Confucianism vs Daoism vs Legalism

By Cameron C.
 The
Confucius based on the
teachings of Kongfuzi.
 Lived
from 551 to 479 B.C.E
 Westerners called him the
 Confucius Deeply respected
Chinese traditions such as
Reverence for ancestors and the
honor given to scholars.
Lived in the 500 B.C.E . Others think he was
a legend.
A small manuscript called the Dao De Jing.
One passage says:
If you do not want your house to be
molested by robbers, Do not fill it with Gold
and Jade.
Wealth, Rank, and arrogance add up to ruin,
As surely as two and two are four.
Daoism is based on the Ancient Chinese Idea
of the Dao, or “The way”
True Harmony comes from balancing the
opposite forces of nature. Yin means:
Yang means: “sunlit”
Human life is made up of many different
Encouraged rulers to rule less harsh.
Developed into a popular religion.
Most important influence was on Chinese
thought ,art, and writing.
Rulers must have absolute power so he
backed them up with Military.
Prince of the royal family of the state
of Han.
Lived to see the end of the warning
states period and of the zhou Dynasty.
Legalists based the idea that most
people are naturally selfish.
 Since people would always pursue
their own interest, They could not be
relied upon to have a good influence
on one another. Therefore, It was not
enough for rulers to set a good
Legalists philosophy had an almost
immediate influence on government in
People were forbidden to criticize the
government, anyone caught doing so
was severely punished.
 They wanted to build a well organized
strong central government. But in
order to achieve these goals, They
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