How was it formed?

Mrs.Zwahr's C.S.I. Class
Landform Presentation
Topic: Geomorphology
(The study of the formation of
By Mrs.Zwahr's class
The Dead Sea Rift Valley
By: Kyle Gurka & Jacob Pyle
1. East of the Rift Valley are two
ancient lava fields.
2. It is the lowest point on
3. The water around the
Rift Valley has so much
salt, you can lay on your
back and float on the
The Dead Sea Rift Valley was formed when
the Arabian Tectonic plates moved northward,
then eastward away from Africa.
murderer of pompeii
Mount Vesuvius is best
known for its eruption in AD
79 that led to the
destruction of the Roman
cities of Pompeii and
Herculaneum and the
death of 10,000 to
25,000 people. It has
erupted many times since
and is today regarded as
one of the most dangerous
volcanoes in the world
because of the population
of 3,000,000 people living
nearby and its tendency
towards explosive
Facts about
Formation of Mt.Vesuvius
Vesuvius was formed as
a result of the collision of
two tectonic plates. One
plate was pushed
beneath the other. The
crust material became
heated until it melted,
forming liquid rock called
Because magma is less dense than the solid rock around it, it
was pushed upward. Finding a weak place at the Earth's
surface it broke through, producing the volcano.
The Great Blue Hole
by Andrew Trostle and Carmen
How It Was Formed. . .
The Great Blue Hole is a sinkhole 100 kilometers from Belize
City. It was formed by a limestone cave system.
Facts About The Great Blue Hole
The Great Blue Hole was
made famous by Jaques
It is amazingly 410 feet deep.
It was voted one of the seven
natural wonders of the world.
Mendenhall Glacier
By:Daniel Blanchard
Mendenhall Glacier
Originally known as Sitaantaagu ("The glacier behind the
town"). The glacier is 12 miles long & has retreated(melted) 2.5
miles since 1700. It is located in Alaska.
Glaciers are formed when ice builds up over time and
the weight compresses itself into ice.Then the glacier slides
down hills with less then 30 degrees slant. If it slanted any
more the glacier would avalanche.
Mauna Loa Volcano
By: Celine Munyana
Quick Facts:
1.The Mauna Loa volcano is the world's
largest volcano! It takes up 50.5% of Hawaii.
2.Mauna Loa's first eruption was in 1794 and
its last was in 1984.It has erupted 39 times.
3.The Mauna Loa volcano is also 4,170
meters above sea level.
How The Mauna Loa Volcano Was Formed
The Mauna Loa Volcano is
formed by pressure building
up below the Earth’s crust.
Magma forces it way through
weaknesses in the earth's
crust. When the magma
emerges it is called lava.
When it cools, it solidifies into
rock,or it may emerge though
thin cracks,which are called
fissure.Or it may be forced
though wider pipes,that starts
to build up, to a volcano.
Erupted 39 Times
Largest Volcano on Earth
Royal Gorge
By: Olivia R. and Kendall C.
Did You Know That .....
The Royal Gorge is a ten mile
long canyon in Canon City,
Colorado.The gorge was
formed when the Arkansas
River cut through. It took
millions of years to cut
through the rock, so the gorge
is very old.The Gorge was
discovered in1806 by U.S.
explorer Zebulon Pike.
The gorge has a bridge going
over it that many people go to
drive over. There is also an
amusement park built directly
above the gorge.You can
even go rafting down the
Colorado River straight
through the canyon.
So, how was it formed?
Geologists have mixed thoughts on how the gorge was formed,
but the general consensus is that it was formed by the force of
the mighty Arkansas River, churning and pounding against the
rock for millions of years.This is called erosion. About three
million years ago, as the Rocky Mountains rose from the
surrounding plains a small rivulet that would become the
Arkansas River rose with them.
:an intense dust storm sent a dust
plume northwestward over the Atlantic ocean on
March 2, 2000
:the Sahara Desert covers more than 3,500,000
:some sand dunes reach 180 m. high
Chicxulub Crater
Dinosaur Murderer
Timmy Vanek
Chicxulub Crater ....
is all but hidden in the flat limestone of Mexico's Yucatan
The Chicxulub Crater is 112-miles wide, 3,000 foot deep
impact crater.
The Forming of Chicxulub Crater
It is a theory that the Chicxulub Crater was formed by the
meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
An impact crater is formed when an asteroid, meteorite or
comet crashes into the Earth or other planet.
Bay of Fundy
By Bailey Kenjura &
Hannah Buls
Interesting Facts!
This is a picture of the Bay of
Fundy's high tides. Did you know that
this bay has the highest tides in the
As the tides rush up the narrowing
funnel-shaped bay, high crested
waves rise to 52 feet.
This is a picture of the bay when it
has low tides.This bay has the
largest concentration of whales and
sea life.
How Was it Formed?
How the Bay of Fundy was formed was by the
continental plates of Africa and North America parting millions
of years ago, forming the Atlantic Ocean. Over time as vast
mountain ranges collided and then slowly separated, huge rift
valleys were created.
San Andreas Fault
by Nick Summerour
San Andreas Fault Facts
1.The San Andreas Fault is the
sliding boundary between the
Pacific Plate and Northern
American Plate.
2.The Northern segment of the
San Andreas Fault extends from
Shelter Cove to South of the
Francisco Bay area.
3.There are many myths and
legends about the San Andreas
Fault, the biggest being that it will
one day crack and California will
sink into the sea. Wrong!
San Andreas Fault Formation
The San Andreas Fault is a large crack in the
Earth's crust that moves sideways rather than
up and down as is more common. Most of
these types of faults occur in the sea, but those
that occur on land should be considered
The San Andreas Fault began forming about
20 million years ago with a change in its plate's
positioning. Over the years, its plate is
collapsing under the plate beneath
California. As that happens, the San Andreas
Fault will continue to grow, perhaps twice
today's length.
Pictures provided by:Wikipedia.
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Hawaiian Islands
by: Sally C. and Evan B.
1.The Hawaiian Islands are home to the sparrowsized songbird found nowhere else in the world!
2.Hawaii has lots of volcanoes on it because
volcanoes created the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
3.Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
How The Hawaiian Islands
were formed!
You've just won a trip
to lovely...
!Cape Dorset and Cape
BY:Julie Wegner and Carlie English!
Here's some facts to get you started!
Cape Dorset
Since the 1950's,
Cape Dorset, which calls
itself the capital of inuit art,
has been a center of
drawing, printmaking, and
A cape is a strip of land
projecting into a body of
record high- 77 degrees F
record low- -45degrees F
Cape Cod
Cape Cod is often referred
to as simply the Cape, and
called the Cape of Keel by
early Norse explorers.
The Pamet Valley in Truro, is
wider and deeper than all
other valleys on Cape Cod.
How was it formed?
Cape Cod was formed as the terminal moraine of a
glacier,resulting in a peninsula in the
There are many
different kinds of
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• The number of people that have tried to climb Mount
Everest approximately:4,000 and the total number that
have successfully climbed Mount Everest:660
• Mount Everest is as tall as 20 empire state buildings and
it is still growing
• Scientists think Mount Everest is about 60 million years
It was formed by…..
The continent of India is part of a plate that "crashed" into southwest Asia, but it didn't
stop when it hit. It continued to push northward, crushing and rumpling the earth's crust,
resulting in the mountains we see today. If you look at a map of the Himalayas, you can
see that the mountains look kind of like a rumpled blanket. India is still pushing northward
today, raising the Himalayas even higher!
Tori Bosse
Amazing facts about the Mississippi River
-The river and its delta have been changed dramatically by
humans and we are just now seeing it.
-The river is dropping by up to 5-1cm each year...
How was the Mississippi River Delta
-Since the beginning the Mississippi River Delta has
been uplifted by as much as 40ft.
-The sea level has lowered by about 450ft.
-The faults close by are also a big reason
by: Troy Freeman
Colca Canyon
The Colca Canyon is located in Peru
and is twice as deep as the
Grand Canyon.
Fun fact - did you know that the name Colca refers to the
holes in the canyon, people used to store food in them.
Colca Canyon
The sides of the
Colca Canyon are not
vertical like the
Grand Canyon.
Colca Canyon
It was formed by
millions of years of water
breaking away from the