Intro to Business and Admin Office Management
There are links to all of the following databases on
and on the Databases A to Z list at
Pretend you are the owner of a growing business in Hope, AR, and you are struggling with office
management. Perform a Basic Search in the Library's Catalog to find books about office management. How
many books are there?
2. Perform a Visual Search on Business in the Library Catalog. What is the title of the 6th book listed?
3. What is the title of one book in the library that will help you write a better resume?
4. Perform a search for office management in Credo Reference (on the Library’s homepage). Write an MLA
style bibliographic citation for the first entry.
5. How many online business databases are available to UAACH students through the library homepage? What
is the name of one of them?
6. Perform a full text search in Business Source Elite for business plan. What is the title of the 1st article?
7. Perform a search for business ethics in the eBook Collection. How many e-books are in your search result
8. Search for Sunshine Press in the Business Economics and Theories database. What name is it more
commonly known by in popular media?
9. What is the name of one Business & Company Resource that can be accessed through UACCH Library's Web
Subject Guide?
10. Look for Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks in the online edition of Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11
Edition (link to this can be found under Employment in UACCH Library's Web Subject Guide. Briefly describe
the job duties of a bookkeeper/accounting clerk.