Story Elements lesson plan

Lesson Plan
Date: October 25, 2011
Hour: 5th
Unit: Story Elements
Essential Question: What makes a story?
Lesson Objective(s): The students will be able to recognize story elements
Core Curriculum Standards:
Topic/ Anchor Standard
Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases by
using context clues, analyzing meaningful word parts, and consulting general and specialized
reference materials, as appropriate.
Grade Level Standard
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
4a. Use context (e.g., the overall meaning of a sentence or paragraph; a word’s position or
function in a sentence) as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase.
“I can use context clues to determine the meaning of a word or phrase.”
Illinois State Standards:
2.A.2b Describe how literary elements (e.g., theme, character, setting, plot, tone, conflict) are
used in literature to create meaning.
Story Element Strips
Story Elements
Completion of story element chart
iCardSort flashcards- if time allows
In Class Assignments:
Story element search
Story Elements
Definitions for each story element
Homework Assignments:
Read for 20 minutes
Tier 2 Affix/Root option due Friday
will learn
Some students will be able to
recognize how the development
of rising action, climax, falling
action, and conclusion impact a
piece of literature.
By giving students pieces of
stories they are already familiar
with, they will be able to better
recognize how each element
impacts the story line.
will learn
Most students will learn the
order in which story elements are
Students will have to use higher
order thinking in order to ask any
questions, this will help them to
immediately apply new concepts
and knowledge.
Students will be able to use
context clues to identify the
different story elements.
Story Element Search:
 Students will be given the task for the
class period, and will be prompted to
come up with all questions they need
in order to be successful. Task: You will
need to search for different story
elements to fully represent the
character’s story you receive. Students
will know that they will have to work in
silence once we begin.
o Guide students to ask if they
will be working in a group, how
many story elements they need
to find, will there be strategy
planning time, etc.
o Strategy time will only allow
students 3 minutes to discuss
their plan. (time may vary
depending on group’s needs)
o Prompt students to inquire
about appropriate questions. If
students do not ask this
question I will let them know
they can only ask questions that
do not have a yes or no
response during strategy time.
While assembling their story
element chart they can only ask
yes or no questions.**
 Using stories read in class (All
American Slurp, Adventures of Tom
Sawyer, Scout’s Honor, and Eleven)
story elements from each will be cut
up and placed around the room (5th
hour will be in the wrestling gym)
 After students are in their
partnerships, they will receive their
first slip containing their story’s
characters. (3 minutes will be given to
What ALL
All students will become with
story elements, and where they
can be found in all stories.
All students will learn team work
Students will become familiar
with new terminology by placing
story elements on the chart and
identifying each word on the
While working with a partner,
students will have to learn to
work together and delegate
o Students will start their search
after their strategy time; they
will have 10 minutes to search
for their elements. (Time may
vary depending on group’s
o After 10 minutes is up students
will have an additional minute
to strategize.
o 5 minutes will be given to
complete the search and begin
Once students feel comfortable they
have found each story element
belonging to their story, they will
receive the story element titles (Green
Some groups may need to search for
missing elements while assemblingthis stage is still done in silence- they
can ask Brittany and me yes or no
questions only.
Depending on time the class will
o Discuss their thinking process
for how they were able to
o Or head back into the
classroom to use iPads to
define story elements using
Once each group is finished creating
definitions I will ask students to
volunteer their definitions, sharing the
actual definition after hearing student