The day I was born, everything and everyone
in the world took a second and stopped
whatever they were doing, and they just
smiled because a cutie was born named
Dagem Sebsibe ! I was born on the 146th day
of the year. May 26,1991 was the day I came
into the world. Which is National sorry day in
Australia. Being born on may 26, makes me a
Some people love me a lot hate me, but all respect me. I’m just kidding everyone
loves me, but really I'm known as a very mean person, I just don’t understand why
telling the truth Is rude. GOD, family and friends come first in my life. We all have a
purpose in life and I still don’t know mine. I hope its not helping people because, I’m so
tired of that. I like living life to the fullest with no stress no worries and just me and my
sports Illustrated. There's always a time for everything and now is the time to go to
next slide ya digg??
Basketball, an amazing
sport. Its a game that puts
a mans masculinity to the
test. I guess I look up to
this great man Dwayne
Wade. His smooth lay-up
to his automatic jump
shot, he is a basketball
God. The Miami heat
being his Kingdom. On
and of the court D-wade is
a respected man. His
ability to help others off
the court has brought his
name into lights.
I was born and lived in Ethiopia until I was four years. I then came to
America, where I lived in Seattle ever since. Being an Ethiopian is
something I am very proud of. I guess just being a minority is unique.
I’d rather be different and have a much more interesting background
then others. I’m just proud to say I'm Ethiopian till I die.
I'm very interested in the field
of Psychology. UW has a
good Psychology course. I
want to attend UW and get
my bachelors degrees
studying the human mind.
The University of Washington
requires their incoming
freshman to take either the
SAT or the ACT.
I never planed to be a Psychiatrist, I just learne
about it while searching careers and it
happened to fit my interests. I enjoy working
with people and helping others. I plan to
understand the human behavior and how th
brain works.
schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that
describes a mental illness, common symptoms
are hallucinations, bizarre delusions or
disorganized speech and thinking. These
symptoms usually occur in young adulthood.
Genetics is a very important contributory