Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Consultancy - ICT Specialist (P3 level)
Purpose: SAP Interface Support/Stabilization between UNICEF and 3rd Party Logistics
1. Objective
UNICEF PFP is looking for a SAP specialist based in Geneva in Switzerland in order to provide
the support to the SAP Interfaces between UNICEF and 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL). The
major tasks of the specialist are to provide the following:
1. Stabilize the flow of data exchange between UNICEF and 3rd Party Logistics provider.
2. Enhance the UNICEF VISION-3PL interfaces capacity to allow eventual future
interaction with diverse systems and applications.
3. Plan technical support to the UNICEF VISION- 3PL system interfaces in UNICEF Cards
& Products operations.
2. Scope of the work
Reviewing and analyzing the technical issues impacting the data exchange and
establishing a plan for correction or resolution.
Building a knowledge base related to the typical IDOCS error and their resolution
for future reference for users.
In collaboration with IT, exploring and planning the introduction of SAP-PI based
UNICEF-3PL interface.
Upon approval of the migration plan from the existing framework, coordinating
the related activities including documenting configuration, building scenario test,
running test, and training users.
Coordinating with local expertise to solve the issues raised by the business users
and follow up the closure of the service call.
Liaising with 3PL or IT counterpart for technical issues requiring their
intervention and coordinating with local expertise on queries resolution of issues
and closure of the service call.
Reviewing and updating training materials with the SAP standard tools such as
uPerform, and providing training to users as and when required.
Creating new, and reviewing, updating and testing the Winshuttle templates under
the UNICEF SAP configuration.
3. Responsibilities
The consultant will ensure that:
- All interface background job failure and IDOCS errors are captured, their cause identified
and recommendation for resolution submitted.
- Knowledge base for interface error and resolution is maintained and made available to
- If approved, the SAP-PI documentation is built, and roll-out related activities follow the
standard process including unit test, integration test, user validation test, and business
owner approval.
- All changes to the system follow the change management and control process.
- Change Requests are registered in the Change Request Database and updated until their
- Training materials are updated and made available to users via appropriate document
- Winshuttle templates are updated, tested and validated by business owner.
4. Qualifications and competencies required
University Degree or equivalent.
At least 8 years of experience in providing SAP application support.
Good knowledge of SAP Core Architecture and Design as well as Basis Component.
Good understanding of SAP customization settings and processes.
Good SAP knowledge and experience in MM, SD, FI/CO, WM, PP modules.
Knowledge of UNICEF business process in general, and particularly in PFP C&P
Good SAP technical expertise in EDI architecture and IDoc functions, particularly in the
context of 3PL interface functionalities and configuration.
Good knowledge in documenting process design. Knowledge of uPerform is a plus.
Experience of working in multicultural environment.
Fluency in oral and written English and French is essential; the consultant will be
handling external vendors, service providers and partners in both languages
5. Progress Report
Regular Project Communications update reports in MS Project format and briefing in
biweekly section meetings.
6. Reporting
The consultant will report to the Head of ICT-Applications Group, UNICEF
7. Handover and Training
The consultant will be responsible for the handover of the documentation and
configuration files to the supervisor.
8. UNICEF recourses
UNICEF will provide access to premises, information systems, project reference
documentation, infrastructure and services to facilitate the work of the consultant.
The consultant will be located in UNICEF premises along with the Applications
Support Unit.
Duration of Consultancy: February – December 2011 (11 Months)
Fees: Monthly fees - equivalent to 9000 CHF paid in CHF (based at P3 middle rate)
All Applications should be sent to orasamimanana@unicef.org by 20th Jan 2012
Please write the following on the subject line of the email Consultancy - ICT Specialist