Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting
EL2421, Automatic Control, Project Course
Course information
Course period: Mon 3 Nov - Mon 19 Jan
project work
holidays/own work
re-exams/own work
final presentation and report
15 credits = full time work, 40 h/week
Learning outcomes
After the course the student should be able to:
• Plan and execute a complex project in a group
• Design and implement a control system that meets given
• Communicate the results in written reports and oral
Main task
Develop an advanced control system for a laboratory process
Project planning and management
Requirement specification
Modeling and system identification
Control design and analysis
Verification in simulation
Implementation in real-time systems
Validation and testing
Documentation and reporting
Course structure
• Independent project work is tha main activity
• A few mandatory workshops/tutorials
• Weekly status meetings
Weekly meetings
• At least one teacher representative present
• You lead the meetings, all students must lead at least one
• Agenda (structure) and minutes (documentation)
• updated project plan
• status updates
• plan for coming week
• deviations/problems
Requirement specification, based on project description and your own
brainstorming, to be agreed upon between project group and ”client”, first
draft 10 Nov.
Project plan, (5-10 pages): brief overview of the project, organization of
work, definition of milestones and deliverables, time plan, risk analysis.
First draft 10 Nov, updated plan every week.
Project report, max 12 pages double column. Layout 18 Dec, first
submission 12 Jan, final submission 16 Jan. Feedback will be given the
following work day.
Self-evaluation, 1 page, 19 Jan.
Each project member must take active part in at least one of
the following presentations:
• Half-time review, 1 Dec: project description and
preliminary results.
• Final presentation and demonstration, 16 Jan: project
description and final results
Well-organized and well-documented source code
Someone outside the project should be able to re-create your
solution from the documentation
Material for project description on
• Short texts
• Pictures and images
• Movie (for example from final presentation and demo)
Deadline 17 Jan, 12:00
Lectures and tutorials (mandatory)
3 nov, 10-12:
Project management/SCRUM, Joakim Lilliesköld
5 nov, 8.30-12.30:
LabView introduction, Payman Tehrani, (Kista)
10 nov (prel):
Systems engineering, John Baras
13 nov, 14-16:
Real time testing with xPC target, Simon Eriksson, (Kista)
18 nov (prel):
Systems engineering, John Baras
25 nov, 10-12:
Follow up on SCRUM, Joakim Lilliesköld
Individual grade: pass/fail
Continuous examination
(Meetings, reports, presentations)
examination in progress
Self-evaluation – 1 page
• Reflect on your own work in relation to the course goals
• Describe your contribution to the project
• Give feedback on two students’ self-evaluations
To pass the course the student must have:
• Attended the tutorials
• Participated actively in the weekly meetings
• Shown ability and willingness to work in a group
• Shown ability to analyze, structure and solve (sub-) problems within the
• Contributed significantly to the reports and documentation
• Contributed to that the final design should fulfill the requirements
• Participated in an oral presentation or the demonstration
• Been approved on the written homework excersice
• Written a self-evaluation with respect to the learning outcome
Team building
You will collaborate with vehicle dynamics project group. You
must schedule meetings with them.
You must assign individual roles and responsibilities. In
particular you should have a project leader. Deadline 5 Nov.
Team building activity
Good initial conditions for project work
Off campus, preferably during first week
Activity for everyone (good idea to invite VehDyn group)
Documentation – picture/image/recording/painting/…
The project
Last year’s project
This year’s project