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These days…
• These days companies are making an
effort to promote the fact that they are
“going green.” Organic and certified
food products are selling like crazy.
Think of the varieties of this
healthy/save the world campaign you
have witnessed. WHY is this happening?
Why is it so successful?
• marketing activities and strategies
result in making products available
[to customers] that satisfy the
customers while making profits for
the companies that offer those
• marketing is everything you do
to place your product or service
in the hands of potential
And another…
• The process by which companies
create value for customers and build
strong customer relationships in
order to capture value from
customers in return.
• Marketing is the process of
teaching/convincing consumers why
they should choose your product or
service over your competitors; if you are
not doing that, you are not marketing.
The key is finding the right method and
defining the right message to use to
educate and influence your consumers.
• Marketers track trends and
consumer attitudes. Then,
they make adjustments to
allow for continued
(increased?) sales and
customer satisfaction.
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