Writing Quotes

All books are either
dreams or swords.
Amy Lowell
Writers, like teeth, are
divided into incisors
and grinders.
Walter Bageholt
A good writer writes
with a camera, not a
Robert Newton
Prose is architecture,
not interior decoration.
Ernest Hemingway
Studies serve for delight,
for ornament, and for
Francis Bacon
Some books are to be
tasted; others to be
swallowed; and some
few to be chewed and
Francis Bacon
Reading maketh a full
man, conference a ready
man, and writing an exact
Francis Bacon
The two most
engaging powers of an
author are to make
new things familiar
and familiar things
Samuel Johnson
A plot is two dogs and
a bone.
Robert Newton Peck
What we have not
named as a symbol
escapes our notice.
W. H. Auden
“The king died and the
queen died” is a story.
“The king died, and then
the queen died of grief” is
a plot.
E.M. Forster
Metaphors have a way of
holding the most truth in
the least space.
Orson Scott Card
Writing is a struggle
against silence.
Carlos Fuents
Write your first draft with
your heart. Re-write with
your head.
From the movie Finding Forrester
No author dislikes to be
edited as much as he
dislikes not to be
Russell Lynes
Tragedy is not the conflict
between good and evil; it
is the conflict between
good and good.
Georg Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel
A book is like a garden
carried in the pocket.
Chinese Proverb
Poetry is boned with
ideas, nerved and
blooded with emotions, all
held together by the
delicate, tough skin of
Paul Englr
The latest incarnation of
Oedipus, the continued
romance of Beauty and the
Beast, stand this afternoon on
the corner of Forty-second
street and Fifth Avenue .
Joseph Campbell
Strictly considered, modern
advertising seeks to promote
not so much self-indulgence as
self-doubt. It seeks to create
needs, not to fulfill them; to
generate new anxieties instead
of allaying old ones.
Christopher Lasch
Write from abundance.
Donald Murray
In the greatest art, one is always
aware of things that cannot be said...,
of the contradiction between
expression and the presence of the
inexpressible. Stylistic devices are also
techniques of avoidance. The most
potent elements of a work of art are,
often, its silences.
Susan Sontag
In an art form like film-making, we
know that editing and revising cannot
be dismissed as superfluous, for they
are an integral part of the whole
process. In fact, what we eventually
see on the screen is not what was
filmed, but what was edited.
William Irmscher
I define science fiction as
the art of the possible.
Fantasy is the art of the
Ray Bradbury
This is the sort of English
up with which I will not
Winston Churchill