Good Wishes from Our Colleagues

Good Wishes from Our Colleagues for Our 50 Anniversary
I have so many wonderful memories
of my CP residency in 1986-1989.
The freedom to explore, while
supported by an extraordinary team
of lab docs, provided the basis for my
continuing academic, diagnostic and
research career here in New Zealand.
The friendships with residents and
faculty were and remain strong. Best
wishes, Ian Morison, MD, currently
Professor and Head of Department,
Department of Pathology, Dunedin
School of Medicine, University of
Otago, New Zealand
[email protected]
for your future endeavors! Keep your
feet firmly on the ground and look at
the world with your heart, you will be
great physicians.” Puja Verma, MD –
GI & Hepatic Pathology Fellow, 20022003; AP Co-Chief Resident, 20032004. She is currently practicing with
Stacey Berry, MD and Charlie
Sthapanachai, MD at Clin-Path
Associates in Arizona.
A recent photo from Gary Striker, MD,
who was resident from 1959-1964.
He currently resides in New York City.
This is a message from Dr. Rudolph Vracko sent 10 years
ago with his memories of his time spent in our program.
According to a letter sent to him from Dr. Benditt in 1959,
Rudi was our first “official” resident to the program (19591962). Dr. Vracko passed away this Spring at his island
home in Hawaii.
Since moving to Saskatchewan, Elizabeth Schultke, MD has
expressed her creative side doing local theatre production. This
is a recent production of Cinderella. Elizabeth was a
neuropathology fellow with Dr. Buster Alvord from 1999-2000.
She tells me she is moving soon from Canada and we will
certainly keep in touch.
Congratulations on 50 years of
residency! - Maggie Lam, MD (AP/CP
Resident, 2003-2007), currently at
University of California, San Francisco.
Indra (Neeper) Frank, MD was an AP/CP resident from 19901994 and CP Chief Resident from 1993-1994. In her very near
future, she will be returning to graduate school in Public Health
at Indiana University. She sends us good wishes and a recent
photo of her family – L to R: Tahvi, Mark, Indra, Allegra
This is Ruthie Marie Debski born March 21.
Her daddy is Robert Debski, MD – Pediatric
Pathology Fellow 2004-2005. Robert is
currently practicing at Korsair Children’s
Hospital in Louisville, KY. He hopes to bring
his family for a visit next Spring.
I was one of two Pathology interns in the first year (1962-63) of that
internship program at University hospital. A few weeks short of my 75th
birthday, I am still full-time faculty in Duke's Department of Cell Biology,
have 2 years remaining under a 10-year NIH Merit Award that ends in
mid 2011, and have never been more excited about our research on
molecular structural dynamics in striated muscle than I am right now. I
am on a long lateral loop from Pathology (expecting always to return with
insights useful to diagnosis and therapy), but I often return in memory to
highlights among the 60-some cases I was privileged to explore during
my year of Autopsy Service, and to the relentlessly high quality of
mentoring I experienced under Drs Dennis Reichenbach (Chief
Resident) and Karl Mottet (Chair of University Hospital Pathology).
Michael Reedy, MD – Pathology Intern, 1962-1963
Malek Kamoun, MD PhD (right) at a recent ACLPS meeting in
Philadelphia with Dr. Donald S. Young, Vice Chairman of Laboratory
Medicine at University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Deborah Leonard,
Vice Chair of Laboratory Medicine at Cornell Medical College. Malek
is currently Director of the Clinical Immunology and Histocompatibility
Laboratory at Penn. He was a clinical pathology resident from 19781980.
I will not be attending. Unfortunately (yeah
sure...) I will be in the French Alps
paragliding in the Annecy region. I will
definitely have a thought for the Department
that provided me with top notch training.
Sincerely. Michel Laurin, MD (CP Resident,
1984-1986), currently practicing at Montfort
Hospital Lab in Ottawa, Canada.
Unfortunately I will not be available to attend our 50th. Anniversary
Celebration. I do regret this, and will miss the social contacts and
friendships and memories from a very important part of my/our
formative lives. I have oodles of admiration for our faculty and
administration and students. Please convey my admiration, respect
and love to all.
Here I am at Camp Kwando is in Botswana, the land of The Ladys’
first Detective agency, about 2007. Our guide Russ is sitting on the
left, I am on the right in the blue turtle neck, and we are all cheering
“Pula, Pula, Pula”, for either “rain, rain, rain” which is the blessing of
fertility in this southern end of the Kalahari desert, or “money, money,
money”, which is the blessing of fertility for modern economics in this
southern end of Africa. We have just had a successful day
photographing impala, lion, and cape buffalo.
The excellence and depth with which I practiced Child Neurology are
directly attributable to the excellent teachings and demonstrations of
taste, smell, texture, look, sound and natural history of diseases at
“U-Dub Path”. I and my patients owe you all a great deal.
I “retired” to my medical legal practice and writing in June 2006. All
we individuals will die. Great Institutions such as our Department of
Pathology at UW can be immortal. When our Department survives
with honor and dedication and ideals intact, our individual spirits,
reputations, and legacies are immortal, too. I am proud to be one of
your sons.
Robert “Bob” Shuman, MD – Anatomic Pathology Resident and
Neuropathology Fellow (1970-1974)
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of our residency
program! I wish I could be in Seattle for the occasion. I hope
everyone is doing well! I really miss the people in our
department. My years in Seattle will always bring me happy
memories- it was a very busy time, but also a period of a lot of
professional and personal growth. Here is a recent family photo
– our kids Chloe and Ethan are 5 and 3 now. I am enjoying my
job as a blood banker at UCLA very much – if you have current
or future residents interested in blood banking, feel free to have
them contact me.
Shan Yuan, MD – AP/CP Resident, 2000-2004; CP Chief
Resident, 2003-2004
Mark Arnesen, MD was an
AP/CP resident from 19761980. These days, as he
reports, he splits his time
between Abbott Northwest
Hospital in Minneapolis and
Alaska, “I'm sorry to say I
won't be able to attend the
celebratory dinner for the 50th
anniversary. I'll be preparing to
head to my "summer job" as
senior guide at a king salmon
fishing camp in Alaska ... 3
weeks on a river in SW Alaska
with no pager, no phone, no
alarm clock! My wife is the
head cook and I am the chief
pie baker in addition to my
fishing duties.”
I send my best wishes to everyone,
both young and not so young,
especially to Denny Reichenbach, our
wise and kind mentor. As you can see
from the attached photo taken at
Harborview in 1973, I have been
wanted by the law for many years. I
eluded them at first, but finally they
caught up with me, even though I semiretired and moved to darkest Iowa two
decades ago….
I hope all the new graduates have as
much fun as I had. Soon after leaving
Seattle I learned that not all
pathologists are trustworthy, but
pathology will never let you down.
Enjoy! Best wishes,
Ed Schlenk, MD – AP/CP Resident
1972-1976 – currently living in
Marshalltown, Iowa
Happy 50th Anniversary! I feel very fortunate to
be able to claim the University of Washington
as the place where I completed my AP/CP
residency training. The experience has opened
many doors for my career. It’s always great to
hear about the continued success and
achievements of the UW Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine departments. Keep up the
great work and I look forward to being there for
the 75th anniversary.
Tony Chang, MD – AP/CP Resident, 19992003; Renal Pathology Fellow, 2003-2004 – is
currently a faculty member at the University of
Chicago Hospitals.
As much as I want to write to you, I'm also afraid that my words
cannot carry my feelings. My warmest congratulations for this
year's graduates and I am greatly honored to have shared with
you 2 years' experience at University of Washington Medical
Center and at Harborview Medical Center. Everyday of my
clinical service now makes me appreciate my training at UW
more and day by day at microscope, I'm thinking about how my
attendings at UW would do in the similar situations, and that
help me a great deal not only at arriving a pathology diagnosis,
but also providing a better service to the patients. Thank you,
UW Pathology Program, with my deepest gratitude,
congratulations to your 50th Anniversary!
Lee-Ching Zhu, MD, Cytopathology Fellow 2006-2007; GI &
Hepatic Pathology Fellow 2007-2008. She is currently
practicing at GroupHealth Permanente in Seattle.
[email protected]