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RCM 2011-12 Budget Reviews- Support Centers

October 13, 2010

A component of the RCM system is the allocation of Support Centers’ costs to Responsibility

Centers (RC). The Support Centers’ costs are funded from assessments paid by all RC units.

The mechanism for periodic review of central services cost is through the Budget Review


This year, all Support Centers are expected to present three (3) budget scenarios:

1) 5% decrease over the 2010-11 approved budget

2) Support Center’s optimal budget

3) 2011-12 budget equal to Final 2010-11 budget

In addition, budget proposals should include, at a minimum, the following information:


All Units Annual Review

Statement of the services, objectives and programs of the department a.


Include organization chart(s)

A financial plan for 2011-12, including an analysis of employee FTE levels (See template attached) c.

Indicate what effect the 5% reduction would have on programs and services delivered by the support center. d.

For any proposed increase to the base budget, provide justification for service changes and resulting cost. Separate any request for new funding into one-time or recurring dollars. If there are major anticipated expenditures for projects in years after 2012, provide documentation of amount, timeline, and justification.

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

An Equal Opportunity Institution



Recommend changes in which costs should be added to the general RCM assessments versus fees charged for service. Suggest method for allocation of general assessments.

Zero-Based Review Units

Every five or six years, each Support Center will also go through a ‘‘zero-based” budget review. Support Centers chosen for comprehensive review for the 2011-12 budget year are:



George A. Smathers Libraries

Division of Student Affairs

Environmental Health & Safety 3.



Facilities Planning & Construction

Graduate School Programs

These areas are being asked to prepare the following additional information:

Comprehensive Review Information a.

Prepare an internal review of each program. The goal of this requirement is to communicate the unit’s strategic plan, centrality (or essential relationship) to the b.

University role and mission, and value of service offered.

Gather baseline data to document the current general assignment of responsibilities, organizational structure and staffing plan, and the amount of resources in terms of dollars and staff FTE’s devoted to the program. List mission-critical programs and services. c.




Supply benchmarks or indicators of demand, productivity, cost effectiveness measured against appropriate peer institutions.

Develop a measurable standard for evaluating the quality of service delivery and procedures for regular evaluation.

Review policies and practices with the objective of eliminating low value added activities and enhancing value where appropriate. Identify the unit’s strengths and note areas for improvement in the future.

Recommend strategies for overcoming any barriers and/or constraints that may be impediments to realizing savings.

A schedule of all Support Units ( By 4-Digit Department ID) is attached which shows the costs pools the support units are classified under as well as financial data from the 2010-11

All Funds Budget. (Note: the final budget data does not include the pending allocation for

2010 salary increases which you will need to add before you submit the template.) All

Support Units should begin preparation on their proposed budgets for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 using the template attached.

Do not budget for 2011-12 raises at this time.

If there is a university decision to award salary raises next year, the salary budget requested will be

adjusted accordingly. The completed information in Section I (a. thru e.) is due no later than

November 18, 2010. Please send documents electronically to Jim Ferrer @ [email protected]


The five units up for the comprehensive review will have until December 15, 2010 to supply the additional information in Section II (a. thru f). Please submit this information thru the appropriate Senior Vice President or Vice President for review and approval before forwarding to Jim Ferrer.

If you have questions concerning the data requested, please contact Jim Ferrer at 392-2402 or [email protected]


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2011-2012 Support Unit Budgets under RCM

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