Cognitive Celebration 2

Kevin Hillard
Dr. Cone
Tech. & Assess.
28 October 2009
Cognitive Celebration 2
1. Include your thoughts on the use of technology in your major.
When one ponders the aspects of the Health and Physical Education major, the first thoughts
that probably come to mind are running the track, playing sports, and Health class. However,
in recent years, technology has been playing a major role in the Health and Physical
Education field. I have used numerous technological experiences in my major since my
entrance in fall 2007. I definitely believe technology has been very beneficial to Physical
and Health Education classes. Technology allows the professor or student to teach/learn
information in a way other than lecture, such as through YouTube clips or DVD’s. I believe
technology makes the cognitive section of the lesson more conducive to learning for the
students and teacher by lessening auditory learning and giving more visual examples through
equipment such as a projector screen. Technology also contributes to the improvement of the
affective part of a lesson by allowing the student to discuss topics on programs such as
Blackboard. Technology keeps the interest of the class because most young people can relate
to it because they use many forms of technology daily. For example, technology made my
Structures and Functions classes much more fun and interesting through the use of Windows
Movie Maker. In groups of five, students were to present a movie about a specific topic,
such as the muscular system, to the class. The presentations needed to have animations,
music, and sound. This Windows Movie Maker project introduced and taught the class how
to use a new computer program.
2. Name and describe at least five examples of technology use in your major.
a. Smart Boards- I used a smart board in my Human Exceptionalities class while teaching a
lesson about IEP’s. I had a PowerPoint slide on the screen which read “People Involved
in the IEP Process.” I then asked the class who was involved in the process and students
would come up to the smart board and write their answer with the smart marker.
b. Dynamometer- Dynamometers are used in Kinesiology class. This instrument is used to
measure force, such as the force the arm used to throw a baseball.
c. Electronic AED- I used an Electronic AED in my Safety and First Aid Class. AED’s are
used when a person is in cardiac arrest. The machine gave automated directions on
where to stick the pads on the person’s chest and when to press the start button.
d. Pedometer- Pedometers count how many steps you take during the day. In Adventure
and Experiential Learning we were asked to wear one for a day. Ten thousand steps a
day is the target and should lead you to a healthier lifestyle.
e. Flex-Tester- A Flex Tester is an instrument used to measure the sit and reach test given in
many physical fitness tests. I used the Flex-Tester in my Foundations of Fitness and
Motor Development class.
3. Select 2 additional non-computer associated devices or pieces of equipment and
describe your knowledge of them – focusing on how they would work in your
profession – give examples of how you would use them and why they would be
beneficial to you clients, athletes, students.
a. The first piece of equipment I would use in my Health and Physical Education classes as
well as with my athletes if I coach are Cybex machines. Cybex machines are used in
strength training and can be used by middle school children all the way to the adult ages.
Cybex machines are used in isokinetic weight lifting. Isokinetic means “equal or same
motion.” Cybex machines are very beneficial for students and athletes for many reasons.
When using Cybex machines, the speed of the lift remains the same throughout the body
part’s range of motion. This prevents students from jerking their body parts while lifting,
and keeps the muscle contraction at a steady speed. Cybex machines also help the
student to push through their sticking point, or where they get stuck lifting. For example,
when lifting dumbbell students often get stuck on the way up during the concentric
contraction and they arch their back to get the weight all the way up. Students can get
hurt this way. A bicep curl Cybex machine lessens the weight at the sticking point and
allows the student to continue their exercise.
b. The second piece of equipment I would use in my Health and Physical Education class
would be a heart rate monitor. I would make each student wear a heart rate monitor when
running on the track during Physical Education class. This would be beneficial for
students because I would teach them where there target heart rate should be when
running. This would make the students aware of whether they are pushing themselves
too hard or not hard enough. Reaching the target heart rate is important because more
calories are burned as the heart increases. This leads to weight loss and can put a dent in
a growing epidemic; childhood obesity. For example if I am teaching a Freshman class
in a high school, their max target heart rate should be around 180 while running the mile
and the minimum should be around 100.