemical Bonds involve which part of the atoms-give the term for these
3. Draw out the molecule C2H6 in stick figure. Describe where the most energy is
in the drawing.
4. Using 2 of the 3 characteristics of water that you learned, explain how we
could pour water from beaker to beaker using a string.
Wed, September 10th: Test on Chemistry and water
Week 2-3:
Biological Molecules including:
Models of all three
Chemical Tests for all three
Enzyme toothpick lab
Catalase Lab (measure O2 production)
HW II: Due on Monday September 22nd
Which molecule(s) have the most energy: Starch, lipids, monosaccharides,
disaccharides, or proteins. Explain your choice- you may have to refer to your
last HW to answer this.
Thursday, September 25: Test on BiologicalMolecules
Week 3-4:
Cells including:
Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes
Cell simile
HWIII: Due Tuesday September 30th
1. Research Tay Sachs disease. Which organelle is not working and why does
this lead to death?
2. What would be a symptom for someone with a mitochondrial disease?
Thursday, October 2: Test on Organelles
Week 4-5:
Cell Membrane including:
Parts (diagram)
Building a membrane model
Diffusion Lab
Osmosis Lab
HW IV: Due Wednesday, October 8th
1. Type up osmosis lab.
2. http://bcs.whfreeman.com/thelifewire8e/content/cat_040/0504003.htm
Using the animation on this website, describe in words and diagrams the
flow of bulk materials into and out of the cell. Use proper terminology.
Friday, October 10th, Test on Plasma Membrane and Diffusion and osmosis
Unit 3:
Weeks 1-2:
Cellular Respiration including:
Review Of Role of Enzymes
Overview of respiration
Krebs cycle
Electron transport chain
(clay model of all of above)
Fatigue Lab and role of fermentation in humans
Respiration lab
HW I: Due Monday, October 13th
In your own words, explain the function of ATP and how its structure plays a
HW II: Due Friday, October 17th:
Using no more than 2 sentences for each, describe how respiration proceeds
through: Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, Fermentation.
*******Tests: Unannounced mini-spot quizzes.**********
Weeks 3-4:
Photosynthesis including:
Overview and leaf cut-out
Energy in Light
Light reactions (3-D model with straws and clay)
Calvin cycle
Photosynthesis Lab 1
Photosynthesis Lab 2
C4 and CAM plants
Overview- The importance of photosynthesis
HW III: Due Tuesday, October 21st:
Compare and contrast the overall equations for Photosynthesis and Respiration
in a paragraph.
HW IV: Due Tuesday, October 28th:
Answer these questions in complete sentences:
How does PSI get its electron back?
How does PSII get its electron back?
Why did they need to get electrons back in the first place?
What would happen if chlorophyll ran out of electrons? (BE SPECIFIC)
With regards to photosynthesis, why do plants need light? Water?
*******Tests: Unannounced mini-spot quizzes.***********
Week 5:
Nutrient Cycles including:
Water Cycle
Caron/Oxygen Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
Details to be released as we move into October
Week 6:
Week 7:
I might stick Unit 2- ecology in before mitosis and meiosis
since genetics is up next!!! Whatcha think?