File - Teaching Practice Portfolio

Maryam Zaid
Address: Shammal, Ras Al Khaimah
Telephone: 0508100558
P.O box: 12051
Education and qualification
- Studying Bachelor of Education year 4th at Higher Colleges of Technology.
Expected to graduate with Bachelor in Educational Technology in June 2015
- Cumulative GPA 3.41
- Graduated from Julfar High School, Scientific Section, with 89.8 % in 2010.
Teaching Practice Experience
Um Al Dardaa School
Teaching grade 6 ICT classes for seven weeks.
Teaching new features of Microsoft Office Word and
PowerPoint. Choosing suitable lessons that match
students’ levels to teach these programs. Conducted
action research to collect findings for research question
which is how tablets can enhance students’ performance
and results.
Um Al Dardaa School
Teaching elementary-grade 6 and 9- ICT classes for
four weeks. Teaching how to secure personal
information and how to deal with dangerous situations
when using internet sites.
Um Al Dardaa School
Teaching primary-grade 6- ICT classes for four weeks.
Teaching Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word.
Qubaa School
Teaching elementary-grade eight and seven- ICT
classes for three weeks. Applying teaching strategies
that were suitable for ICT classes because students were
dealt with computers, and they had to be careful at
using computers. Moreover, using a new way of
teaching to enhance students’ learning, which were
teaching with using 21st century skills in order to
develop these skills in students. For example, providing
case study activity to develop students’ problem-solving
RAK Academy School (PYP)
Teaching primary-grade four- main subjects, which are
Math, Science and English skills for three weeks.
Implementing different teaching strategies that were
learned from MST, such as changing the classroom
environment and managing students’ behavior
Ebn Dhaher School
Teaching primary-grade two- main subjects, which are
Math, Science and English for two weeks.
Implementing new teaching skills to manage students’
behavior, such as punishment and rewarding strategy.
Furthermore, using different skills to develop
professional teaching, such as communicating with
other teachers to develop teaching strategies, team work
to collaborate with others, interpersonal, problem
solving, etc
Higher College of Technology
Teaching foundation-level three-students English skills,
especially Reading skill, for two weeks. Teaching new
academic vocabulary that helped in IELTS exam.
Furthermore, encouraging students to read different
articles to acquire new knowledge that supposed to
develop students’ understanding of the content which
make it easy to understand hard vocabulary.
Language Skills:
- Excellent at Arabic Language
- IELTs certificate with overall band 6.00
- Very good at speaking (band 6.5), and good at writing, reading and listening (band
Computer Skills
- Excellent user of Microsoft Offices 2013, especially PowerPoint, Word, Excel,
oneNote and Outlook.
- Excellent user of creating internet sites, such as Weebly, Blogger Wordpress, etc
- Excellent at using smart board in teaching
- Very good at solving computers issues
Professional Development Activities and Awards
- Participated in an internal training at IT Department of HCT-Ras Al Khaimah
Women’s College in September 2013.
- Participated in a First Aid Training in HCT in 2013.
- Participated in ‘Train the Trainer’ session of Global Leadership Program in March
- Become as a Microsoft Faculty Fellow in June 2014 after completing the Microsoft
Technology Enriched Instruction at the faculty Development Workshop.
- Having a Best Model Student Award from HCT on November 2014.
- Participation in a Japanese Club in 2011.
- Having a Participation In Korean Club Award from HCT on February 2014.
Mr. Robert Maccarthy
Mobile phone: 052 9896688
Address: Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College
P.O. Box: 4792 Ras al Khaimah, UAE
Mr. Allan Mutambo
B. Ed. Faculty
Mobile phone: +971 50 740 2488
Work phone: +971 7 2026325
Address: Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College
P.O. Box: 4792 Ras al Khaimah, UAE