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Ready10™ and Ready10™ Pro
for the ICD-10 Transition
Strategic Partnership
We show your clients exactly what to
do and how to do it with our
Our Strategy
• Partner with other physician support organizations to provide
Ready10™ and Ready10™ Pro
• We provide the tools and services
• You market to your practices
• We share the revenue
• Everybody wins!
Our ICD-10 Ready10™ Approach
ICD-10 transition success requires a phased
approach. Each phase is a pre-requisite to the
1. Engaging Physicians and Staff
2. Assessing Current Readiness and Impact
3. Creating your Timeline and Transition Plan
4. Implementing your Transition Plan
5. Post Transition Analysis and Reporting
We offer you a Solution:
Ready10™ and Ready10™ Pro
Training for physicians and staff
Ready10™ (software only)
$589 plus $99 per provider license
This comes with one provider/five users/and one translation license
This virtual consultant solution is designed for physician practices to do their own ICD-10
assessments and transition with clear guidance on how to proceed.
It comprises of ICD-10 Information, project planning tools, ICD-10 Impact and Financial
Assessments, instructional videos, and code translation and documentation training
This is a user friendly software that guides you from the planning phases through
implementation, and even includes post implementation impact assessments that are
often overlooked by other programs.
Each phase of the ICD-10 Transition is made easy by giving users the capability to plan,
easily distribute the training and educational materials that are provided for each step,
and gather and store all information that will be revenant to ICD-10 and the practice.
There is an auto-population for repeated information and it is designed for all specialties.
The instructions and examples created by expert consultants were designed to be self
guided and to save practices time and money.
Additional Ready10™ Provider/five users/one code
translation blocks should be purchased for the following
reasons- $99 each
Affordable way to communicate to providers they are a valued and necessary
member of the transition team.
Automates the chart review code conversions and chart review results which
creates a comparative “report card” that measures provider documentation for
the codes providers actually use
Generates automatic invitations and status for task, milestone, and deadline
completions which ensure provider accountability
Post implementation provider productivity monitoring identifies ICD-10-related
impact on number of visits and revenue so those issues can be quickly mitigated
Ready10™ Pro Package
$1995 plus $99 per provider license
Here is how our consultants get you ready
We convert the top twenty codes for your specialty and show you exactly what ICD-10
codes your practice will need to use.
Our consultants teach you a SOAP approach to engaging your providers in clinical
documentation improvement. Our team of certified coders will remotely review 50 of
your charts and show you how to use the results to engage each and every one of your
We will teach you exactly how to talk to vendors and payers to determine their ICD-10
readiness and the impact that it will have on your transition.
Your practice will have a dedicated ICD-10 expert to assist you in kick-starting your
transition. Five hours of remote Ready10™ consulting will be used to teach you exactly
what to do and how to do it, including setting up your Ready10™ software to manage and
track your transition from beginning to end.
Search Functions
Coding Tips
Flash Cards
Impact Assessment Strategy
Denial Report
Revenue Calculations
Strategic Partner Model
Revenue share the Ready10™ and Ready10™ Pro with no upfront
purchases by your organization
There are contracted marketing requirements
Combine our personalized materials and your marketing channels, your
practices purchase our ICD-10 products through your personalized
landing page and we share the revenue with your organization
Your organization may establish special retail pricing for its
members/clients for less than 15% MSRP up to the MSRP price for the
Ready10™ and there is no special discount pricing for the Ready10™ Pro
Your organization will receive royalty compensation on 20% of the
Ready10™ Packages, 10% on the provider licenses, and 10% on the
Ready10™ Pro Packages
We provide all the product fulfillment, marketing materials, and
customer support service and IT support
The key to your Ready10™ SUCCESS
Continually getting and keeping your practices
educated, informed, and engaged with our
marketing materials and information through
different avenues is key to your revenue share
success and most importantly to your
providers ICD-10 transition success!
We look forward to a partnership with
Your practices will be appreciative that your organization has
provided an easy way for them to handle what is being called
the most substantial change to how health care conducts
business in over 25 years.
Thank you!
Emily Bidwell
Director of Business Development
Complete Practice Resources
855-ICD-10CM ext. 620