Karen Rowell

Karen Rowell (b. 1961) was born in Woodstock, Ontario to a musical family. She started piano lessons
at an early age and enjoyed performing in the local Rotary festival for years. Taking the suggestion of
Gwen Beamish, at 17 Karen attended the Banff School of Fine Arts’ Gifted Youth program, studying
there with Willard Schultz. Miss Beamish and James Hibbard were important instructors and mentors to
Karen as she moved from teen musician to teacher. She holds Piano Performance and Teacher’s
Associate diplomas from the Royal Conservatory of Music and was awarded the gold medal for the
performer’s Associate with Western Conservatory of Music [Conservatory Canada]. She also earned her
Licentiate and Fellowship in piano performance with Trinity College of England, followed by an honours
degree in composition at UWO. Karen is very active with the Royal Conservatory of Music as an
examiner in theory, piano and pedagogy and is now a published composer with Debra Wanless Music.
Many of her compositions are inspired by the many students who meet with her weekly. Karen is
frequently requested as a festival adjudicator and presenter of music seminars. Karen and her family
now live in London, enjoying a busy and musical daily life.