Dr. Joni Schwartz Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Joni Schwartz
Curriculum Vitae
LaGuardia Community College
Department of Humanities
31-10 Thomson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
174 E. Maujer Street
Valley Stream, NY 11580
Rutgers University
Doctorate in Education
Concentration: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Adult Education
Dissertation: “Engaging Out of School Males in Learning”
New York University
Concentration: Communication Studies
Master of Science
Southwest State University
Concentration: English Education
Bachelor of Science
University of Minnesota
Concentrations: Speech & Theatre
Bachelor of Science
Associate Professor - LaGuardia College
Research Coordinator – Black Male Initiative/NYCCT
Adjunct Assistant Professor – CUNY
Director & Developer – Downtown Learning Center
Education Director Literacy Partners
Director & Developer Turning Point Educational Center
2010 - Present
2008 - 2010
2006 - 2011
2000 - 2008
1998 - 1999
1984 - 1997
Wagner’s Archives Research Grant - 2013 After Incarceration & Engagement in Learning
SGA Grant – 2013 Undergraduate Research & Writing Project
EDIT Grant - 2013 LaGuardia College National ACCA Conference Presentation
PSC CUNY Grant - 2012-2013 Longitudinal Study: STEM Undergraduate Research
LaGuardia Community College -2011 Core Competency Benchmark Mini-Grant
William Stewart Travel Award - 2011 AERA Research Presentation
Syracuse University - 2011 Alexander N. Charters Adult Education Research Grant
City University of New York 2011-2010 Diversity Project Grant
Schwartz, J (November, 2014). Returning to School After Incarceration: Policy, Prisoners and the Classroom.
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Society in Society Conference, August 2011 Washington, D.C.
Schwartz, Joni (2010). Engaging out of school males in learning. May 2010 American Education Research
Association Annual Conference. Denver, Colorado.
Schwartz, Joni (2010). Educational spaces for engagement. March 2010 Harvard Graduate School of Education
15th Annual Student Research Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Schwartz, Joni (2010). Engaging young men of color in learning. March 2010 COABE/ProLiteracy Annual
Conference, Chicago, Illinois.
Schwartz, Joni (2010). Engaging young men in STEM: The black male initiative. The League for Innovation
College Conference – March 2010. Baltimore, Maryland.
Schwartz, Joni (2009). Creating spaces for STEM: Engaging young men of color. Roundtable Research
Presentation. Think Tank for African American Progress, Memphis, Tennessee.
Schwartz, Joni (2009), The high school “push out” and educational trauma. Research Presentation at Alliance
Graduate School of Counseling, NYACK College, NYC.
Schwartz, Joni (2009). Why is education crucial? Presentation at Action in Christ International, Education
Schwartz Joni (2009), Engaging out of school males in learning. Research Presentation at City Tech Faculty
Research Conference, New York City College of Technology.
Schwartz, Joni (2009), Engaging out of school males in learning, Lecture presented at The City University of
New York Teachers as Leaders Deutsche Bank & Schott Foundation for Public Education Professional
Education Workshop.
Schwartz Joni (2007). Engaging out of school males in learning. Roundtable presented at Adult Education
Research Conference at Mount St. Vincent University.
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Pennsylvania Adult & Continuing Education Research Conference at Penn State.
Schwartz Joni (2007). Writing Poetry: A Process-Oriented Approach for Young Adults. Workshop presented at
New York University Literacy Review Conference.
Schwartz Joni (2006). Adult education & early childhood learning – a perfect partnership. Keynote address
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learning. [Videotape]. New York, New York: City University of New York Cultural Diversity Project. Released
February 12, 2012.
2015 & 2013 Conference Steering Committee, CUNY Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Conference
2014 Reviewer, National Communication Association NCA Conference
2014 Consulting Editor, Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary and Basic Education
2014 Reviewer, CUNY CUE Conference
2014 Conference Coordinator, CUNY League of Active Speech Professionals
2013 Reviewer, Journal of Negro Education
2012 Reviewer, International Journal of Science in Society
2010- 2014 Reviewer, American Education Research Association Conference
AAACE – American Association for Adult & Continuing Education
AERA - American Education Research Association
COABE – Commission of Adult Basic Education
Kappa Delta Pi – International Honor Society in Education
NCA - National Communication Association
ECA – Eastern Communication Association
CLASP - CUNY League of Active Speech Professors
Top Paper- Non-Verbal Communication
Eastern Communication Association
Outstanding Academic Service Award
Black Male Initiative (BMI)
Outstanding Literacy Practitioner
Literacy Assistance Center
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