Organization Design

Change Management
Prof. Steve Phelan
Lecture 8
• Implementing Change
 Note on implementing change (1991)
 Peter Browning and Continental White Cap
• LMZ Chs17-20
Organization Mirror Interventions (1999)
Confrontation Meeting (1967)
Parallel Learning Structures (1991)
Survey Guided Development (1972)
Implementing Strategy
• Ten Commandments
Analyze organization and need for change
Create a shared vision and common direction
Separate from the past
Create a sense of urgency
Support a strong leader role
Line up political sponsorship
Craft an implementation plan
Develop enabling structures
Communicate, involve people, and be honest
Reinforce and institutionalize change
• What is new here?
Peter Browning and Continental
White Cap
• Tasks
 Construct a vision and set of goals
 Create a commitment chart for Peter
 What should Peter’s approach be to Lawson,
White, Stark, Green and corporate HQ?
 Craft an implementation plan to achieve your
goals (particularly indicating actions and time
More Group Techniques
• What are the similarities and differences
between the organization mirror technique
and a confrontation meeting?
• How do they differ from role analysis and
HQ-field relations techniques?
• Is there anything new here?
• Would it work/not work?
Parallel Learning Structures
• Philosophy
 The authors believe that traditional structures
are not set up to promote learning
 They advocate parallel structures to get
people out of their environment into a new
culture that encourages learning
 These are not the same as taskforces,
working parties, or quality circles
• Do you believe the philosophy?
Survey Guided Development
• Overview
 Possibly the most pretentious OD article ever written
 Lots of scientific/medical metaphors and references
 Reflects the view of engineers and psychologists set
on making OD a ‘science’
 Believes survey guided research enables scientific
diagnosis and prescription
• Questions
 Why have surveys proven to be such a poor tool over
the years?
 Is their ‘survey feedback’ the answer?